A film dedicated to the career of violinist, improviser, instrumentalist and composer Carlos “Zingaro”, who is one of the most important names in Portuguese experimental music, as well as one of the great figures of European improvised music.

The Frog and the Girl

Director Inês Oliveira adapts the traditional Portuguese taleThe Frog and the Girl. The laundromat is closed and a young woman (Rita Cabaço) has to learn how to wash her clothes by hand with the wise Deolinda (Isabel Ruth), who tells her a strange fairy tale.


Bobô is a film whose narrative comes from the meeting of two women, Sofia and Mariama. The engine of the film is the synergy created between them in the defense of a child. Sofia, the protagonist of the film, is a character who lives trapped in the shadows of her childhood, the weight of their “heritage”, from which it is urgent to break free. Mariama appears as someone also linked to this “inheritance.” She follows the rules demanded by her belonging, but at a certain moment she is forced to disobey to change the fate of little Bobô and prevent her from being subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM). Characters Sofia and Mariama were redesigned with actresses Paula Garcia and Aissatu Indjai (debuting in this film), who put a lot of their experiences, personality and beliefs in them. We did a lot of research and reading, field work with the immigrant Guinean community, did some testing. This preparation allowed us a safe shooting, with space for improvisation. I think Bobô is a film with an undoubtedly feminine internal optic and logic, but the feminine here is not, as is so often portrayed, in the field of what is earthy and tangible. It lies instead with issues that transcend us: the relationship with death, the rules of the World, things that we cannot name. (Inês Oliveira)