The Portuguese films selected to IndieLisboa 2020

With most of our program already announced on last April 30th, now we announce the national productions selected for the 17th edition of the festival, as part of the National Competition and the Brand New section. The sales for the Early Bird vouchers are also available to the audience starting today. From August 25th to September 5th, IndieLisboa returns to its usual venues with the best and latest national and international cinema.

The National Competition, one of the most expected by the audience, presents, for now, five features and 17 shorts. The feature film competition is comprised of A Metamorfose dos Pássaros / The Metamorphosis of Birds, the first feature by Catarina Vasconcelos, screened this year at the Berlinale; O Fim do Mundo, by Basil da Cunha, premiered in 2019 in Locarno, and the world premieres of the documentaries Ana e Maurizio, by Catarina Mourão and Entre Leiras / The Life We Know, by Cláudia Ribeiro, and of the fiction A Arte de Morrer Longe / The Art of Dying Afar, by Júlio Alves.

 In the short film competition, as usual a section gathering many emerging voices from Portuguese cinema, we specially highlight O Cordeiro de Deus / The Lamb of God, by David Pinheiro Vicente, selected to this year’s Cannes short competition; A Mordida / The Bite, by Pedro Neves Marques, premiered in Toronto last year; Bustarenga, by Ana Maria Gomes, and the world premieres of Corte, by Afonso and Bernardo Rapazote, Errar a Noite / Nightender, by Flávio Gonçalves, and Mesa, by João Fazenda.

The Brand New section, which presents works by young filmmakers who are taking their first steps, sees the national premiere of La Leyenda Negra, by Patricia Vidal Delgado, the first feature film by a Portuguese female director to be shown at Sundance, in addition to 13 shorts of new voices, such as Gonçalo Pina with À Tarde, Sob o Sol, João Gonzalez with Nestor, Camila Vale with Selvajaria, among many others.

The sales of the Early Bird 10-tickets packs are now open for just € 25. From the 23rd of June to the 23rd of July, 100 10-tickets packs will be available for this special price – each ticket costs € 2.50. More information at

The full program for IndieLisboa 2020 will be available at the end of July on the official website and mobile app of the festival, announcing new titles and details regarding Special Screenings, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, parallel activities and industry events.

List of films announced (more titles to be announced soon):


Ana e Maurizio, Catarina Mourão, doc., Portugal, 2020, 64′ – World premiere
A Arte de Morrer Longe / The Art of Dying Afar, Júlio Alves, fic., Portugal, 2020, 87′ – World premiere
Entre Leiras / The Life We Know, Cláudia Ribeiro, doc., Portugal, 2020, 82′ – World premiere
O Fim do Mundo, Basil da Cunha, fic., Switzerland/Portugal, 2019, 107′ – National  premiere
A Metamorfose dos Pássaros / The Metamorphosis of Birds, Catarina Vasconcelos, doc/fic., Portugal, 2020, 101′ – National premiere 

Bustarenga, Ana Maria Gomes, doc., Portugal, 2019, 35′
Carnage, Francisco Valente, doc., Portugal, 2020, 9′
A Chuva Acalanta a Dor / Rain Hums a Lullaby to Pain, Leonardo Mouramateus, fic., Portugal/Brazil, 2020, 28′
Corte, Afonso Rapazote/Bernardo Rapazote, fic., Portugal, 2020, 28′
O Cordeiro de Deus / The Lamb of God, David Pinheiro Vicente, fic., Portugal, 2020, 15”
A Dança do Cipreste / The Cypress Dance, Mariana Caló/Francisco Queimadela, exp/doc., Portugal, 2020, 37′
Errar a Noite / Nightender, Flávio Gonçalves, fic., Portugal, 2020, 28′
Meine Liebe, Clara Jost, exp., Portugal, 2020, 6′
Mesa, João Fazenda, anim., Portugal, 2020, 7′
Moço, Bernardo Lopes, fic., Portugal, 2020, 13′
A Mordida / The Bite, Pedro Neves Marques, fic., Brazil/Portugal, 2019, 26′
Parto sem dor, Maria Mire, exp/doc., Portugal, 2020, 22′
A Rainha, Lúcia Pires, fic., Portugal, 2020, 17′
Regada, Francisco Janes, exp/doc., Portugal, 2019, 18′
Semanas de areia, meses de cinza, anos de pó, Rita Macedo, exp/doc., Portugal/Germany, 2020, 19′
Somewhere in Outerspace This Might Be Happening Somehow, Paulo Malafaya, doc., Portugal, 2019, 17′
Suspensão, Luís Soares, anim., Portugal, 2020, 7′


La Leyenda Negra, Patrícia Vidal Delgado, fic., USA/Portugal, 2020, 84′ – International premiere 

