20 years-old David’s day to day life is brutally interrupted by the sudden death of his sister. Beyond the shock, and the pain, he now finds himself alone with his 7 years-old niece Amanda to care for.

Primrose Hill

A West suburb of Paris, a big park over the city, the Seine below, a hill in London, the tune of a dissonant melody, friendship, the shadow of these over listened British bands, forgotten faces, the color of memory.

Ce sentiment de l’été

Zoé and Lawrence have to face together, respectively, the loss of their sister and girlfriend. To do so they evoke the warm memory of three summers together with the deceased. A delicate film about coming from darkness to light again.

Memory Lane

Seven young adults friends spent a week of August in the suburbs of Paris where they grew up. Some of them because they are visiting their families, the others because they still live there. Director of the awarded Primrose Hill” (IndieLisboa 2008), Mik