Director’s Cut

New films that plunge into the memory of cinema as its main inspiration and films that rework the cinematographic visual heritage. The section unfolds in a Director’s Cut In Context, featuring works in which the heritage of those who made the history of cinema is materialized.

Conrad Veidt — My Life, Mark Rappaport, doc., USA/France, 2019, 61′
La dialectique peut-elle casser des briques? / Can Dialectics Break Bricks? (versão restaurada), René Viénet, fic., France/Hong Kong, 1973, 90′
Filmfarsi, Ehsan Khoshbakht, doc., Iran/United Kingdom, 2019, 84′
Fantasmas do Império / Ghosts of an Empire, Ariel de Bigault, doc., Portugal/France, 2020, 112′
Slučaj Makavejev ili Proces u bioskopskoj sali / The Makavejev Case or Trial in a Movie Theater, Goran Radovanović, doc., Serbia, 2019, 74′
El TANGO DEL VIUDO y su espejo deformante / THE TANGO OF THE WIDOWER And Its Distorting Mirror, Raúl Ruiz/Valeria Sarmiento, fic., Chile, 2020, 64′
Absolute Street, Jan Ijäs, exp., Finland, 2019, 3′
Anna-Nana, Mark Rappaport, doc., USA/France, 2020, 26′
Eclipse – an aesthetic of censorship, Gilles Ribero/Noé Grenier/Gwendal Sartre, exp., France, 2018, 16′