About IndieJunior


IndieJúnior is a section of IndieLisboa International Film Festival dedicated to young audiences. Its purpose is to actively contribute to the cultural and aesthetic education of children and adolescents through an artistic and ludic experience. It is essentially composed of screenings of films from all over the world, including animation, fiction and documentarie.

IndieJunior Team
Irina Raimundo, Jéssica Pestana
+351 966 973 014


IndieJunior addresses children from 4 months to 15 years old. For babies between 4 and 30 months old, the immersive cinema experience is offered with the accompaniment of parents or guardians at Baby Cinema. For older children, the cinema screenings are organised into two branches – Families and Schools – targeting specific age groups: +3 years old, +6 years old, +9 years old, +12 years old and +15 years old. The programme is carefully thought taking the age of each group into account.


These screenings take place on weekends and holidays and include a presentation. Their main goal is to bring together parents and children with activities that enrich both and strenghthen emotional bonds. The programme includes the best short and feature films in the IndieJunior Competition.


IndieJúnior is composed by several screenings for different school audiences‚ from pre-school and elementary to high school.

IndieJúnior Prize

IndieJunior’s Audience Award is attributed according to spectators’ votes at Schools and Families screenings. They are the sole responsible for the attribution of the prize to the film of their preference.