Due to COVID-19, the next edition of IndieLisboa is postponed.

The 17th edition of IndieLisboa – International Film Festival, which was expected to happen between April 30 and May 10, 2020, has been postponed due to the current pandemic situation caused by COVID-19. As a result of the state of emergency we are living and following the recommendations by the portuguese public health authorities, the festival, as well as other associated events, will not take place on the planned dates. We will do everything to make the festival happens in other dates.

Some news regarding the 2020 edition of IndieLisboa had already been announced: A retrospective of the whole work of the Senegalese director Ousmane Sembène, a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Forum section of Berlinale, a focus of the Silvestre section on the work of the Franco-Senegalese director Mati Diop, and some of the highlights of the IndieMusic section which will feature key names in music such as Billie Holiday, The Rolling Stones, Charles Aznavour, and more.

The new dates will be announced soon. Meanwhile, the festival organisation asks everyone to stay home and safe. We look forward to be together to celebrate and discover the best of cinema.

Still taken from the film Atlantique, by Mati Diop.

Deadline for applications to the Portuguese Film Fund 2020 extended until March 20th

Short or feature films in the beginning of post-production by Portuguese directors (or foreigners with permanent residency in Portugal) and with Portuguese (co-)production now have until March 20 to apply for the 6th edition of the Portuguese Film Fund.

The Cinema Support Fund also welcomes a new partner, Escola das Artes – Universidade Católica Portuguesa in Porto, which will institute a prize in the amount of € 1,500.

The prizes to be awarded then unfold as follows:

a) Escola das Artes, Universidade Católica Portuguesa: financial support in the amount of € 1,500 attributed to a project of any length and type;

b) Digital Mix Música e Imagem: sound post-production services for a feature film and a short film;

c) GDA Foundation: € 6,000 for the creation of original music, rewarding a feature film (€ 4,000) and a short film (€ 2,000), or alternatively three short films (each € 2,000);

d) The Yellow Color: two days of post-production studio image for a short film, with the technician (s) paid separately.

In recent years, projects such as “Raposa” by Leonor Noivo, “A Casa e os Dogs” by Madalena Fragoso and Margarida Meneses, “A Dança do Cipreste” by Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela, “Anjo” by Miguel Nunes, “Up to Let Porno Separate Us ”by Jorge Pelicano,“ O Mar Enrola na Areia ”by Catarina Mourão, among others.

For more information and application form see here.

Cineclub IndieLisboa: New proposals, new audiences

Cineclube IndieLisboa continues it’s mission of educating new audiences, by having screening sessions throughout the academic year aimed at students in secondary and higher education. Last month, the Cineclube happened in secondary schools, film schools, schools of actors and colleges, in several sessions that featured debates led by the directors or the technical and artistic teams of the films.

The dialogues created continue to prove to be a bridge between audiences and authors, which emphasizes the importance and artistic, social and philosophical relevance of the works presented, an essential tool for the creation of a space for learning and growth. António Borges Correia, director of Os Olhos de André, was present at the Vergílio Ferreira Secondary School and emphasized the benefits of the space for reflection created and the generation to which he dedicates himself:

“The IndieLisboa Cineclube provides a space for reflection for a cinema that needs to be preserved and for a generation thirsting for free, subjective and non-massified concepts.”

António Borges Correia, director

The space for learning and growth is also due to teachers and institutions that collaborate with the cinema club, allowing the development of the potential of cinema as an educational tool, as pointed out by Helder Castro, teacher at the Artistic School António Arroio:

“The partnership between Cineclube IndieLisboa and Escola Artística António Arroio has allowed the enrichment of the students’ learning and transversal skills development. For the bulk of the school community, it is a moment of reflection and debate, on different themes, contents exposed through of cinema and this is only possible due to the diversity and quality of the proposed films. “

Helder Castro, Teacher at António Arroio Artistic School

The Cineclube IndieLisboa is now preparing to occupy the National Museum of Ethnology. On the 13th it will be screened the feature film Bostofrio, où le ciel rejoint la terre by Paulo Carneiro and on the 17th the short films October is over by Karen Akerman and Miguel Seabra Lopes, Rhoma Acans by Leonor Teles and Everything I imagine by Leonor Noivo.

February IndieLisboa Cineclub Sessions:

  • February 7 – Escola Artística António ArroioAmor, Avenidas Novas by Duarte Coimbra and Onde o Verão Vai (episódios da juventude) by David Pinheiro Vicente – with the presence of Duarte Coimbra and David Pinheiro Vicente
  • February 11 – Act – Escola de Actores –  Singularidades de uma Rapariga Loira by Manoel de Oliveira – with the presence of Ricardo Trêpa and Catarina Wallenstein
  • February 12 – Escola Secundária D. Filipa de LencastreMacabre by Jerónimo Rocha e João Miguel Real e Amor, Avenidas Novas by Duarte Coimbra – with the presence of Jerónimo Rocha, João Miguel Real and Duarte Coimbra
  • February 12 – Escola Secundária Maria Amália Vaz de CarvalhoBalada de um Batráquio by Leonor Teles and Amor, Avenidas Novas de Duarte Coimbra – with the presence of Duarte Coimbra
  • February 17 – Escola Secundária Vergílio Ferreira Os Olhos de André de António Borges Correia – with the presence of António Borges Correia
  • February 19 – Escola DigitalBalada de um Batráquio by Leonor Teles, Amor, Avenidas Novas by Duarte Coimbra and Tudo o que Imagino by Leonor Noivo – with the presence of Duarte Coimbra and Leonor Noivo

Retrospectives: from Berlim to Senegal we destroyed walls and raised voices

A retrospective of the full work of Senegalese director Ousmane Sembène, films by director Mati Diop, and a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Berlinale Forum, are some of the novelties of the 17th edition of IndieLisboa, in 2020. A triangulation of voices so often muffled throughout the political, social and cinematographic history that we now revisit in a dialogue with echoes also in the recent film program of the festival, to be revealed on April 2nd.

