Domy + Ailucha – Ket stuff!

As a result of a pandemic, Ico Costa leaves a camera with Ailucha and Domy. What we see is their daily life in Inhambane, where these young Mozambicans live their youth.


After committing a homicide, a man hides in the forest. Ico Costa’s “Alva” was shot in the Portuguese highlands, in 16mm, and it follows Henrique, a solitary man running away from his life and from the world.

Nyo Vweta Nafta

In Inhambane, several stories get interlaced: Nyo Vweta Nafta.


Antero just left the prison and heads to his home village driven by revenge and hoping to recover his lost dignity; but time might have turned against him.

Quatro Horas Descalço

A quiet house, an open door in the middle of the night. But peace is an illusion ‚ a son murders his father with his own hands and walks the next four hours barefoot to the police station. A crime in a village in a mountain of rural Portugal and a breach in the center of a family. (A. P.)