These are the Portuguese names in IndieMusic

There are 4 Portuguese titles to discover at IndieMusic 2022. Check them out:

Cesária Évora, by Ana Sofia Fonseca

Ana Sofia Fonseca opens the section with her film Cesária Évora. The documentary offers a new insight into the life of the Cape Verdean singer, an iconic figure who was able to overcome all the conditions that would normally keep her out of the limelight. The story of a black, African woman, over fifty years old and from a poor background, whose only dream was to be free. The film will be shown for the first time in Portugal on the festival’s opening day, April 28th, at 9:30pm, at Culturgest GA. On the following day, April 29th, IndiebyNight proposes the party Bonjour Cize: Festa Cesária Évora, at B.Leza.

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Listening, by Inês Oliveira

On Saturday April 30th, it is time for Inês Oliveira to present Listening. The film, which will premiere worldwide at IndieLisboa, is inspired by the free spirit of Carlos “Zingaro”. It is the voice of this multidisciplinary artist, a pioneer in Portuguese improvisation music, that guides us through his life, analysing choices, consequences and circumstances. The screening will take place at 6pm, at Culturgest GA, followed by a concert, at Átrio CGD, where Carlos “Zingaro” is accompanied by David Alves, Alvaro Rosso and Ulrich Mitzlaff. The film will repeat on May 6th, at 7:15pm, at Sala 3, Cinema São Jorge Cinema.

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Sonosfera Telectu, by Carlos Mendes / Ilda Teresa Castro / Vítor Rua / Vasco Bação

The avant-garde duo Telectu, by Vítor Rua and Jorge Lima Barreto, is presented in Sonosfera Telectu. With the world premiere scheduled for May 5th, the documentary shows the life on the road of the musical group throughout the 80s, 90s and 2000s. A construction based on archive footage, through which the current members of Telectu, Vítor Rua and Ilda Teresa de Castro, elaborate their operatic structure. The film will be shown at 6.45pm, at Culturgest GA. IndiebyNight 2022 agenda ends with a Telectu concert, on May 7th, at Igreja St. George.

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Batida apresenta: The Almost Perfect DJ, by Pedro Coquenão

Pedro Coquenão, also known as Batida, develops a satirical portrait of an (almost) perfect DJ, at a time when dance floors were still taken for granted. Batida presents: The Almost Perfect DJ is a documentary that is also a walk through the alternative music scene of a multicultural Lisbon. The short film can be seen on May 5th, 9:45pm, at Cinema São Jorge, Sala 3, followed by the film Laurent Garnier: Off the Record, by Gabin Rivoire.

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