Letters from War

The colonial war separates António, a doctor integrated in the Portuguese army in eastern Angola, from his wife. The thread that unites them are the letters he writes to her, as he sees the horror of war and falls in love with the African continent.


“South” has been described as «”True Detective” with saudade», a Lisbon set film noir, in the midst of the latest economic crisis, starring Adriano Luz who plays a persistent detective unable to adapt to change.

Empire Hotel

A Portuguese family lives in Macau, at the “Empire Hotel”. They struggle to stay in the building where they always lived, due to real estate speculation. A sexual thriller that revisits Portuguese colonialism and the unstoppable force of gentrification.

Cartas da Guerra

Cartas da Guerra adapts a novel of the Portuguese writer António Lobo Antunes. It’s 1971 and António is recruited to serve as a doctor in Angola during the colonial war. Only the letters he writes to his wife save him from despair.

O Estrangeiro

A character almost absent in the image searches, in Macao’s 2009, the Foreigner, someone who lived there 15 years ago. His search his supported on the letters the Foreigner wrote him back then. He covers in the present the trails left by the Foreigner in the past creating the traces of a new absence.

Vai com o vento

2008. Qingtian, Zhejiang province, People´s Republic of China. A small rural city from where Chinese immigrate to Europe. Jin Wang Ping is a young man who’s turn to leave his home town has arrived. Faced with the prospect, and process, of emigration, he will look for other’s advice.

Águas Mil

While emptying the house where we lived all our life, we can find sleeping memories. Pedro finds a story from the past that connects him and his family to an armed revolutionary organization from the eighties, the period when his father disappeared. Pedro will have to revisit the past and in that journey he will awaken his survivors and bring to life his ghosts. Before, what mattered to his father and to his comrades were their politic ideals. Today, what matters to Pedro is to awake the Human story that everyone tried to hide and forget. One day, one has to do something, unexpectedly. As the “April Showers”.