Mouth of Madness on Spamflix

IndieLisboa and Spamflix joined forces so that you can rewatch three of the Mouth of Madness films on the platform, after their premieres at IndieLisboa.


She Dies Tomorrow, Amy Seimetz | fic., USA, 2020, 86’
IndieLisboa: August 28, 9:45pm, Culturgest – Main Auditorium
Spamflix: Until September 6 (available now)

Kindred, Joe Marcantonio | fic., United Kingdom, 2020, 100
IndieLisboa: August, 6pm, Cinema Ideal – Room 1
Spamflix: September 1 to 6

50 (or Two whales meet at the Beach), Jorge Cuchí | fic., Mexico, 2020, 122’
IndieLisboa: September 6, 10pm, Cinema Ideal – Room 1
Spamflix: September 7 to 10

The films can be watched individually for 3,50€ or in a bundle for 9€, through the Mouth of Madness film pack, available from September 1. After purchased, films are available for 72 hours.

More information on Spamflix.

This Week in IndieLisboa

Some highlights of this week’s programme at IndieLisboa, now at every festival venue with screenings, talks and open air cinema:

The players of the Japanese women’s volleyball team that won the gold medal at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo were known as “The Witches of the Orient”. Even today, they maintain a record of 258 consecutive victories. Now in their seventies, they are reunited on a walk down memory lane, which includes an anime sequence and a playful look, full of pop culture references.
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Fern Silva’s first feature film is an essay-film produced in Hawaii, which mixes cinematographic genres that range from documentary to animation, as well as themes that touch upon astronomy, geology and ethnography. While exploring what unites human beings with the nature that surrounds them and the cosmos that encloses them, this film also looks at the impact of colonialism on that same island.
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A raw documentary about Delphine, a young Cameroonian woman who is carrying a suffering that has sprouted horns. Rosine Mbakam’s camera keeps its eye on Delphine, without looking away or illustrating what she expresses. Cameroonian-born and Belgium-based, Mbakam and her cinema, which has focused on the migrant experience, explore themes such as the weight and dominance of patriarchal societies over African women and the Western culture’s sexual, colonial exploitation.
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Edgar Wright is known for films such as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Baby Driver. Now he presents a documentary about The Sparks, an eclectic and eccentric musical duo who are described as “your favorite band’s favorite band”. To talk about the myth and let the world know about these two brothers, Wright gathers interviews with musicians and comedians, including Beck, Neil Gaiman, Björk, Patton Oswalt, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Jack Antonoff or even Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls).
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A film about and with Matthew Herbert, a British electronic musician and activist. In this documentary, the director accompanies Herbert through his creative process of an idiosyncratic project: writing a book in which each chapter painstakingly describes a piece of music and it’s up to the reader to imagine the symphony.
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Open the screening schedule to access the complete programme, or download the official app to keep track of the films you don’t want to miss!
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Betclic Brand New award ceremony

The Betclic Brand New award ceremony will be held Friday September 3, at 18:00, in Fábrica do Pão (Casa do Capitão). The winning film will be screened, as well as the film Rastro by Bruno Ferreira and João Lourenço, co-produced by Betclic.

After the cerimony, there will be a concert by Puçanga, an artist who mixes, in her musical style, dark electronic music, rythm and bass with melodic vocals. At 19:30 at Casa do Capitão’s terrace.

Casa do Capitão
Rua do Grilo 119
1950-146 Lisboa

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> For reservations for the award ceremony, email

Este fim-de-semana no IndieLisboa

A spiritual sequel to a previous film, Forest, a drama made with very little money, populated by amateur actors and characters with different relationships in crisis, composed in a series of vignettes. Here, we see a return to style and genre, with new characters in an equally claustrophobic environment, where Fliegauf explores themes such as abuse, trauma, loss and revenge.
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A film that combines psychological horror with absurd humor. In this film, Amy is a girl who has just bought a house, but is fully convinced that she will die the next day. This is an idea that passes to her friend Jane, after she visits her, and who, in turn, infects other people with the same ominous thought.
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In this film the spotlight is on Shane MacGowan, the leader of the punk Irish band Pogues. MacGowan turned out to be a difficult character to interview, according to the director, but that made room for the film to portray his irreverence and essence, using archival footage and testimonies from people like his sister, Siobhan, his father, Maurice, and Gerry Adams, the former president of the Sinn Féin political party, in inventive and playful ways.
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Samuel G. Barbosa (born in 1981) has a graduate degree in Audiovisual, Arts and Communication by the Escola Superior Artística do Porto, in Portugal, and a master’s degree in Digital Arts, by the École Européenne de L’Image, in France. He is currently developing investigative work in cinema and working on his doctorate degree at the Faculdad de Bellas Artes, in the Universidade de Vigo, in Spain. Around Rocha’s Table is his first film.
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In Granary Squares, our perspective is that of the surveillance camera over a new development in King’s Cross, London. Over the course of an hour, we get closer through this lens to a series of everyday moments lived in the square, in a zoom that keeps narrowing down.
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Open the screening schedule to access the complete programme, or download the official app to keep track of the films you don’t want to miss!

Programa PDF

Workshops & Activities Programme

I Want to Animate! | Flipbook workshop | Conceived and hosted by director Leonor Faria Henriques | 90′ (7+)

Sat. August 21 | 11:30 | Pátio Biblioteca Palácio Galveias | Tickets

Have you ever asked yourself: no, really, how are cartoons made after all? In this activity, you will take your first steps in the magical world of 2D animation! You’ll become a real animator and learn an exercise that any animator has to first learn – animating a bouncing ball. In this workshop, you’ll discover how you can make your animations with a small flipbook and all it’s needed is paper, crayons and little animators, ready to take their first steps into this journey!

