Alice T.

The teenager Alice T. is far from the charming little girl her mother adopted as she was unable to have a child of her own. Alice is an endless source of problems to her mother and one day she discovers she is pregnant.

Life Is Elsewhere

A documentary about life in a nuns’ convent. Nuns and their neighbors speak about their expectations and the relation with the outside world.

Tragica Poveste de Dragoste a Celor Doi

A hair tragically destroys a love-story between HIM and HER. An ironical outlook on the human tragedy. Without dialogues and apparently filmed in a sole long shot.

Un etaj mai jos

Patrascu’s life is turned upside down when he witnesses a violent attack perpetrated against a neighbour. He suspects who the aggressor is but doesn’t want to put his comfortable middle-class life at stake.


The story of two young small crooks who owe a lot of money to the Gipsy Mafia. The street fights and the illegal car chases, under action movies codes, are merely a pretext to inquest a real dangerous environment, with an incredible ramification of the crime organization. Shot in a quasi documentary way, Rage brings on the screen mobsters amazingly portrayed by non professional actors.


Life for Bogdan couldn’t seem more blissful, sea-vacationing along with his gorgeous wife and adorable young son. He has grown up: the days of glorious drinking trips and sexual adventures are long gone… But when Bogdan unexpectedly runs into his best friends from high school, vivid memories immediately flood back. Torn between his family obligations and the lure of a fun night out with his old friends, Bogdan – or Boogie, as he was known back then – comes to a realization. The gaps between his childhood pals have grown wider. Friendship, it seems, can no longer be based on common tastes in women, beer, or football teams.