Workshops & Activities

Aerial Dreams | Plastic expression and kinetic art workshop Editions Orpheu Negro conceived and promoted by Ana Teresa Magalhães | 40 ‘(+5 years)

Free with prior registration at With a slight puff we can create a multiplicity of gestures and movements. In this workshop, we free our imagination and build mobiles inhabited by birds, made of natural materials, such as leaves, seeds and sticks. Inspired by the book The Birds** by Germano Zullo and Albertine (Orfeu Negro), we discover how a small gesture makes a difference and allows us to find the balance for the realization of our dreams!

** The Birds, by Célia Rivière, is also a film inspired by this book that programmed in the screening All in the Family

Sat. | 4h30 p.m & 5h20 p.m | August 29 | Workshop Room at the Palácio Galveias Library Garden Subscription


Does and Films with the Family | Conceived and promoted by Irina Raimundo | 60 ‘(+3 years)

A workshop to get to know some of the films that made the history of cinema and which are, above all, very fun. The screen is the place where everything happens, but for that we will create sets and make objects move and even stand upside down without any effort! Through a great interaction between parents and children and with a lot of imagination, anything can happen. Stop motion, live action, gymnastics and visual arts, all in the same workshop. And at the end a film to show the family!

Sun. | 11h30 a.m | August 30 | Cinema São Jorge Sala 2 Buy

Dom. | 15h45 | August 30 | Cinema São Jorge Sala 2 Buy


One Leaf at a Time – a movie that was made! | Conceived and promoted by the director Aliona Baranova| 60 ’(+5 years)

In the film The Leaf, by Aliona Baranova, a sailor receives an autumn leaf from a girl. It reminds him of home. So long since he
left, he misses it so much. To animate a leaf in a film you need to draw many, many leafs, but if we all draw them it’s much easier and the result can be quite fun and unexpected! In this workshop we will discover different techniques and materials to create original autumn leaves. Each participant will contribute to make an amazing film!

Sat. | 3h30 p.m | September 5 | Workshop Room at the Palácio Galveias Library Garden Buy

Sat. | 5h30 p.m | September 5 | Workshop Room at the Palácio Galveias Library Garden Buy

Cinema Simultâneo – Cinema Para Pais  | (+7 anos)

Simultaneous cinema is a relaxed activity with films and visual arts that allows parents to go to the 19h screening at
São Jorge, while children watch fun films and create cinema-related objects.

Thu. | 18h50 | August 27 | Cinema São Jorge Sala 2 Buy

Fri. | 18h50 | August 28 | Cinema São Jorge Sala 2 Buy

Sat. | 18h50 | September 5  | Cinema São Jorge Sala 2 Buy