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Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs | Edmunds Jansons, Anim. 2019 70’ (+ 7 years)

Jacob lives in the city and dreams of becoming an architect like his father. One day, when his dad has to go away for work, Jacob spends  the week with his cousin Mimmi and her father. They live in the suburbs of Riga, Latvia’s capital. There everything seems different and calmer. When the boys realise the local park will be replaced by skyscrapers, they will try to stop the construction. And they will get precious help from a pack of special dogs.

Sat. 21h00 | September 5th | Cineteatro Capitólio Buy

 My Family*

*A special short film session with the voice of Pedro Cardoso.

All my family | 51’  (+3 years)

The Witch & the Baby

The witch is feeling old. So she decides to do a spell to make her young again. But she is missing a very special ingredient: a baby. The infant princess from the nearby kingdom seems to be an excellent choice. Is it?

Papá a Passos Largos

When we are in a hurry it seems that everything is slower. This afternoon Mathieu’s father is picking him up at the nursery school. But what if his old green car doesn’t start?

Northern Lights

Since his parents died, Colin has been living with his grandfather, Karl. When Karl leaves to hunt a narwhal, Colin becomes a clandestine passenger in his grandfather’s house-sled. He must overcome his fears and learn the secrets of the Great North.

The Misfortune of Mister Fox

Poor Mister Fox! Brothers are always fighting and it is he who suffers most. This time an arm popped out. It’s time for the children to make up and treat Mister Fox.


In the midst of a heatwave of insanity, two children find a way to cool everyone down! A playful stop motion short film animated in a hybrid technique between cut out, clay animation and thousands of replacement pieces.

Les oiseaux

A truck drivre reaches the end of a road and opens the back door of his vehicle. From there fly away a flock of birds. All but one, small and shy, that doesn’t seem to want to leave…


A strong sailor gets an autumn leaf from a little girl. It reminds him of his home. So long since he left and he misses home a lot. The sailor rushes to return and meet his old parents. What will he find there?

Sat. 15h30 | August 29 | Grande Auditório da Culturgest Buy

Fri. 21h00 | September 4 | Cineteatro Capitólio – OPEN AIR CINEMA Buy


Grow up playing! | 44’  (+3 years)

Le Popotin de l’hippopo

The hippopotamus discovers he has a big behind. Animals came from the savannah to see it and give their opinion. But since everyone disagrees, a battle of rotten fruit starts. Everything ends well, when each bottom finds a proper potty.


Fussel, the friendly monster, is going on an adventurous journey. His goal? To find out what’s at the end of the red string.


It is still raining and Noah’s Ark must soon leave. But the kiwi bird and the chameleon aren’t on the passenger list. The two friends decide to travel as stowaways. What happens when they are discovered?

The Dish Washer

The dirty dishes have really piled up at the bears’ house of Ned and Mishka, but they don’t feel like tidying up. They’re getting hungry so Ned gets the idea of phoning a raccoon for whom washing up should be no problem.

The Little Bird and the Bees

It is springtime. The little bird is taking care of the first leaves on the tree. Then the blossoms open up one by one, and the bees come buzzing along. Awakened by the sweet taste of nectar, the little bird follows them over the flower meadow.

The Kindergarten Show

In the theatre, an owl headmaster prepares his kindergartners for the end of year show. Unfortunately for him, many unexpected events will happen before the curtain goes up and the show won’t go as planned.

Sat. | 11h15 | August 29th |  Cinema São Jorge SMO  Buy

Sun. | 17h00 | August 30th| Cinema São Jorge SALA3  Buy

Sat. | 11h15 | September 5th | Cinema São Jorge SMO  Buy

With your feet in nature | 52′ (+5 years) 

Les Cinq Malfoutous

Once upon a time there were five misfits. The first was full of holes. The second was folded in two, like a letter. The third was soft and slept all day. The fourth was reversed, hands on the ground and feet on air. The fifth had nothing of worth, a sort of bizarre ball.