* Nothing is Lost, by Leonor Faria Henriques, can be seen in the screening Life is a Surprise (6+).

See the World With the Hands | Body expression workshop | Conceived and hosted by Baileia, artist-educator duo | 50′ (5+) – Children and parents

Sat. August 28 | 15:30 | Pátio Biblioteca Palácio Galveias | Tickets
Sat. August 28 | 15:30 | Pátio Biblioteca Palácio Galveias | Tickets

One day, with one eye closed and the other one open, we discovered that it was possible to touch things that were very far away from us. We could play without touching. We could carry things that were very heavy or even bigger than us. We found out that it was possible to create a whole world around us, with one eye closed and one eye open. Inspired by the film Hello Monsieur*, by Joséphine Gobbi, we invite you to play with perspectives: to see things with eyes anew, to touch tall trees, or even to carry a friend without leaving your seat. All this and lots of dancing, fun and imagination.

*Hello Monsieur, by Joséphine Gobbi, can be seen in the screening The Place of Memories (10+).

Autism: The path towards school and community inclusion | Film + debate | 90’ (10+) – Parents, children and teachers

Thu. September 2 | 18:00 | Biblioteca Palácio Galveias, Sala Polivalente | Sign-up here

What is autism? How can we identify it? How do you approach the issue of “being different” in school today? And aren’t we all, in our genesis, different? With this debate, we want to get to know some of the characteristics that define autism, to understand and deepen the issues faced by people with autism (and other issues), especially at school. The animated film Louis’ shoes* — which delicately deals with the story of a boy who uses his shoes as a way to keep his world in order and to make sense of what he doesn’t understand — will be the starting point for this cinematic debate, alongside a group of special guests representing associations, schools and families who live closely with these issues.

* Louis’ shoes, by Théo Jamin, Kayu Leung, Marion Philippe, Jean-Géraud Blanc, can be seen in the screening The Place of Memories (10+).

No Limits | Plastic Expression workshop – Orfeu Editions* | 45’ (3-8 years) – Children and parents

Sat. September 4 | 17:00 and 18:00 | Pátio Biblioteca Palácio Galveias | Sign-up here

What can that red ball be? A balloon, an apple, a ladybug or just a button? What designs and shapes does the ball hide and how do they reveal themselves? In this workshop, we will have no limits when it comes to creating new ideas and other ways of looking. With paper and scribers, but also scissors and cutouts, let’s explore the enormous potential of a simple ball, be it a dot, a circle or a sphere… Yeah!

*Workshop inspired by the album The Red Ball,by Vanina Starkoff, published in July by Orfeu Negro

I was born, and now what? | Wood workshop | Conceived and hosted by LUZ, inspired by the film Hello World!* | 90′

Sun. September 5 | 15:30 | 3-6 years, parents and children | Pátio Biblioteca Palácio Galveias | Tickets
Sun. September 4 | 17:30 | 6-12 years, children | Pátio Biblioteca Palácio Galveias | Tickets

I was born, what now? Can anyone tell me who I am? Anyone there? Do I live in the world above, below or in the middle? Many strange creatures are born in the water, some are even made of gelatin. On Earth, there are both tiny and giant animals. In the air, they all look like planes! The world is mysterious but WONDERFUL! I’m so eager to find out more. Being born is also discovering others, realizing that even though we’re all so different, we still need everyone here! This workshop begins with a reflection on how we are our own builders of the world, and we’re going to represent biodiversity with the film Hello World!*, by Anne-Lise Koehler and Éric Serre, using wood and small objects collected from nature, directly. We’ll then complete these objects with wood-finishing techniques and with the application of wax or natural oil.

*Hello World, by Anne- Lise Koehler and Éric Serre, can be seen on August 22 and September 4.

IndieJúnior 2021 Complete Programme

This key section of the festival is dedicated to younger viewers. IndieJúnior aims to contribute to the aesthetical and cultural education of children and youngsters through an artistic and playful experience, differentiated from their habitual consumption of moving images, whether on television or in the commercial cinema circuit. Film programming is complemented by a set of workshops, cultural activities and creative spaces especially designed for the little ones and their families.


  • Bom Dia Mundo!, Anne-Lise Koehler, Éric Serre | anim., France, 2019, 61’ (6+)


Lap Cinema (4 – 18 months)

Daydreaming (3+) 

Family Bonds (3+)

Life Is a Surprise (6+)

  • A Fishy Fishing Trip, Fabrice Luang-Vija | anim., France/Belgium, 7′
  • The 7 Kids, Marina Karpova | anim., Russia, 5’
  • Kiki the Feather, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, Julie Rembauville | anim., France, 5’
  • Nothing is Lost, Leonor Faria Henriques | anim., Portugal, 4’
  • Kiko and the Animals, Yawen Zheng | anim., France/Switzerland, 7’
  • Pompier, Yulia Aronova | anim., France, 9′
  • A Tiny Tale, Sylvain Cuvillier, Chloé Bourdic, Théophile Coursimault, Noémie Halberstam, Maÿlis Mosny, Zijing Ye | anim., France, 8’

The Place of Memories (10+)

  • Louis’ Shoes, Jean-Géraud Blanc, Kayu Leung, Marion Philippe, Théo Jamin | anim., France, 5’
  • Sur la dune, Solenne Boisseau, Noémie Da Cruz, Mélanie Schulz | anim., France, 6’
  • Orgiastic Hyper-Plastic, Paul Bush | anim., Denmark, 7’
  • Girlsboysmix, Lara Aerts | doc., The Netherlands, 7′
  • Souvenir, Cristina Vilches Estella, Paloma Canonica | anim., Spain, 14’
  • Hello Monsieur, Joséphine Gobbi | anim., France, 4’

Think, Dream and Fly  (12+)


BetClic Supports IndieLisboa

This year Betclic supports, for the first time, the Best International Short Film Award and the Brand New Award, which marks the arrival of new talents. In addition to the prize, Betclic will invite the winner of the Brand New section to co-create content aimed at new media channels.

