Schools reservations

IndieJúnior has a programme of short and feature films – fiction, documentary and animation – for the various age groups, including preschool, 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles. The films are carefully chosen so as to correspond to the interests, problems and inspirations of each age group, with the aim of establishing a relationship between each work and student, leaving space for debate and reflection in school, at home and in life.

Bring your class to the festival! You can guarantee seats for your students through the link

Registration has a price of 1,50€ per student (teachers and auxiliaries are exempt) and payment can be made closer to the day of the screening.

This year, due to calendar changes, the dates of the program dedicated to schools will happen in different dates from the rest of the festival. IndieLisboa, including the program IndieJunior for families, took place between 25th of August to 5th of September.

In addition, the schools and teachers whom do not want or can bring the students to the venues, this year it is possible to bring the IndieJunior sessions to inside the schools. For these specific cases, we ask to get in touch via email

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IndieJunior Schools 2020 – 6 ~ 16 October