From Spanish, querencia refers to desire, wanting, it is the place you love. Also in Brazil it is the place where cattle were raised or have the habit of grazing. It is the place where one finds their strength – a man, the bull – where one feels at home. Marcelo is a cowboy who sees his life overshadowed by a dark cloud when a violent assault occurs on the farm where he works. Sinking down, he is forced to rethink his life. But here lies also an opportunity to pursue a dream: to be a rodeo narrator. And so a new desire is drawn, a new place where one feels at home, next to his bulls, again strong and sane. Helvécio Marins weaves a narrative based on reality – his non-actors are transported to this territory and carry with them all the experience and feelings giving a bull’s strength to this film. Meanwhile the animals look firmly at us like announcing: dark times are coming to Brazil, but the strength will come and go in a wave, it will not abandon us. (M.M.)