Hard, Cracked the Wind

Mark Jenkin, that won the festival’s Audience Award in 2019 with Bait, directs a film about the haunting power of creation. A Cornish poet finds a briefcase with her initials. Inside there is a ghost looking for someone to complete his poem.

A suitcase, a poem, characters that move through chance, and projections, in a game of mirrors and coincidences (the suitcase is responsible). The ghosts wake up and the narrative is composed, fragmented, destroyed, while signs of a curse emerge and multiply in this black drama. The contagion is in the creation, it is in the tide of the ‘‘ wind ’’ that scourges the plans, by the seductive look of Jenkin that cuts and cuts this disturbing and cutting narrative, black and white. (Carlota Gonçalves)

David Bowie Is Dead

A dream of ektachromatic consciousness in a single urgent synaptic utterance.


A fisherman without a boat is infuriated with his brother who is using the family vessel for day-tripping, and resents the tourists flocking to the village while locals are relegated to a sink estate on the hill. “Bait” was shot on B&W 16mm film and processed by hand.