23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

Recruitment – Communications Coordinator

IndieLisboa – Associação Cultural is recruiting a new member for the team.

As of today, applications are open for the position of Communications Coordinator for the association, which, among others, includes the IndieLisboa and IndieJúnior Porto festivals.

What’s it about?

The person responsible for coordinating communications at IndieLisboa – Associação Cultural will have the main task of strengthening communications and the global identities of the IndieLisboa and IndieJúnior Porto film festivals.

IndieLisboa, a general festival that takes place annually between April and May, and IndieJúnior Porto, a festival aimed at children and young people that takes place annually between January and February in Porto.

For each of the festivals, the person responsible for the role will have to draw up a communication strategy in line with its activities, plan the actions for its implementation and manage its overall communication budget. The proposals must be aligned with the concept and objectives of each festival, taking into account the growing presence in digital media, in addition to offline media.

The communication coordinator is the spokesperson for the various people with whom the association works directly: suppliers, partners, audiences, film crews, journalists, among others. It is extremely important that this communication is done objectively, inclusively and clearly.

Hiring and coordinating the communications team is also an important responsibility of the communications coordinator, who annually employs people in press office, audiovisuals, digital communications, content, design, photography, videography, among others. The ability to manage people and maintain a good working environment within the teams is extremely important if the festival is to go as planned.

What duties will be carried out?

  • Creation of the communication strategy for the IndieLisboa and IndieJúnior Porto festivals, aligned with their respective objectives, and the planning of the actions to be carried out;
  • Hiring and coordinating the necessary communications team for the respective periods of the year;
  • Implementation of communication campaigns, always considering offline and online media and possible partnerships that may be established;
  • Strategic planning of digital communication on all the platforms on which the festivals are present, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Newsletters, Website, among others;
  • Co-creating a press relations strategy and, at times when there is no one responsible for this, sending out press releases;
  • Managing media and communication partnerships, from sending proposals to executing the partnership and sending reports;
  • Coordination of the creation process (together with the person responsible for design), production and distribution of printed materials;
  • Managing and creating content for the website, social media, app, newsletters and other platforms;
  • Managing the overall communication budget in order to strategically optimise investment;
  • Monitoring campaign data and effects, preparing reports and analysing results;
  • Working together with the festival’s sponsoring team to draw up strategies and action plans for the brands involved.

What’s needed?

  • Like cinema;
  • Working as part of a team;
  • Experience in managing/coordinating teams;
  • Degree in Marketing and/or Communication or experience in this area;
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in online and offline communication (preferably with cultural events);
  • Oral and written fluency in English and Portuguese;
  • Mastery of tools such as WordPress (website), Brevo/Mailchimp (newsletter), Facebook/Instagram; Business, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google Drive/Calendar, among others.


  • Expertise in Adobe Creative Cloud tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign;
  • Knowledge of video editing (Premiere, Final Cut);
  • Curiosity to innovate and discover new platforms, social networks and other forms of communication.

What about conditions?

  • Full-time (40 hours per week), fixed-term contract of 1 year, renewable;
  • Working regime: in person, at the IndieLisboa Cultural Association office, located at Casa do Cinema, Rua da Rosa, n.º 277, 2.º, 1200-385 Lisboa;
  • Monthly salary €1,300;
  • Lunch allowance paid via meal card, holiday and Christmas allowances;
  • Starting date: 2 November 2023;
  • Working tools: office workspace, computer and necessary materials.

Applications will be accepted from September the 13th to the 30th, at 23:59, by sending your CV by email to [email protected] (in the subject line of the email, include the information: Communication Application + Name and Surname). The face-to-face interviews will take place during the month of October and the festival team will have until 31 October to respond to everyone who has applied for the position, regardless of whether or not they have been selected.

The IndieLisboa – Associação Cultural team is available to answer any questions you may have about the recruitment process. They can be clarified by email at [email protected].