IndieLisboa supports voices on the rise in the Portuguese context, and it is this sense that this partnership is established with a brand that has been investing in content creation. For Miguel Domingues, Betclic’s Communication Director, “It is a joy to see the brand going through a different and innovative path. 2021 marks our entry into content production with the premiere of Rastro. It gives me particular satisfaction to see how such a special and impactful sustainability project in sport, such as ‘Futebol Bonito’ gave birth to a short film that has already been chosen to represent Portugal in the biggest and best short film festivals in the world. From this new partnership and content creation, we expect even more and better”.

LisbonTalks Universidade Lusófona and Industry Screenings

LisbonTalks Universidade Lusófona have started, with a programme that will be held mostly online. On this edition, dedicated to promotion, distribution and film exhibition in Portugal, only the talks around director Sarah Maldoror’s work will happen in person. Unless otherwise stated, registration is not required and access is free.

POSTPONED:September 2 at 17:00 |
online via Facebook
The popularity of streaming services has been destroying the “home cinema” market. However, the desire to own the media that one consumes has led to the boom of the vinyl record and film collecting, particularly special boutique editions. It would not be a finished conversation without talking about piracy and film sharing in circles of cinephilia. One has to have taste, and good taste.

Moderated by: Ricardo Vieira Lisboa

With: Pip Chodorov, Adrian Martin
Anette Dujisin

August 31 at 17:00 | online via Facebook
Art house theatres and the work of film clubs and festivals as alternative exhibition circuits are important for the films they show, both for the audiences they create and nurture and for the inherent dynamization of the areas where they are located. There has never been a greater need for these kinds of theatres than now. How can this expansion be carried through? We will explore spaces in the European context and take the pulse of Portuguese theaters.

Moderated by: José Manuel Damásio

With: Candela Varas,
Pedro Borges, Ramiro Ledo

September 2 at 17:00 | online via Zoom/ Mário Soares and Maria Barroso Foundation Gardens
The roundtable Négritude, identities and human rights, promoted by the Mário Soares and Maria Barroso Foundation, recalls structuring topics in Sarah Maldoror’s cinematographic work to discuss the issues of racism and discrimination in Portugal, the hate speeches, the colonial heritage and inequalities in access to democratic participation.
Capacity at Mário Soares and Maria Barroso Foundation Gardens: 25 people

Moderated by: Fernanda Rollo

With: Bruno Sena Martins,
Jorge Vala, Annouchka de Andrade

Explore the documentation that can be found at the Mário Soares e Maria Barroso Foundation, on the life and career of Sarah Maldoror, here.


SARAH MALDOROR’S CINEMA with Annouchka de Andrade
September 3 at 18:00 | Cinemateca Portuguesa Terrace
A roundtable around IndieLisboa 2021’s retrospective. Based on Maldoror’s work, we will reassess and continue her political, social and ethnographic study. Decisive work in the struggles against colonialism and revolutionary movements that aimed to promote black culture. Now more than ever, the previously filmed and discussed topics are still unresolved.

With: Annouchka de Andrade, Maria do Carmo Piçarra,
Marta Lança, Raquel Schefer, Joana Ascensão

September 4 at 17:00
| Online via Facebook
In 2020, the most discussed and awarded films, nationally and overseas, were directed by two women: Ana Rocha de Sousa’s Listen and Catarina Vasconcelos’ The Metamorphosis of Birds. The Three Female Directorsprogram with films by Sofia Bost, Mariana Gaivão and Leonor Teles and the features Amor Fati by Cláudia Varejão and Listen welcomed the Portuguese audience back to the theaters. It is necessary to keep on working and showcasing the cinema made by women in Portugal.

Moderated by: Mariana Liz

Com: Anastasia Lukovnikova,
Susana Nobre, Tota Alves, Filipa Reis

September 5 at 17:00 | Online via Facebook
There is without a doubt, a challenge in distributing and selling short films and taking them to other audiences that are not the festival-goers, but recent cases in Portugal prove otherwise. We’re talking about the 2017 program Three New Portuguese Shorts and the most recent, Three Female Directors which is being shown outside our country. What future might short films have after or even during their festival run?

Moderated by: Ana David

With: Michiel Philippaerts,
Catherine Colas, Wouter Jansen


The Lisbon Screenings and the Portuguese Film Fund, portuguese film screenings for international professionals, are currently happening. The feature films Around Rocha’s Table by Samuel Barbosa and Granary Squares by Gonçalo Lamas (world premiere) are also part of the festival’s programme. The short films Blindman’s Buff by Tomás Paula Marques, What Remains by Daniel Soares and Sleep Tight by Catarina Ruivo will have their world premieres in this edition’s National Competition.


Tomorrow at 14:00 the first Portuguese Film Fund & PLOT pitching session will be held. Registration is required and the session is open to all industry professionals, with or without accreditation.

The Portuguese Film Fund award cerimony takes place this tuesday, August 31, at 17:30 in Bblioteca Palácio Galveias. The jury is composed of musician Salvador Sobral,  Jeonju Festival programmer Sung Moon, and the artistic director of the Vienna Shorts Film Festival, Daniel Ebner.

