Prince Ki-Ki-Do; Mole, the Miner

Mole has received his first pickaxe as a gift. His happiness is indescribable and he immediately starts digging up the ground, putting in danger the other forest animals. Prince Ki-Ki-Do will have to intervene.

Prince Ki-Ki-Do; Superdo

A strange bird, Superdo, lands in Ki-Ki-Do’s forest: he is dressed up in the style of superheroes and flies with the help of jet-propelled boots.

Prince Ki-Ki-Do – Winter Story

There is a freezing winter in Ki-Ki-Do’s forest. Pig Rozi tries to help the animals by knitting warm clothes. But clothes are too big or too small. But prince Ki-Ki-Do, with a help of tiger mosquitos, finds a unique solution.

Prince Ki-Ki-Do – Wonder Glass

The animals in Prince Ki-Ki-Do’s forest discover many different functionalities for a glass bottle: it can be a house for the mouse, a monocle for the owl, but also a musical instrument for everybody.

Príncipe Ki Ki Do: o Chá

Ki Ki Do may seem like a tiny helpless chicken, yet he is a brave Japanese samurai and a passionate lover of a good cup of green tea.