A Name for What I Am

Maria Lamas became known as a Portuguese feminist political activist, as well as a translator and journalist, who wrote a fundamental work, As Mulheres do Meu País, which intimately and meticulously portrayed the conditions of women in Portugal, in the late 1940s. The film is about the process of writing this book (through the estate, the diaries), but also a reflection on Lamas herself as a figure of Portuguese feminism.

Damsel Warrior

Emilia is a writer, living in Lisbon in the year 1959. She is the “Damsel Warrior”, a fictional woman composed from the literary universes of Maria Judite de Carvalho and Irene Lisboa, writers of the city and the characters that inhabit it.

Alguém Olhará Por Ti

The look of Mariana covers the patio of high walls. Joana is back there. The expectation of a friendship. Everything to learn. Everything is very fast. The drawing of Joana. Tumbling of a bottle of red ink. The image of Mariana in the mirror. The guilt confuses her: who made to overthrow the bottle? Was it her?

O Medo à Espreita

“The Lurking Fear” interviews Portuguese citizens whose lives where hit by the torture of its fascist political police (PIDE/DGS) and the work of its informants.)

Quem Vai à Guerra

Between 1961 and 1974, thousands of men were mobilized and went to Angola, Mozambique and Guiné-Bissau to fight in a long and not really assumed colonial war. 50 years after its beginning, it still is a delicate and airtight matter, supported by an exclu