Open Air Cinema

This year, the open air screenings return to Cinemateca’s terrace and to Biblioteca Palácio Galveias’ garden. Films from sections such as Director’s Cut, Retrospective, IndieJúnior or even International Competition can be seen under the moonlight.

Cinemateca | Terrace Screenings

Watching the Detectives | Chris Kennedy + Forensickness | Chloé Galibert-Laîné | Director’s Cut

Watching the Detectives, Chris Kennedy | exp., 2017, 36′
A film that illuminates the ways in which real investigations in virtual communities are carried out, such as on reddit or 4chan, exemplified by the events that followed the tragedy of the Boston Marathon in 2013, through the possibilities of crowdsourcing.

Forensickness, Chloé Galibert-Laîné | doc., 2020, 40′
Chloé Galibert-Laîné analyzes Chris Kennedy’s Watching the Detectives and the content produced after the Boston attacks. At the same time, Galibert-Laîné uses Structuralism, film editing and her academic language in her own investigation.

Mon. 21:30 | August 23

Tabu: A Story of the South Seas | F.W. Murnau | Director’s Cut In Context

The last film by German director F.W. Murnau, it was produced by Robert Flaherty, in turn responsible for Nanook of the North (1922), the first successful feature-length documentary in American cinemas. This film is divided into two parts, “Paradise” and “Paradise Lost”, showing the experience of a couple on a Polynesian island, colonized and explored by western France.

Tue. 21:30 | August 24 | Tickets

Blood | Pedro Costa | Director’s Cut In Context

The Portuguese director’s first feature film points to a palimpsest of cinephile references that never cloud Pedro Costa’s authorial imprint. In this film, Vicente and Nino’s life becomes even more unmoored after the abandonment of their father. Clara tries to help them, but it’s a world where survival is a constant struggle. With Pedro Hestnes, Nuno Ferreira and Inês de Medeiros.

Wed. 21:30 | August 25 | Tickets

Silver River | Raoul Walsh | Director’s In Context

A western with Errol Flynn and Ann Sheridan that tells the story of the soldier Mike McComb, the determined Georgia Moore and Silver City, where McComb opens a thriving saloon. The film, based on a story by Stephen Longstreet, is known for not having an ending — declared as finished by the studio before it was completed, due to the bad behavior of its stars that led to increased production costs.

Thu. 21:30 | August 26 | Tickets

Hopper/Welles | Orson Welles | Director’s Cut

Filip Jan Rymsza, who had already produced The Other Side of the Wind – A Welles film kept in a shelf for 40 years and released in 2018 – returns with this conversation between two magisterial figures of American cinema, filmed in 1970. In the two hours of this visual document unknown until now, the two directors vividly debate, questioning the nature of their work and violence in the United States, among other topics. A historical record.

Fri. 21:30 | August 27 | Tickets
Tue. 21:30 | August 31 | Tickets

The Green Years | Paulo Rocha | Director’s Cut In Context

A classic of Portuguese cinema that marks the emergence of Paulo Rocha and the New Cinema wave. Júlio (Rui Gomes) and Ilda (Isabel Ruth), two working-class youngsters trying to make it in Lisbon, will see their relationship marked by tragedy.

Sat. 21:30 | August 28 | Tickets

Around Rocha’s Table | Samuel Barbosa | Director’s Cut

A classic of Portuguese cinema that marks the emergence of Paulo Rocha and the New Cinema wave. Júlio (Rui Gomes) and Ilda (Isabel Ruth), two working-class youngsters trying to make it in Lisbon, will see their relationship marked by tragedy.

Mon. 21:30 | August 30 | Tickets

Sarah Maldoror 4, 80′ | Retrospective

À Bissau, le carnaval, Sarah Maldoror | doc., 1980, 18′
Cap-Vert, un Carnaval dans le Sahel, Sarah Maldoror | doc., 1979, 28′
Fogo, l’île de feu, Sarah Maldoror | 1979, 34′

Thu. 21:30 | September 2 | Tickets

Sarah Maldoror 6, 83′ | Retrospective

L’Hôpital de Leningrad, Sarah Maldoror | fic., 1982, 59′
Vlady, Sarah Maldoror | doc., 1989, 24′

Fri. 21:30 | September 3

Le Passager du Tassili | Sarah Maldoror | Retrospective

A telefilm that faithfully adapts Akli Tadjer’s novel, Les A.N.I du Tassili — “unidentified Algerians”, indicates, the acronym. Like the book, the film follows an Algerian who grew up in France, but will visit the birthplace. He eventually returns, along with the ANI returning from their vacations to go back to the Parisian banlieues, happy to be there.

Sat. 21:30 | September 4 | Tickets

Sarah Maldoror 10 – Retratos de Artistas, 62′ | Retrospective

Ana Mercedes Hoyos, Sarah Maldoror | doc., 2008, 13′
La Tribu du Bois de L’É, Sarah Maldoror | doc., 1997, 12′
Miró, Sarah Maldoror | doc., 1979, 5′
Wifredo Lam, Sarah Maldoror | doc., 1980, 4′
Alberto Carlisky, Sarah Maldoror | doc., 1980, 4′
Vlady, Sarah Maldoror | doc., 1989, 24′

Mon. 21:30 | Septembter 6 | Tickets

Biblioteca Palácio Galveias | Garden Screenings

Shiva Baby | Emma Seligman | International Competition

Shiva is a weeklong period of mourning for the Jewish religion and also an opportunity to honor those who have passed away as well as their family. This acerbic comedy puts a young Jewish woman in the thankless position of having to face the most claustrophobic shiva possible, where she finds herself confronted with an ex-girlfriend, a secret sugar daddy and multiple snooping relatives.

