Pierre Koralnik

IndieLisboa 2019 •

França, Fiction, 1967, 87′

Pierre Koralnik’s musical comedy with Anna Karina, from music and songs by Serge Gainsbourg (orchestrated by Michel Colombier) was the first color (tv) film produced for the TV station ORTF. Shot in 35mm on the streets of Paris, the nightclub Bus Palladium and the gare de l’Est, the Porgès castle of Rochefort-en-Yvelines and the beach of Deauville, Anna is made up of musical and choreographic inspiration, but also pop and graphic. The story of a publicist’s passion for the image of a girl photographed by chance in a station. It was an important title in Gainsbourg and Karina’s career, Sous le soleil exactement. (Cinemateca Portuguesa)