Filmmaker Leonor Noivo excavates some fitness exercises from the televised aerobic craze and constructs something both rigid and sensuous.


The leaflet promised a fantastic day of fun in a bus tour that would take us sightseeing around the country. The trip, only for people over twenty-five, would also include a delicius lunch, presents and a demonstration of items for your home and health. An outing not to be missed, said the the pamphlet.


This is the building where they make the Portuguese’s law everyday. This is the assembly that represents all the Portuguese’s citizens.

Tudo o Que Imagino

A sweet portrayal of suburban neighborhood life, in Tudo o que Imagino.

Santos dos Últimos Dias

They walk in pairs door to door and they enter in the houses of those who are willing to hear them. The Elders and the Sisters, young Mormon’s missionaries, they leave their country, they study another language and culture, absorbed by that spirit of mission. They aspire being examples of the perfect boys and girls.

Outras Cartas ou o Amor Inventado

My research started from a circumstance or curiosity. A process or a study to find the intangibility of an object that is always in motion, that never stops, in no life, at no time. We cannot talk about it, only about what it does. About its effects (…). (Leonor Noivo)