Concerto: TELECTU

7 SAT | 9:30PM • Igreja de St. George • 8€

Concert: TELECTU

The early 1980s brought us the unpredictable Telectu, whose mentors, Vitor Rua and Jorge Lima Barreto, were fans of total experimentation. An unmistakable and historical band of the Portuguese musical panorama and one of its most original groups ever. The current line-up, with Rua and Ilda Teresa Castro, comes to the St. George’s church to play themes from Telectu’s first LPs, mainly Belzebu and Off Off.

Related Film: Sonosfera Telectu, Carlos Mendes / Ilda Teresa Castro / Vítor Rua / Vasco Bação
5 THU | 6:45PM • Culturgest GA

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