Extra screening – Pour en finir avec la Nouvelle Vague?

Cinemateca Portuguesa and IndieLisboa regret to inform you that, despite all our efforts, personal reasons have prevented Jacques Rozier from travelling to Lisbon as planned. The conversation with the director, announced in the context of the retrospective of his work and which was scheduled to take place on April 30th at 18H00, at Cinemateca, is thus canceled.

Michèle Berson, collaborator of Jacques Rozier, is in Lisbon and on April 30th, at 18H00, at the Luís de Pina screening room of Cinemateca Portuguesa, we will screen some unpublished and raw footage of a new project, sent by Jacques Rozier, specially for the occasion: Pour en finir avec la Nouvelle Vague?, an unfinished document. which includes a conversation between Jacques Rozier and Jean Douchet, and a meeting between Rozier and André S. Labarthe, which was recorded about two years ago in a film theatre at Marseille. The material will be shown in a one-hour long screening and will be presented in its original French version, without subtitles. For this extra-programme projection, the entrance will be free and tickets can be picked up at the ticket office of Cinemateca Portuguesa.