Wed. 21:15 | August 25 | Tickets

Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn | Radu Jude | Silvestre

A satire of the global pandemic that we still live in. This film begins with a sex tape that goes awry. At stake is the life and career of Emi, a teacher who is forced by her students’ parents to resign. However, Emi refuses. Recommended for those who enjoy transgressive cinematic experiences – in the best sense.

Thu. 21:15 | August 26 | Tickets

The Nowhere Inn | Bill Benz | IndieMusic

Bill Benz, in his first feature film, reunites with Carrie Brownstein (from the band Sleater-Kinney), with whom he worked on the comedy she created with Fred Armisen (Saturday Night Live), Portlandia. Brownstein is the author of the script alongside Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent. The idea, in this mockumentary psychological thriller, is to explore who the “real Annie” is through the eyes of her best friend, Carrie.

Fri. 21:15 | August 27 | Tickets

Family Ties, 53′ | (3+) Whole Family | IndieJúnior

A screening with ten short films created to entertain the whole family!

Sat. 21:15 | August 28 | Tickets

Poly Styrene: I am a Cliché | Celeste Bell, Paul Sng | IndieMusic

Poly Styrene, from the English band X-Ray Spex, saw the Sex Pistols in 1976 and converted to punk rock. This film, directed by Paul Sng and the singer’s daughter, Celeste Bell, portrays a musical icon who has become a key inspiration for the riot grrrl and Afropunk movements, having revolted against the racist, sexist and oppressive structures in England, at the end of the 20th century. The opposite of a cliché.

Sun. 21:15 | August 29 | Tickets

The Witches of the Orient | Julien Faraut | International Competition

As mulheres da equipa feminina de vólei japonesa que ganhou a medalha de ouro nos Jogos Olímpicos de 1964, em Tóquio, eram conhecidas como “As Bruxas do Oriente”. Ainda hoje mantêm um recorde de 258 vitórias consecutivas. Agora, nos seus setenta anos, reencontram-se num passeio por memórias, com direito a sequência de anime e um olhar brincalhão, repleto de referências pop.

Wed. 21:15 | September 1 | Tickets

Mouth of Madness Shorts, 93′ | Mouth of Madness

Rendang of Death, Percolate Galactic | anim., 2020, 7′
Flick, Ariel Zengotita | fic., 2020, 10′
A Stranger from the Past, Jan Verdijk | fic., 2020, 5′
The Thing that Ate the Birds, Dan Gitsham/Sophie Mair | fic., 2021, 12′
Wood Child and Hidden Forest Mother, Stephen Irwin | anim., 2020, 9′
Survivers, Carlos Gómez-Trigo | fic., 2020, 6′
T’es morte Hélène, Michiel Blanchart | fic., 2020, 24′
Flex, David Strindberg/Josefin Malmen | fic., 2020, 4′
Bobby Pinwheel, Rob Kleinschmidt | anim., 2020, 4′
Metube 3: August Sings “Une Furtiva Lagrima”, Daniel Moshel | fic., 2020, 10′

Thu. 21:15 | September 2 | Tickets

Ney under the skin | Felipe Nepomuceno | IndieMusic

Anthological documentary that traces the impact of the music, performances and ideas by Brazilian singer Ney Matogrosso, from the second half of the twentieth century, through archival footage of his concerts and interviews over the decades.

Fri. 21:15 | September 3 | Tickets

Hello World! | Anne-Lise Koehler, Éric Serre | 6+ | IndieJúnior

“What happened? – “You were just born”. “And where did I come from?” – “From an egg”. “And before that?” – “From a bird”. “And before that?”
For several brand new, just-hatched animals of different species – such as the owl, the turtle, the salamander or the beaver – the world is a fresh and mysterious place, with all its magic and danger, ready to be discovered.

Sat. 21:15 | September 4 | Tickets

Delphine’s Prayers | Rosine Mbakam | International Competition

A raw documentary about Delphine, a young Cameroonian woman who is carrying a suffering that has sprouted horns. Rosine Mbakam’s camera keeps its eye on Delphine, without looking away or illustrating what she expresses. Cameroonian-born and Belgium-based, Mbakam and her cinema, which has focused on the migrant experience, explore themes such as the weight and dominance of patriarchal societies over African women and the Western culture’s sexual, colonial exploitation.

Sun. 21:15 | September 5 | Tickets

IndieLisboa’s 18th Edition has started

The first weekend of IndieLisboa started with a full house for both the Opening Session (Summer of Soul by Questlove) and the first Mouth of Madness Shorts screening, at Cinema São Jorge. There was also Lap Cinema, screenings for the younger ones and a workshop in Biblioteca Palácio Galveias’ garden. This week we continue at Cinema São Jorge, and the first Cinemateca and Cinema Ideal screenings will happen, as well as Open Air Cinema in Cinemateca’s terrace and in Biblioteca Palácio Galveias’ garden – starting this wednesday.

To be seen on the next days:

TheLisbon Screenings, private screenings aimed towards the industry, start this wednesday.

“Ready for the revolution?” – The Sarah Maldoror Retrospective in IndieLisboa 2021

“Ready for the Revolution?” was the greeting the filmmaker and poet used to answer the phone until the 70s, according to the testimony of her daughter Henda Ducados. The same question should be asked now, in this opportunity to see that same voice being raised in a retrospective: the first one about the filmmaker in Portugal, co-presented by IndieLisboa and Cinemateca Portuguesa.

