Martin Cries

“Martin pleure” presents us a romantic hooligan.

Our Legacy

Lucas goes out with Anaïs. It’s the first time she comes to his home. His father, Pierre Woodman, the famous pornographer, went on holidays.

As Long as Shotguns Remain

It’s hot, the streets are oddly empty, palms are suffering and shotguns crying. Joshua wants to die but he doesn’t want to leave his brother Mael alone. Meanwhile he meets with a gang: the Icebergs.


The sea. Some snacks. Fire.


My neighbour committed suicide. I played football with him and also ping-pong. In a room, a boy reminds himself his dead friend.

Notre amour est assez puissant

A parody of warlike imagery from first person shooter games like ‘DOOM’ spawning with romanticism in images of a computer generated, “weerasethakulian” tiger.

Jessica Forever

In a dystopian future, bloodthirsty youths form a matriarchal family led by Jessica, the only one who has ever given them love and understanding. A first feature that mirrors the duo’s work in the short format (which is this year’s Silvestre Focus).


An imaginary portrait of pornstar Ashlynn Brooke.

After School Knife Fight

Laëtitia, Roca, Nico, and Naël get together for their final rehearsal. The group will soon no longer exist since Laëtitia is going away to study.