Flesh Memory

Finley Blake is a camgirl. She is 33 years old, lives alone in a remote house in Austin, Texas, and is attempting to regain joint custody of her son – who has been taken from her because of her work.


A village where silent dwellers are occupied by repetitive tasks. A wood where a bunch of men in rags seems to be waiting for something. And a man, at night, running away.

In Loving Memory

In a near future we will be able to seek refuge in memory implants that will allow us to live in a vintage fictional world. Living in this fake reality recreated with old-fashioned images a mother has decided to erase the death of her daughter. But the child is still there somewhere, hiding in some lost spaces of her memory. (Karim Shimsal)

Far From Manhattan

Stella spends her days at home, telling herself stories. We see her loudly discussing theories or singing in front of a mirror. It seems a one division house, and the window shows a distant Manhattan. Exalting boredom, there appears a French hero who need