I make film posters
28 Sat. • 14:30 • Sala de oficinas da Biblioteca Palácio Galveias
6 Sun. • 17:00 •  Palácio Galveias Library – workshops room
5€ • 6–12 years • limited capacity • 60min
Registration:, +351 932 826 402
Film posters are always amazing and in this workshop you can make them! What elements to put? And what colors? Using stencils and a lot of imagination you will make the most beautiful film posters of the festival.

Bichos carpinteiros
29 Sun. • 17:00 • Palácio Galveias Library – workshops room
6 Sun. • 15:00 • Palácio Galveias Library – workshops room
5€ • +3 years and families • limited capacity • 45min
Registration:, +351 932 826 402
The wooden blocks of this workshop are everywhere, and waiting to come to life. If I join this one and that one I can make an animal, if I stick that one to the other I have a house that even rotates and if I hammer these bits I can make incredible characters. Come have fun and rethink shapes and pieces of wood to give them a new life.

Cine-workshop com dancer and coreopgrapher Yola Pinto  buy
29 Sun. • 11:00 • São Jorge Cinema – 2
5 € • +6 years and families • limited capacity • 90min
We invite our younger audience and their adult companions to enjoy the work of Anna Vasof through the movement and experimentation in relation to some objects. These are objects from everyday life in a way but also very unexpected… Create new uses and possibilities, let your body discover new ways of being and living, reinventing everything.

Your “animanimal”- invent an animal with director Julia Ocker  buy
1 Tue. • 16:00 • Cinema São Jorge – 2
5€ • 6–12 years • limited capacity • 90min
Participation through purchase of ticket at the festival ticket office or online, without previous registration.
The zebra has its stripes all shuffled. The wolf has an ultra-secret pastime and the peacock just wants to be on stage. Julia Ocker does a lot of films about animals’ daily lives. In this workshop, you will be able to write and draw your own story and the director will share with you her process of imagining stories.

Imaginary cities or scenarios for a future film
6 Sun. • 11:00 • Palácio Galveias Library – workshops room
5€ • 10–15 years • limited capacity • 90min
Registration:, +351 932 826 402
The city of the film Fire in Cardboard City was made in cardboard and inspires us for this workshop. With the help of the architects of Volta Fica we will invent a new city using several materials.

Sounds puzzle – ZigZag radio
5 Sat. e 6 Sun. • 11:00 • Culturgest – room 6
Free entrance • regristration required 5–9 years • limited capacity • 90min
Registration:, +351 966 972 870
In a time we get a lot of information about the world through image, we’ll stimulate the imagination of your kids through sound. The challenge we propose is to build stories and put words into a Sound Puzzle.


And more…

Mixed salad with books and filmes Lisbon Libraries (BLX)
5 Sat. • 11:00—13:00 • Cinema Ideal – foyer
Free entrance
The BLX announces the news of its collection of children’s literature and offers a relaxed presentation inspired by the animated films of IndieJunior and stories that children liked.


Taste the music – a musical tune before the films

29 Sun. • 15:30 • Culturgest

Ensemble a 5
1 Tue. • 14:40 • Cinema São Jorge

Ensemble CordaVoce
5 Sat. • 14:40 • Culturgest

(free entrance)
The music is everywhere, inside the film theater and beyond. The students of the National Conservatory’s Music School prepared a surprise for you. Go to the foyer and discover the music of the Music Class.