Damsel Warrior

Emilia is a writer, living in Lisbon in the year 1959. She is the “Damsel Warrior”, a fictional woman composed from the literary universes of Maria Judite de Carvalho and Irene Lisboa, writers of the city and the characters that inhabit it.

O Medo à Espreita

“The Lurking Fear” interviews Portuguese citizens whose lives where hit by the torture of its fascist political police (PIDE/DGS) and the work of its informants.)

Alguém Olhará Por Ti

The look of Mariana covers the patio of high walls. Joana is back there. The expectation of a friendship. Everything to learn. Everything is very fast. The drawing of Joana. Tumbling of a bottle of red ink. The image of Mariana in the mirror. The guilt confuses her: who made to overthrow the bottle? Was it her?

Quem Vai à Guerra

Between 1961 and 1974, thousands of men were mobilized and went to Angola, Mozambique and Guiné-Bissau to fight in a long and not really assumed colonial war. 50 years after its beginning, it still is a delicate and airtight matter, supported by an exclu