Showing works by young filmmakers and renowned authors, this section finds the norm in its singularity. Under the wing of Silvestre we have shown works that reject consecrated formulas, which awaken new languages ​​and whose rebellion mirrors the spirit of the festival.

Breve Miragem de Sol / Burning Night, Eryk Rocha, fic., Brazil/France/Argentina, 2019, 98′
Cemetery, Carlos Casas, doc., France/United Kingdom/Poland/Uzbekistan, 2019, 85′
Los Conductos, Camilo Restrepo, fic., Colombia/France/Brazil, 2020, 70′
Her Name Was Europa, Anja Dornieden/Juan David González Monroy, doc./exp., Germany, 2020, 76′
La femme de mon frère / A Brother’s Love, Monia Chokri, fic., Canada, 2019, 107′
Isabella, Matías Piñeiro, doc., Argentina/France, 2020, 78′
Jeanne / Joana D’Arc, Bruno Dumont, fic., France, 2019, 2019, 98′
Ouvertures, The Living and the Dead Ensemble, fic./doc./exp., United Kingdom/France, 2020, 132′
Overseas, Sung-a Yoon, doc., Belgium/France, 2019, 90′
Responsabilidad empresarial / Corporate Accountability, Jonathan Perel, doc., Argentina, 2020, 68′
Rizi / Days, Tsai Ming-Liang, fic., Taiwan, 2019, 127′
Si c’était de l’amour / If it were love, Patric Chiha, doc., France, 2020, 82′
State Funeral, Sergei Loznitsa, doc., Netherlands/Lithuania, 2019, 135′
Tipografic majuscul / Uppercase Print, Radu Jude, doc., Romania, 2020, 128′
Todos os Mortos / All the Dead Ones, Caetano Gotardo/Marco Dutra, fic., Brazil/France, 2020, 120′
Vendrá la muerte y tendrá tus ojos / Death Will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes, José Luis Torres Lleiva, fic., Chile/Germany/Argentina, 2019, 90′
The Works and Days (of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basin), C.W. Winter/Anders Edström, doc., USA/Sweden/Japan/Hong Kong/China/United Kingdom, 2020, 480′
Zabij to I Wyjedź Tego Miasta*/Kill It And Leave This Town, Mariusz Wilczyński, Poland, anim., 2019, 88’
Apiyemiyekî?, Ana Vaz, doc./exp., Brazil/France/Netherlands/Portugal, 2019, 28′
Apparition, Ismaïl Bahri, exp., Tunisia/France, 2019, 3′
Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Art of Bodybuilding, Babeth M. VanLoo, doc./exp., Netherlands/USA, 2020, 8′
Average Happiness, Maja Gehrig, anim., Switzerland, 2019, 7′
A Bright Summer Diary, Lei Lei, doc., China/USA, 2020, 28′
Communicating Vessels, Annie MacDonell/Maïder Fortuné, doc./exp., Canada, 2020, 35′
Daisies Cloud Passing, Peter Todd, doc./exp., United Kingdom, 2019, 1′
Former Cult Member Hears Music For The First Time, Kristoffer Borgli, fic., Norway/USA, 2020, 12′
Further Radical, Stefano Canapa, anim./exp., France, 2020, 7′
God’s Nightmares, Daniel Cockburn, exp., United Kingdom, 2019, 6′
Hard, Cracked The Wind, Mark Jenkin, fic., United Kingdom, 2019, 17′
I am (For the Birds), Stephen Sutcliffe, doc., United Kingdom, 2019, 3′
Ink in Milk, Gernot Wieland, exp., Germany, 2019, 12′
The Lie, Rafael Spínola/Klaus Diehl, doc./exp., exp., United Kingdom, 2019, 6′
My Galactic Twin Galaction, Sasha Svirsky, anim., Russia, 2020, 7′
Sapphire Crystal, Virgil Vernier, doc./fic., France, 2019, 31′
The Seismic Form, Antoinette Zwirchmayr, doc./exp., Austria, 2020, 15′
Signal 8, Simon Liu, exp., Hong Kong, 2019, 14′
Shiver of love, Maxence Stamatiadis, doc./exp., France, 2019, 20′
TX – REVERSE, Martin Reinhart/Virgil Widrich, doc./exp., Austria, 2019, 5′
Valerio’s Day Out, Michael Arcos, exp., Colombia/USA, 2019, 9′
Waste no.6: How Great, Jan Ijäs, doc., Finland, 2019, 45′


Focus: Mati Diop

In the Silvestre section, the focus will be on the Franco-Senegalese director Mati Diop, who competed with her first feature film Atlantique at the Festival de Cannes. We will show your work as a director, from the feature Atlantique to the short films Liberian Boy, Mille SoleilsBig in Vietnam and Snow Canon. Mati will be showing again at IndieLisboa the film Mille Soleills that won in 2013 the international short film competition, a tribute to the film Touki Bouki by his uncle Djibril Diop Mambéty, a renowned Senegalese filmmaker.

Atlantique / Atlantics, Mati Diop, fic., France/Senegal/Belgium, 2019, 106′
Atlantiques, Mati Diop, doc., France, 2009, 16′
Snow Canon, Mati Diop, fic., France, 2011, 34′
Big in Vietnam, Mati Diop, fic., France, 2012, 29′
Mille Soleils, Mati Diop, doc., France, 2013, 45′
Liberian Boy, Mati Diop/Manon Lutanie, fic., France/Canada, 2015, 5