A Bay of Blood

Mario Bava

IndieLisboa 2021 •

Italy, Fiction, 1971, 87′

A classic of 70s Italian horror that celebrates 50 years since its premiere. The plot begins when the wealthy and wheelchair-bound Countess Federica Donati is killed in the middle of the night. Her mansion, overlooking the eponymous bay, will be the object of desire for many people, illegitimate children included. But the deaths don’t seem to stop.

Director's Bio

Mario Bava was born in 1914 in San Remo, Italy. Son of a cinematographer, Bava was trained as a painter but eventually followed his father into film photography. His artistic background led him to a strong belief in the importance of visual composition in filmmaking. He photographed films for Jacques Tourneur and Raoul Walsh, among others, and directed his first film, Black Sunday, in 1960. Considered as the forerunner of its genre, A Bay of Blood (1971) is his seventh film.