A Chuva Acalanta a Dor

Leonardo Mouramateus

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Portugal, Brazil, Fiction, 2020, 28′

“How much does a cloud weight?”, asks Lucretius. The roman philosopher has his desire affected by despair, inhabiting the abyss between science and magic. Based on a Marcel Schwob’s short story, Mouramateus crosses, with irony, the classic and the contemporary.

French symbolist Marcel Schwob wrote, among a series of other semi-autobiographical short stories, about the Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius. In this anachronistic adaptation of this story, human nature is the obvious target of the philosophy on screen, but it’s the way in which the web of this cinematic narrative is created that surprises by the way it brings us closer to what it shows: not despite of, but due to its artifice. (Ana Cabral Martins)