I Want to Animate! | Flipbook workshop | Conceived and hosted by director Leonor Faria Henriques | 90′ (7+)

Sat. August 21 | 11:30 | Pátio Biblioteca Palácio Galveias | Tickets

Have you ever asked yourself: no, really, how are cartoons made after all? In this activity, you will take your first steps in the magical world of 2D animation! You’ll become a real animator and learn an exercise that any animator has to first learn – animating a bouncing ball. In this workshop, you’ll discover how you can make your animations with a small flipbook and all it’s needed is paper, crayons and little animators, ready to take their first steps into this journey!

* Nothing is Lost, by Leonor Faria Henriques, can be seen in the screening Life is a Surprise (6+).

See the World With the Hands | Body expression workshop | Conceived and hosted by Baileia, artist-educator duo | 50′ (5+) – Children and parents

Sat. August 28 | 15:30 and 17:30 | Pátio Biblioteca Palácio Galveias | Tickets

One day, with one eye closed and the other one open, we discovered that it was possible to touch things that were very far away from us. We could play without touching. We could carry things that were very heavy or even bigger than us. We found out that it was possible to create a whole world around us, with one eye closed and one eye open. Inspired by the film Hello Monsieur*, by Joséphine Gobbi, we invite you to play with perspectives: to see things with eyes anew, to touch tall trees, or even to carry a friend without leaving your seat. All this and lots of dancing, fun and imagination.

*Hello Monsieur, by Joséphine Gobbi, can be seen in the screening The Place of Memories (10+).

Autism: The path towards school and community inclusion | Film + debate | 90’ (10+) – Parents, children and teachers

Thu. September 2 | 18:00 | Biblioteca Palácio Galveias, Sala Polivalente | Sign-up here

What is autism? How can we identify it? How do you approach the issue of “being different” in school today? And aren’t we all, in our genesis, different? With this debate, we want to get to know some of the characteristics that define autism, to understand and deepen the issues faced by people with autism (and other issues), especially at school. The animated film Louis’ shoes* — which delicately deals with the story of a boy who uses his shoes as a way to keep his world in order and to make sense of what he doesn’t understand — will be the starting point for this cinematic debate, alongside a group of special guests representing associations, schools and families who live closely with these issues.

* Louis’ shoes, by Théo Jamin, Kayu Leung, Marion Philippe, Jean-Géraud Blanc, can be seen in the screening The Place of Memories (10+).

No Limits |  Plastic Expression workshop – Orfeu Editions* | 45’ (3-8 years) – Children and parents

Sat. September 4 | 17:00 and 18:00 | Pátio Biblioteca Palácio Galveias | Sign-up here

What can that red ball be? A balloon, an apple, a ladybug or just a button? What designs and shapes does the ball hide and how do they reveal themselves? In this workshop, we will have no limits when it comes to creating new ideas and other ways of looking. With paper and scribers, but also scissors and cutouts, let’s explore the enormous potential of a simple ball, be it a dot, a circle or a sphere… Yeah!

*Workshop inspired by the album The Red Ball,by Vanina Starkoff, published in July by Orfeu Negro

I was born, and now what? | Wood workshop | Conceived and hosted by LUZ, inspired by the film Hello World!* | 90′

Sun. September 5 | 15:30 | 3-6 years, parents and children | Pátio Biblioteca Palácio Galveias | Tickets
Sun. September 4 | 17:30 | 6-12 years, children | Pátio Biblioteca Palácio Galveias | Tickets

Bom Dia Mundo! de Anne-Lise Koehler e Éric Serre

I was born, what now? Can anyone tell me who I am? Anyone there? Do I live in the world above, below or in the middle? Many strange creatures are born in the water, some are even made of gelatin. On Earth, there are both tiny and giant animals. In the air, they all look like planes! The world is mysterious but WONDERFUL! I’m so eager to find out more. Being born is also discovering others, realizing that even though we’re all so different, we still need everyone here! This workshop begins with a reflection on how we are our own builders of the world, and we’re going to represent biodiversity with the film Hello World!*, by Anne-Lise Koehler and Éric Serre, using wood and small objects collected from nature, directly. We’ll then complete these objects with wood-finishing techniques and with the application of wax or natural oil.

*Hello World, by Anne- Lise Koehler and Éric Serre, can be seen on August 22 and September 4.