A Rainha

Lúcia Pires

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Portugal, Documentary, 2020, 17′

Suddenly a mysterious woman appears in the West of Portugal. Everybody had seen her, but no one knew her. Mother, fairy, angel, owner of a wine business? Lúcia Pires’s (Fauna, 2018) documentary questions confabulation and existence without a proof.

“It was night and the earth shook, a giant ball that spinned like a disk and inside it the shape of a woman”. One day, many years ago a woman appeared in a wine press of a local producer and blessed that same producer with it’s best harvest. Who is this nameless woman whose description got lost in time? “A Rainha” is a film about the veracity of the storytellers and a reflection on its form as a film. (Rui Mendes)