IndieJunior is a section of IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival dedicated to young audiences. Its purpose is to actively contribute to the cultural and aesthetic education of children and adolescents through an artistic and ludic experience. It is essentially constituted by screenings of films from all over the world, including animations, fictions and documentaries.

IndieJunior Team
Irina Raimundo, Jéssica Pestana, Daniela Cardoso, Maria João Malheiro (assistente)
+351 966 972 870


IndieJunior addresses children from 3 to 15 years old with screenings organized into two branches – Families and Schools – targeting specific age groups: +3 years old, +6 years old, +9 years old, +12 years old and +15 years old. The programme is carefully thought taking into account the age of each group.


These screenings take place on weekends and holidays and include a presentation. Their main goal is to bring together parents and children with activities that enrich both and strenghthen emotional bonds. The programme includes the best short and feature films in the IndieJunior Competition.


IndieJunior is composed by numerous screenings for various school audiences‚ from pre-school and elementary to high school.

IndieJunior Prize

IndieJunior’s Audience Award is attributed according to spectators’ votes at Schools and Families screenings. They are the sole responsible for the attribution of the prize to the film of their preference.

2019 Edition

In 2019, IndieJunior presents a very diversified program with several special screenings, workshops and events for the whole family where diving into cinema will be cool and fun both for young children and adults, because IndieJunior is for everyone! The biggest and most spectacular dives will happen inside the venues.

Mundo Animado – film-concert with Casa da Música will be one of the moments you won’t want to miss. Three musicians from the Educational Service of the Casa da Música: António Serginho, Óscar Rodrigues and Pedro Cardoso (do Peixe) will give music to films of two of the greatest heroes from the silent film era – Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Also worthy of note is the special program A Polónia é uma Animação!, a unique opportunity to rediscover an 1960s animation produced in Poland.

This year’s program received the collaboration of students from Colégio Moderno and Escola Luís Madureira for the usual I Program a Film Festival initiative. The selected short films originated the Transformation Route (+ 12 years) and Things that Happen (+10 years) screenings. These students will be present at the festival to share their programming experience with the audience.

In the parallel activities we have several workshops like Sound, let’s go to the Cinema? (6 to 10 years), where the participants get to experiment sound, workshops created by artists of Casa Nic e Inês and Get out of the box! – a cine-workshop for children and young people, using the Adam’s Skirt short as starting point.

On the following weekend, because we want to celebrate friends and family, we propose a double program: the short film screening with the live dubbing Somewhere between Heaven and Earth, for the whole family (May 11th, 15h00, Culturgest), followed by a Picnic on Grass on May 11th at 16h00, in the garden of the Galveias Palace library, an event full of outdoor activities. Free entry for all ages.