Sarah Maldoror was not only one of the first women to wield a camera and transform African cinema from then on, but a matriarch who did it to fight oppression. We now bring her work to the big screen compiled in 43 films (3 features and 40 short films) – some of them believed to be lost – and 5 films that contextualise the director’s work. To be seen from September 1 to 8 in Cinemateca’s Felix Ribeiro Room and at the Terrace.

Maldoror was born in Gers, in the south of France, from a  Guadeloupean father and a French mother. Her work’s militant and political dimension appeared from a very young age when she decided to change her original surname Ducados for Maldoror, inspired by Lautréamont’s Les Chants de Maldoror, where the author describes the worst of what human beings are capable of. From this rebellion appears a pseudonym that articulates an anti-colonialist, pan-African and feminist discourse, attentive to the legacies of negritude in artistic and cinematographic production. From her first work Monangambée (1969)*,  a vehicle for denouncing the crimes committed by colonising Portugal in Angola, to Sambizanga (1973), a testimony to the liberation of the country, the fingerprint of her political cinema is quickly canonised. The latter – Sambizanga – will be screened in a newly restored copy, recently premiered at the Il Cinema Ritrovato festival.

From then on, she affirmed the negritude movement and thus spread black culture, along with her companion Mário Pinto de Andrade, Angolan poet, Pan-Africanism thinker and founder of the Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (MPLA). A diversified group of films let the affirmation of blackness pass through, as in Et Les Chiens Se Taiseient (1978); and others look at black identity and culture after the independence of their territories – À Bissau, Le Carnaval (1980), Cap-Vert, Un Carnaval Dans Le Sahel (1979), Fogo, L’Île De Feu (1979) – and the Parisian psychogeographies of migrant experiences – Un Dessert Pour Constance (1980), Scala Milan A. C. (2003), Le Passager du Tassili (1986), among others.

The retrospective also brings together numerous portraits of artists, writers, directors or singers, who look at Maldoror’s work as a collection of inspiration and sowing of awareness. It is important to mention the central figure of the activist poet Aimé Césaire, present in at least three films, as well as the poets Louis Aragon, Léopold Sédar Senghor, Édouard Glissant, Léon G. Damas, the painter Joan Miró, among others.

Another presented branch gives voice to black women in profoundly anti-racist films that exude solidarity. From Portrait D’Une Femme Africaine (1985), Écrivain Public (1985), to Point Virgule (1986), Premiére Recontre Internationale des Femmes Noires (1986) or Assia Djebar (1987).

On the other side of the spectrum, one looks at her work through authors such as Chris Marker, William Klein, Anne-Laure Folly, or Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnec – this last film, Préface à Des Fusils Pour Banta (2011) is an elegy to Sarah Maldoror’s lost film, Des Fusils Pour Banta (1970), which focused on a woman involved in the fight for Guinea and Cape Verde’s independence.

> The Italian militant photographer Augusta Conchiglia will be present at the session on September 8, at 15:30, for Monangambée‘s second screening at the festival, invited by Maria do Carmo Piçarra and ICNOVA-FSCH.

> Sarah Maldoror’s daughterAnnouchka de Andrade will be present in Lisbon during the retrospective.

> Programme | Sarah Maldoror retrospective
> Sarah Maldoror Collection


IndieLisboa 2021 Warm-Up Party

Next Friday, August 13, we will join Casa do Capitão and prepare for the beginning of another edition of the festival. Starting at 18:30 with two concerts by Solar Corona and First Breath After Coma and, to wind up, a DJ Set by the IndieMusic Programmers and Cláudia Guerreiro, Linda Martini’s bass player.

Solar Corona Elektrische Maschine is a multiform rock music collective from Barcelos. In this concert, the group replaces drums, guitar and amplifiers with electronic instruments. Those are the new percussions and amplification methods that will fill Casa do Capitão’s Terrace at 18:30. They are also present in Caudal, Luís Sobreiro’s documentary that registers the band’s return on stage, after a year of interruption due to the pandemic, in what is an “unrepeatable concert”, in programmer Helena César’s words. A world premiere in competition in this year’s IndieMusic section.

Meanwhile, at Fábrica do Pão (access through the Casa do Capitão entrance at Rua do Grilo, 119), at 19:30, the second phase of this warm-up begins with a concert by the Leiria group First Breath After Coma. One of the most represented bands in the Portuguese indie music scene, they were the foundation of Tiago Gomes’ We Were Floating High, another world premiere in competition, and in which they see themselves followed by a film crew during a very busy 2019, with concerts and collaborations.

As the night falls, and between 20:30 and 23:00 on the terrace of Casa Capitão, there will be a DJ set by IndieMusic’s four programmers – Carlos Ramos, Filipa Henriques, Helena César and Mário Lopes – who also invite Cláudia Guerreiro, bassist of the band Linda Martini, who is part of the IndieMusic jury this year. Together, they will mirror the festival’s programme with a DJ set that will ignite the celebration of one of the festival’s most exciting sections. After 23:00, the party goes on with IndieMusic’s playlist, a sample of the several bands and artists present in the national and international films IndieMusic has to offer this year.

Full IndieMusic Programme

>Event – First Breath After Coma Concert
>Event – Solar Corona Concert
> Event – DJ Set

Information and tickets available here.

IndieLisboa 2021 Box Offices Open

The year is 2021 and the edition the 18th. 
We celebrate the coming of age of Lisbon’s most independent crow with over 270 films ready to leave their mark. 

The full programme can now be found online, by films, screenings or sessions, or through the PDF programme. Tickets are available on Ticketline and festival’s box offices. 



IndieLisboa 2021: from August 21 to September 6 at Culturgest, Cinema São Jorge, Cinema Ideal, Cinemateca Portuguesa and Biblioteca Palácio Galveias, there’s films, open-air cinema, workshops and talks at LisbonTalks Universidade Lusófona, cinema for the younger at IndieJúnior, a retrospective of Sarah Maldoror’s work, and much more! 

