Workshops and Activities

FILM + DEBATE • 75′ • Culturgest, Sala 2
SOS: What Can We Do Today to Design the Story of the Future?
Friday, May 6th | 6pm • Parents and Children, Professors

Global warming / climate crisis, what do these words mean anyway? And what impacts do they have on biodiversity and on the planet? How can we help prevent them? What can we do today to design the story of the future? The animated film Stars on the Sea (acronym SOS) is a sign of alert that dives straight into our emotions. Telling the story of a family that tries to survive in a flooded building, it makes clear the emergency of our actions and shows our power of adaptability. Additionally, Plano Nacional das Artes and IndieJunior created a space for conversation with the public at large that brings together people with diverse profiles to an (in)disciplinary conversation, from young people to activists, teachers, a director and a biologist – different voices that affirm our hope, but also raise awareness that the future is today.

Stars on the Sea, by Seung-Wook Jang, can be watched in The Air and The Sea (+10) screening. For this debate, IndieJunior is collaborating with PNA – Plano Nacional das Artes.

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The debate is conducted in portuguese.

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PLASTIC EXPRESSION WORKSHOP • 45′ • Jardim Biblioteca Palácio Galveias, Sala de Oficinas
We Build Different Signals – Conceptualised and hosted by the pedagogical project “Pela Cidade Fora”
Saturday, April 30th | 5pm • Parents and Children 4-6 Years
Saturday, April 30th | 6pm • Children 6-12 Years

What can we build again from signs we already know? In this plastic expression workshop, we will learn about the different types of traffic signs and understand the importance that each one has in our life! And when we know everything about what each one represents? This workshop is the place where we will learn to look at the world around us with more creative thinking! What story can we tell from what each sign tells us? What can we build within each one? Let’s apply the meaning of signs to small day-to-day tasks, and see the endless possibilities when it comes to being more responsible and creative. So come on: from information, prohibition, permission and attention signs, let’s build different signs!

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ILLUSTRATION WORKSHOP • 90′ • Jardim Palácio Galveias, Sala de Oficinas • 6€
Let’s Illustrate Our Movie? – Conceptualised and hosted by Maria Carvão®
Sunday, May 1st | 3:30pm • Children 6-12 Years
Sunday, May 1st | 5:30pm • Children 6-12 Years

How can we start designing an animated film? How many characters do we need? What’s the story we want to tell? In this illustration workshop, we will draw the characters in order to create a short story. And how can we bring them to life if they’re just drawn on a sheet of paper? Recreating the story through a stopmotion technique, we will give them freedom to move around and plenty of space to get to know the world.

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Create With Everyone – Conceptualised and hosted by artist-educator Ana Teresa Magalhães
Sunday, May 8th | 10:30am • Parents and Children 3+
Sunday, May 8th | 11:30am • Children 6-12 Years

Colored papers with different shapes and sizes, various markers, scissors and glue will be the ingredients to be used in this workshop, where mixing is the rule! Inspired by the book Tu e Eu e Todos, published by Orfeu Negro editions, and through the exploration of various techniques and materials, we are going to create a folio book, without any barriers to the imagination and in which everyone is welcome!

Workshop inspired by the book Tu e Eu e Todos, by Marcos Farina, edited by Orfeu Negro.

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SONOPLASTY WORKSHOP AND SOUNDBODY BAND • 90′ • Jardim Biblioteca Palácio Galveias, Sala Polivalente • 6€
Sounds That Tell Stories – Conceptualised and hosted by Baileia – Artes Infâncias
Sunday, May 8th | 3:30pm • Parents and Children 6+
Sunday, May 8th | 5:00pm • Parents and Children 6+

Close your eyes and try to listen to the sounds around you. Can you recognize places, people and events? Now imagine a story in which it’s possible to know what happened, by the sounds that were heard… What if we tried to watch a silent movie and imagine the sounds that could exist? Here, we’ll play at composing sounds with images and composing images with sounds. Inspired by the film Guard of Honour and in sound techniques, foley art, sound effects and soundtrack, we invite people aged 6 and over and their families to explore the creation and the soundscape of a story. A fun and expressive experience in a day full of sound discoveries!

Guard of Honour, by Edmunds Jansons, can be seen in the Colour the World (+6) screening.

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