Altas as Gaivotas, Marianne Harlé, fic., Portugal, 2020, 17′
Carta a Elba, Helder Faria/Flávio Ferreira/Alejandro Vásquez/Daniela Cajias/Carmen Tortosa, doc., Portugal, 2020, 18′
Club Splendida, Caio Amado Soares, fic., Germany/Portugal, 2019, 24′
Estrada para o Céu, Pedro Vaz Simões, fic., Portugal, 2020, 17′
Laniakea Supercluster, Rodrigo Ralha, doc/exp., Portugal, 2019, 11′
Lázaro, Concha Silveira/David Cruces/Alba Dominguez, exp., Portugal, 2019, 8′
Nestor, João Gonzalez, anim., Portugal, 2019, 6′
Ode à Infância, Luís Vital/João Monteiro, anim., Portugal, 2019, 7′
Sábàtina, Rafael dos Santos, anim., Portugal, 2019, 2′
The Sacrifice of the Druids, Reinaldo Pinto Almeida, doc/exp., Portugal, 2020, 7′
Selvajaria, Camila Vale, fic., Portugal, 2020, 33′
À Tarde, Sob o Sol, Gonçalo Pina, fic., Portugal, 2020, 10′
Under Current, Alice dos Reis, fic., Portugal, 2020, 16′

Image: A Metamorfose dos Pássaros / The Metamorphosis of Birds, Catarina Vasconcelos

Registration open for Masters and Graduation in Cinema at the School of Arts of the Catholic University of Porto

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Silvestre Feature Films 2020: Check some films by the selected directors

As part of the warm-up for the next edition of IndieLisboa, which this year will take place between the 25th of August and the 10th of September, today we announce some more previous works available to watch online by some directors selected for the 2020 edition of the festival.

Today, we suggest some films by the directors who had their feature films selected for the Silvestre section:

Casa Ugalde, Patric Chiha, 2004, 20′ [FREE]
Brüder der Natch, Patric Chiha, 2016, 88′ [PAID]
Filme seleccionado para o IndieLisboa 2020: If It Were Love

Jards, Eryk Rocha, 2012, 80′ [FREE]
Filme seleccionado para o IndieLisboa 2020: Breve Miragem de Sol

Obrieras Saliendo de la Fabrica, José Luis Torres Lleiva, 2005, 21′ [FREE]
Filme seleccionado para o IndieLisboa 2020: Vendrá La Muerte y Tendrá Tus Ojos

Uma Mulher Doce, Sergei Loznitsa, 2017, 143′ [PAID]
Film selected to IndieLisboa 2020: State Funeral

Streetscapes [Dialogue], Heinz Emigholz, 2017, 143′ [PAID]*
Film selected to IndieLisboa 2020: Corporate Accountability
*The director Jonathan Perel is part of the casting of the film.

Lampa cu Caciula, Radu Jude, 2006, 23′ [FREE]
Film selected to IndieLisboa 2020: Uppercase Print

La Bouche, Camilo Restrepo, 2017, 19′ [PAID]
Film selected to IndieLisboa 2020: Los Conductos

Merencória, Caetano Gotardo, 2017, 23′ [FREE]
As Boas Maneiras, Juliana Rojas e Marco Dutra, 2017, 135′ [PAID]
Film selected to IndieLisboa 2020: Todos os Mortos

Full of Missing Links, Sung-ya Yoon, 2012, 110′ [PAID]
Film selected to IndieLisboa 2020: Overseas

A flea’s skin would be too big for you, Anja Dornieden and Juan David González Monroy, 2013, 45′ [FREE]
Film selected to IndieLisboa 2020: Her Name Was Europa

Quelqu’un d’extraordinaire, Monia Chokri, 2013, 29′ [FREE]
Film selected to IndieLisboa 2020: A Brother’s Love

Cães Errantes, Tsai Ming-Liang, 2013, 136′ [FREE]
Film selected to IndieLisboa 2020: Ouvertures

In the coming weeks we will release more previous works by the selected directors for the other sections of our 2020 edition.

Image: Cães Errantes

International Children’s Day: warming up to IndieJunior 2020

In the week that celebrates International Children’s Day, we present two of the films that will be screened in this 2020 edition of IndieJunior, the cinema for the youngest audience of IndieLisboa. The Concrete Jungle, by Marie Urbánková, a short film that tells the story of a boy who, from his room and with a lot of imagination, invents through the sounds and characters of the building, a great adventure that leads him to surpass the jungle challenges! Leaf, a film by Aliona Baranova, will thrill parents who accompany their children in IndieJunior sessions, as it is a film that calls adults to their childhood memories!

Check out the trailers of these two films here, to feel a little bit of the atmosphere that will be experienced inside the cinema!

The Concrete Jungle


These and other films will be available to watch at IndieJunior 2020! In this edition IndieJunior has its largest concentration of sessions and activities on the 29th and 30th of August and on the 5th of September 2020.

Save the date and come and travel with us sitting in the comfortable and nostalgic cinema room!

And as we know that the best in the world are children, we present the little ones (and the older ones) a hilarious film, to discover or watch one more time.

One Week, by the fabulous Buster Keaton, which was presented in an unforgettable film concert with unprecedented music, in a partnership with Casa de Música do Porto.

What would it be like, to be quarantined in a house like this?

Have fun!

One Week