IndieLisboa’s 18th Edition Full Programme Unveiled

A little less than a month from the beginning of yet another edition of IndieLisboa the full programme is now unveiled. There will be 276 films in 9 sections and special screenings that will make up for this 18th edition, the second year in a row taking place in the middle of summer,  from August 21 to  September 6.

In a year as important as this one, with the festival reaching adulthood, IndieLisboa returns to the theatres affirming the promotion of voices that cross over its sections,  languages. The open-air cinema sessions are also back this year, adding to the usual festival venues – Cinema São Jorge, Culturgest, Cinema Ideal and Cinemateca Portuguesa – the Jardim Biblioteca Palácio Galveias, where we can watch cinema on a screen with the sky as its background. Also at the Cinemateca’s Terrace, which will remain open during the month of August,  films can be watched almost every night.

From the retrospective of filmmaker and poet Sarah Maldoror’s masterful body of work,  pioneer of African cinema, to the expansive imaginary perpetuated in IndieJúnior and through films to be watched on warm nights illuminated by the last quarter moon in Mouth of Madness, the festival always celebrates the most distinct of gazes, engaging them in conversation. The same can be said of this year’s National Competition. There are 4 feature films and 19 short films. On the one hand, there are young and irreverent viewpoints, on the other, there’s the affirmation of talent.

In the feature films, we can find Granary Squares, the first feature film of Gonçalo Lamas, a world premiere of a documentary that attempts to test structuralist film tropes with digital means,  through the meandering gaze of a made-up surveillance camera into the heart of London’s revamped King’s Cross district. Rock Bottom Riser, a vibrant film-essay, follows along. Created with images of a volcano in Hawaii, it touches upon themes such as geology, ethnography and astronomy. The first feature film of the Luso-American Fern Silva, which enchanted the Berlinale,  the IFFR and came out winning a prize at Cinéma du Réel. The filmmaker’s work had already been in competition at IndieLisboa with his short film Notes from a Bastard Child. Also a first feature film, Simon Calls, by Marta Sousa Ribeiro, explores the labyrinth that is adolescence,  and the emotional frustration that goes alongside it, felt within the film’s temporal management. It had its world premiere at the last edition of San Sebastián’s Festival.  Completing this selection of daring, but felt gazes, we find Jack’s Ride, by the prodigious Susana  Nobre, a kind of road movie, where we meet a 60-year-old man, a former emigrant one step away from retirement, but bound to respect his employment centre’s red tape so that he can be covered by the government’s benefits. Behind the wheel of a taxi, and after coming back from the USA, he comes across a democratic Portugal, post-Carnation Revolution. It was one of the most celebrated films at the last Berlinale’s Forum section.

In the short films – 13 with world premieres –, a game of references and a tribute to director  Jacques Demy stands out in Um Quarto na Cidade, by João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui  Guerra da Mata; a delicate film about the touching connection between grandmother and  grandson in Boa Noite, by Catarina Ruivo; the beautiful Transportation Procedures for Lovers,  by Helena Estrela, a synesthetic experience that mediates on what are the best methods of getting closer to those you love; a kaleidoscopic film about what it is to look in 13 Ways of  Looking at a Blackbird, by Ana Vaz; the much celebrated, profoundly shocking The Shiftby  Laura Carreira, winner of the Venice Short Film Nomination for the European Film Awards  2020, and Tracing Utopia, by Catarina de Sousa and Nick Tyson, a virtual journey through the dreams and desires of a group of queer teenagers from New York. There are also fun proposals by Diogo Lima, Os Últimos Dias de Emanuel Raposo, a mockumentary about a fictitious presenter of the Azorean television, Garças, a film about a girl’s life after a painful nose operation, by Gabriela Nemésio Nobre, or even still a journey inside the rural landscape of  Portugal by Daniel Soares, in What Remains, among so many others.

Also to be disclosed is the programme of the section Brand New, which shows the first steps of young filmmakers. 13 films within the realms of not only documentary,  fiction, animation but also experimental cinema. Miraflores, by Rodrigo Braz Teixeira,  an analysis of innocence and what will come in the future, Party Tattoos, a documentary by Teresa  Sandman in the first-person that focuses on the celebration of past birthdays, Azul e Prata, by  João Coroa Justino, a film that is the culmination of seven years of filming, capturing the details and the big picture, and creating from there a symphony of images, and Noctur, by Ana Vala,  in which a camera that wanders the urban streets at night gives out an alien quality to the shown territory.

Closer attention should be given to this year’s special sessions:

This year’s opening film, shown on August 21 in the Manoel de Oliveira screening room at  Cinema São Jorge, will kickstart the new edition of the festival under the sign of Summer of  Soul (…Or, When The Revolution Could Not Be Televised), the portentous documentary directed by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, known as the drummer for The Roots, about a forgotten  1969 music festival. A cultural Harlem, a black Woodstock. And a felt see-you-later after one more edition, with two almost simultaneous sessions of Paraíso, Sérgio Tréfaut’s most recent film, shown on September 6 at the Culturgest, a film that pays tribute to a group of elderly people who used to meet up every day at the public gardens of the Palácio do Catete, in Rio de  Janeiro, an activity that was forcefully stopped by the coronavirus pandemic. There’s a  documentary about the figure of Nuno Portas, one of the great Portuguese urban planners – The City of Nuno Portas, by Teresa Prata and Humberto Kzure -, a look at the intimate writing  of the artist couple Maria Helena Vieira da Silva and Árpád Szenes – Vieirapad, by João Mário  Grilo -, a meeting between the artist Welket Bungué and Joacine Katar Moreira, an  independent parliamentary member – Upheaval, directed by actor Welket Bungué -, and Princípio, o Meio, o Fim e o Infinito, a film by Pedro Coquenão, a multidisciplinary artist – signs with the name Batida – where he places two beings, with faces wrapped in gauze and clearly out of their own Time and Space, reflecting about colonialism, social inequality and other key topics.

