The link between film and music is at the epicentre of this competitive section. IndieMusic embraces films about musicians and bands from around the world, often immersing themselves in the historical, political and social contexts that accompany musical movements. These little revolutions find a mirror in the night programming of concerts and parties – IndiebyNight.

Billie, James Erskine, doc., United Kingdom, 2019, 96′
Caos e Afinidade / Chaos and Affinity, Pedro Gonçalves, doc., Portugal, 2020, 77′
Eletronica:Mentes, Dácio Pinheiro/Denis Giacobelis/Paulo Beto, doc., Brazil, 2019, 75′
Gimme Shelter, Albert Maysles/David Maysles/Charlotte Zwerin, doc., USA, 1970, 91′
The Heart is a Drum, Jacob Frössén, doc., Suécia, 2019, 71′
Keyboard Fantasies: The Beverly Glenn-Copeland Story, Posy Dixon, doc., United Kingdom/Canada/Belgium/Netherlands/USA, 2019, 63′
Laurel Canyon: A Place In Time, Alison Ellwood, doc., USA, 2020, 160′
Other, Like Me, Marcus Werner Hed, Dan Fox, doc., United Kingdom, 2020, 82′
Le Regard de Charles / Aznavour by Charles, Marc di Domenico/Charles Aznavour, doc., France, 2019, 75′
Show Me the Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall, Alfred George Bailey, doc., United Kingdom/USA, 2019, 92′
SOA, Raquel Castro, doc., Portugal, 2020, 78′
White Riot, Rubika Shah, doc., United Kingdom, 2019, 80′
Hacer una Diagonal con la Musica / Making a Diagonal with Music, Aura Satz, United Kingdom, doc., 2020, 10′
Ricardo, Luís Sobreiro, fic., Portugal, 2020, 29′
A Vida Dura Muito Pouco – Celebrando a Obra de José Pinhal, Dinis Leal Machado, Portugal, doc., 2020, 23′