Francisca, a beautiful 50-year-old widow (played by Maria de Medeiros), prepared a peaceful future for herself. In an unexpected outburst, she grabs an opportunity for change and embarks on a sailboat called ‘Hovering Over the Water’.


In an imaginary island in the Azores, a community shuts itself around Edmundo, a rural aristocrat, patriarchal figure, who has just lost his wife has she gave birth to a girl. Edmundo pronounces the island to be in mourning. Edmundo prohibits any sort of sex and the island is shut into Edmundo’s mourning, through solidarity and obedience to the old master. Adriana grows in these times; she is one of the last children to be born after the aristocrat’s proscription. The years go by. The desertification of the island is at stake and Edmundo declares he has taken a drastic decision. Edmundo announces his decision to send to the mainland, to a trustworthy friend, his daughter Adriana so that she can set up a family trough natural means. Adriana arrives in the mainland. Right at the airport she is robbed by an elegant Luiza Menezes who also takes her identity. Lost in Lisbon, Adriana will be helped by Estela and her son, who takes her at night to a transvestites’, trough a misterious Lisbon.