It’s equally important to highlight the 5L and Cinema Programme, the result of a partnership  with the new Literary Festival of the city of Lisbon, Lisboa 5L, that puts together five films,  masterpieces of cinema, wherein the adaptation, interpretation, transformation or  documentation of the five literary dimensions are presented within the cinematic realm. 2001:  A Space Odyssey, by Stanley Kubrick, is a tale. The Color of Pomegranates, by Sergei Parajanov,  poetry. Henry IV, by Marco Bellocchio, theatre. Fahrenheit 451, by François Truffaut, a  romance. Death in Venice, by Luchino Visconti, a novel.

In what it comes to the activities aimed exclusively at professionals, the Lisbon Screenings programme is announced, sessions where new just finished or yet to be finished Portuguese films are currently looking for a world or international premiere. In the new features, there are  films by Inês Oliveira, Ana Sofia Fonseca e José Filipe Costa. In the shorts, there are films by  Diogo Baldaia, Ágata de Pinho, Falcão Nhaga, José Manuel Fernances, Pedro Neves Marques,  among others.

Of the projects that have found a world or international premiere last year at the Lisbon  Screenings are the feature films A Távola de Rocha, by Samuel Barbosa, which will have its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival, in the Histoire (s) du Cinéma, and will be a part of this year’s programme, in the Director’s Cut section, and Granary Squares, by  Gonçalo Lamas, world premiere at this year’s IndieLisboa’s National Competition. Among the short films, Boa Noite, by Catarina Ruivo, Cabra Cega, by Tomás Paula Marques, and What  Remains by Daniel Soares, that will have their world premieres at this year’s IndieLisboa’s  National Competition.

Lisbon Screenings are an organization of Portugal Film – International Agency of Portuguese Cinema, and are held during IndieLisboa.

The festival will continue until September 8 with additional sessions at Cinema Ideal, where award-winning film sessions will take place, and at the Cinemateca Portuguesa, with film screenings belonging to the retrospective of Sarah Maldoror.

Full programme and tickets will be available from August 5 onward.

Images: Jack’s Ride, by Susana Nobre Rock Bottom Riser, by Fern Silva Paraíso, by Sérgio Tréfaut Boa Noite, by Catarina Ruivo

The Industry Programme for IndieLisboa 2021 is now announced

IndieLisboa’s industry activities are dedicated to introducing and supporting new Portuguese films and projects of all genres and formats.

In 2021, while the festival takes place in the theatres across the city of Lisbon, the professional platform will be held entirely online for the second consecutive year, from August 25 to 27.
Every year, the latest films, currently in post-production, are exclusively presented to an audience of film professionals invited for the Lisbon Screenings and the Portuguese Film Fund, alongside a selected group of projects in development presented in the PLOT section, the professional script lab that returns to the Industry programme this year.


The Lisbon Screenings, promoted by Portugal Film – Portuguese International Film Agency, aim at introducing a curated selection of new Portuguese films, currently looking for a world, international or national premiere. Bringing together under the same virtual roof films, producers, directors and international decision makers, these screenings present a selection of recent films, short and feature films, to directors and festival programmers, sales agents, national and international distributors, invited exclusively for this purpose.
The film selection will be announced on August 3.


The Portuguese Film Fund, created in 2011, is a complementary tool of support to the post-production of Portuguese films. The teams of the ten selected projects will pitch them before an international jury that will help define the winners of the prizes at stake, namely: financial support of €1.500 (Escola das Artes, Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Porto), sound post-production services (Digital Mix Música e Imagem), €6.000 for the creation of an original soundtrack (Fundação GDA), and image post-production services (The Yellow Color).
> Full programme here


The 6th edition of the PLOT – Professional Script Lab, once again a partnership between Squatter Factory and IndieLisboa, presents six feature film fiction projects, coming from Portugal, Argentina, Brazil and Spain. The filmmakers will have the chance to broaden their narrative skills and enhance their creative voice, under the mentorship of Ada Solomon, romanian producer, Anna Ciennik, french script doctor, Marcelo Gomes, brazilian filmmaker, Marika Kozlovska, international marketing adviser, and Affonso Gonçalves, brazilian editor:

Both the Portuguese Film Fund as well as the PLOT participants’ work will culminate in a pitching session taking place on August 27 at 2pm (local time) via Zoom. The pitch is open to all professionals interested upon registration and does not require industry accreditation.
> Full programme here


Lastly, the LisbonTalks, with the support of the Universidade Lusófona, round up the programme for this online edition, with talks around Portuguese cinema and the festival’s focuses and retrospectives. The conversations will take place from August 30 until September 5, having as their main common theme this year the promotion, distribution and film exhibition in Portugal.

The only in-person events will be the two discussions inspired by the work of subversive filmmaker Sarah Maldoror, who is this year’s highlight in the festival’s retrospective. Namely, the round table Négritude, identities and human rights, organized by the Fundação Mário Soares e Maria Barroso, taking place on September 2 at 5pm, at the gardens of the Fundação and the talk Sarah Maldoror’s Cinema, with Annouchka de Andrade, on September 3 at 6pm, at the Cinemateca Portuguesa’s terrace.