I Was at Home, But

Phillip, a 13-year-old school boy, disappeared without a trace for a week. When he reappears, his mother is confronted with questions that lead to a changed view of her life. Winner of Best Director award at Berlinale.

Der traumhafte Weg

An Englishman and a German girl sing in the streets of Greece. They are in love, but suddenly he has to return home. 30 years later in Berlin a TV actress leaves her husband. Two couples’ stories intertwin.


End of winter. Two hours at the Paris Orly airport. A young woman falls in love with a stranger on her way home to her husband. A young couple falls apart on their first big journey. A mother and her teenage son are on the way to the funeral of the child’s father. In the crowd, a woman finally dares to read the farewell letter of her lover. In the airport, everybody is busy dealing with his own destiny.

Ich Bin den Sommer über in Berlin Geblieben

Nadine is obsessed by a memory linked to a haunting tune she can no longer sing — until she hears someone else singing and everything falls back into place again. A melancholy observation of two young couples having difficulties trusting one another. They are full of skepticism and searching for a purpose in life.