Mouth of Madness on Spamflix

IndieLisboa and Spamflix joined forces so that you can rewatch three of the Mouth of Madness films on the platform, after their premieres at IndieLisboa.


She Dies Tomorrow, Amy Seimetz | fic., USA, 2020, 86’
IndieLisboa: August 28, 9:45pm, Culturgest – Main Auditorium
Spamflix: Until September 6 (available now)

Kindred, Joe Marcantonio | fic., United Kingdom, 2020, 100
IndieLisboa: August, 6pm, Cinema Ideal – Room 1
Spamflix: September 1 to 6

50 (or Two whales meet at the Beach), Jorge Cuchí | fic., Mexico, 2020, 122’
IndieLisboa: September 6, 10pm, Cinema Ideal – Room 1
Spamflix: September 7 to 10

The films can be watched individually for 3,50€ or in a bundle for 9€, through the Mouth of Madness film pack, available from September 1. After purchased, films are available for 72 hours.

More information on Spamflix.

This Week in IndieLisboa

Some highlights of this week’s programme at IndieLisboa, now at every festival venue with screenings, talks and open air cinema:

The players of the Japanese women’s volleyball team that won the gold medal at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo were known as “The Witches of the Orient”. Even today, they maintain a record of 258 consecutive victories. Now in their seventies, they are reunited on a walk down memory lane, which includes an anime sequence and a playful look, full of pop culture references.
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Fern Silva’s first feature film is an essay-film produced in Hawaii, which mixes cinematographic genres that range from documentary to animation, as well as themes that touch upon astronomy, geology and ethnography. While exploring what unites human beings with the nature that surrounds them and the cosmos that encloses them, this film also looks at the impact of colonialism on that same island.
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A raw documentary about Delphine, a young Cameroonian woman who is carrying a suffering that has sprouted horns. Rosine Mbakam’s camera keeps its eye on Delphine, without looking away or illustrating what she expresses. Cameroonian-born and Belgium-based, Mbakam and her cinema, which has focused on the migrant experience, explore themes such as the weight and dominance of patriarchal societies over African women and the Western culture’s sexual, colonial exploitation.
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Edgar Wright is known for films such as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Baby Driver. Now he presents a documentary about The Sparks, an eclectic and eccentric musical duo who are described as “your favorite band’s favorite band”. To talk about the myth and let the world know about these two brothers, Wright gathers interviews with musicians and comedians, including Beck, Neil Gaiman, Björk, Patton Oswalt, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Jack Antonoff or even Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls).
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A film about and with Matthew Herbert, a British electronic musician and activist. In this documentary, the director accompanies Herbert through his creative process of an idiosyncratic project: writing a book in which each chapter painstakingly describes a piece of music and it’s up to the reader to imagine the symphony.
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