The word ‘campo’ (field) comes from the Latin ‘capere’ (to capture). On the outskirts of Lisbon, “Campo” shows today’s largest military base in Europe. In this place, military troops train fictional missions, astronomy aficionados observe the stars and a boy plays the piano.

Quinta da Curraleira

After the demolition of a poor neighborhood and the relodging of its inhabitants, lies an empty place. This film is about this place, the encounters, histories and activities which define it.

Andar Modelo

Urban chaos is a defining trait of Portuguese cities. Is the city, as we know it today, an endangered model? As an answer to the challenge of thinking through filming, I made this film: a guided tour of three totally different houses. This short film doesn’t give answers, but it reveals illusions that grow upon wreckage.

Visita Guiada

Every year millions of tourists come to Portugal to discover the country, the people and the culture. Many come in contact with tour guides. They convey history and national identity, illustrating how we regard ourselves and how we wish to present ourselves. The film is about how this identity is built and interpreted.