A Woman is a Woman

Jean-Luc Godard

IndieLisboa 2019 •

França, Itália, Fiction, 1961, 85′

Godard’s second film commercially released (given the censorship imposed on Le petit soldat), Une femme est une femme is a tribute to the American musical and a distant echo of Design for Living by Ernst Lubitsch (1932), filmed in CinemaScope and in sumptuous colors. Awarded at the Berlin Film Festival for having “shaken the rules of film comedy,” it is a film of extreme lightness and elegance, in which Anna Karina has one of her best appearances. Anna is Angela, a cabaret dancer who thinks about motherhood, while she agrees and disagrees with her husband and his friend, with whom she stages a love triangle. “Une femme” / “infamous.” (Cinemateca Portuguesa)