The Concrete Jungle

Sometimes it seems nothing interesting happens at our home, but suddenly, when we least expect, the adventure begins.

Prince Ki-Ki-Do: On The Run

The small chick called Prince Ki-Ki-Do lives on top of a stone tower in a dark forest. He’s as small as Calimero but as strong as Hercules. When the forest is in trouble, there he goes to help, with his two companions, tiger mosquitoes Tine and Bine.

A Lynx in the Town

A curious lynx leaves its forest, attracted by the city lights. He has a lot of fun there until he falls asleep in the middle of a parking lot. In the early morning, locals are astonished to find this strange animal covered in snow.


A strong sailor gets an autumn leaf from a little girl. It reminds him of his home. So long since he left and he misses home a lot. The sailor rushes to return and meet his old parents. What will he find there?

O Hugo & Holger

Hugo always wanted to have a puppy dog. One day he meets Holger and his dream comes true. But Holger is not a dog after all, but a baby elephant instead. A film about friendship and the playful world full of discoveries seen through the eyes of a child.

How Much Does the Cloud Weigh

A scientist is immersed in observing the clouds. He counts how many there are, measures their distance to the ground and weighs the water which they are made of. But suddenly everything changes when a cloud doesn’t quite fit what his registers.


Sun. | 15h30 | August 30th | Cinema São Jorge SMO Buy

Sat. | 16h30 | September 5th | Culturgest GA Buy

Sun. | 11h30 | September 6th | Cinema Ideal Buy


Lose & Win | 45’ (+9 years)

Athleticus – Gardien de Gymnase

All animals do sports but then it’s up to the elephant to tidy up the gym. How we would like to be a basketball champion…


Using a stop motion animation technique, Mathilde Pepinster imagines the story of a man that visits the supermarket but thinks he is an eskimo, living surrounded by ice.

Family Bonds

In the morning, the little fox wakes up and his duck parents feed him breakfast, a carrot. He goes out to play and finds an adult fox in the forest hunting a bird. This encounter will trouble little fox’s family bonds.

Afternoon Tea

A noble man is anxiously waiting to finally meet his bride. They are going to have tea together. When she arrives, there is something wrong with her dress. But sometimes the important thing is not to lose face..

My life in Versailles

One day, Violette, an eight-year-old Parisian girl loses her parents. Her uncle Régis, who works at the Palace of Versailles, takes her to live with him. These are tough times, she misses her home, but with the help of an unexpected friend, everything will be ok.

Sun. | 11h15 | August 30th | Cinema São Jorge SMO Buy 

Sat. | 15h30 | September 5th | Culturgest PA Buy


Raise Your Voice! 43′ (+12 years) 

Les fleurs du papier

So flowery are the memories of our childhood. Two brothers, all grown up, enter a home full of details of the past. The colours, the smell, the wall paper flowers, all of these are souvenirs of happiness.


The film depicts thoughts and feelings of a mother with her mentally disabled son. While she moves with him through everyday life, her ambivalent feelings, her struggles to accept him as he is, get into her way.

Hide n’ Seek

Behind a children’s game there is a story about the perception of time. To win the game, the young boy becomes an old man and his life one hide and seek game. Poetic visions are created from childhood memories but they also touch adults.

Pumpers Paradise

If the world was just a question of having muscles and being fit, we needed to use our imagination to be able to train in all our daily activities.


Bex, Lili, Fox, Tru e Milo are five gender-creative kids each engaged in shaping their own sense of what it means to be fully human. And to do it means dealing with bullies, explaining themselves to their parents, or navigating the uncharted waters of relationships.

Athleticus: Synchronised Trampoline

Animals watch seals give a perfect, synchronized performance on the trampoline. Hippopotami are the ones paying the most attention because when their turn comes they don’t want to look bad.

Sat. | 11h30 | August 29th | Cinema Ideal Buy

Sat. | 11h15 | September 5th  – São Jorge SALA3  Buy