Together with Cinemateca Portuguesa, IndieLisboa presents the complete retrospective of the work of the father of African cinema, Ousmane Sembène, a cinema marked by feminism, the class struggle, against the Europeanization of Senegalese culture and the brutality of colonialism. With Sembène, a journey begins from within, a counterpoint to the European vision that dominates film production. These are films that operate a filmic and historical repair, that are not content with stereotypes, do not seek aestheticization. A cinema without calculation or fear of a new language and that breathes freely.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Berlinale Forum, IndieLisboa will screen a selection that includes some of the films shown in its first edition in 1971, at the time called the International Forum of New Cinema. These were films that challenged the status quo and opened the door to new aesthetics. They were reactions to the turbulent politics of their times and, therefore, they were essential to the political phenomenon. At the time, addressing issues such as anti-colonial struggles, women’s rights and LGBTQ rights, opened up new political and cinematic roads.

In the Silvestre section, the focus will be on the Franco-Senegalese director Mati Diop, who competed with her first feature film Atlantique at the Festival de Cannes. We will show your work as a director, from the feature Atlantique to the short films Liberian Boy, Mille Soleils, Big in Vietnam and Snow Canon. Mati will be showing again at IndieLisboa the film Mille Soleills that won in 2013 the international short film competition, a tribute to the film Touki Bouki by his uncle Djibril Diop Mambéty, a renowned Senegalese filmmaker.

Retrospectiva: Ousmane Sembène
Mooladé (2004)
Faat Kiné (2001)
Guelwaar (1992)
Camp de Thiaroye (1988)
Ceddo (1977)
Xala (1975)
Emitaï (1971)
Tauw (1970)
Mandabi (1968)
Black Girl (1966)
Niaye (1964)
Borom sarret (1963)

Retrospectiva: 50 Anos do Fórum da Berlinale
Eldrige Cleaver, Black Panther, William Klein (1970)
W.R. – Misterije Organizma / W.R. – Mysteries of the Organism, Dušan Makavejev (1971)
Angela – Portrait of A Revolutionary,  Yolande du Luart (1971)
El cuarto poder, Helena Lumbreras, Mariano Lisa (1971)
Ostia, Sergio Citti (1970)
Soleil Ô / Oh, Sun! , Med Hondo (1970)
Mes voisins / My Neighbours , Med Hondo (1971)
Eine Prämie für Irene / Bonus for Irene, Helke Sander (1971)
The Woman’s Film (Newsreel #55) , Women’s Caucus – San Francisco Newsreel (1971)
Monangambeee, Sarah Maldoror (1969)
Phela-ndaba (End of the Dialogue), Members of the Pan Africanist Congress  (1970)
Nicht der Homosexuelle ist pervers, sondern die Situation, in der er lebt / It Is Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, But the Society in Which He Lives, Rosa Von Praunheim (1971)

Foco Silvestre: Mati Diop
Atlantique, Mati Diop (2019)
Liberian Boy, Mati Diop and Manon Lutanie (2015)
Mille Soleils, Mati Diop (2013)
Big in Vietnam, Mati Diop (2012)
Snow Canon, Mati Diop (2011)
Atlantiques, Mati Diop (2009)

Meet the schools of Eu Programo um Festival de Cinema 2020

Eu Programo um Festival de Cinema 2020 has already started in Lisbon. This educational activity invites students from various schools to be part of the IndieJunior 2020 programme making process.

The sessions for this educational activity bring together groups of students with more than 10 and 12 years old, during the second period of this academic year, in viewing and discussion sessions about short and feature films by directors from different countries. Students will meet with the IndieJunior team and programmers and choose a set of these films for the festival programme dedicated to the youngest. The films will be apart of two screenings of the festival, which will be highly cherished because they were made with the attentive eye to whom they are intended.

The classes that will participate in this edition of the activity are:

  • 9th year of E.S 2,3 school Dona Filipa de Lencastre, under the guidance of the teacher Maria José Mira;
  • 5th C of the Basic School Marquesa de Alorna, under the guidance of the teacher Cristina Fernandes.

Students will be present during the festival to share their experience as young programmers with the public. Stay tuned for new programming and don’t miss these very special sessions!

Attention, teachers! We have a meeting the 24th of March to talk about IndieJúnior

For our dear teachers from Lisbon, we offer a special invitation to the IndieJunior Preview – the IndieLisboa children’s and youth section – taking place on the 24th of March, Tuesday, at 6 pm, at Culturgest (Room 2 – Conferences ).

In this meeting for teachers and educators, we will reveal some of the activities of the school program of the next edition, as well as disseminate, first hand, part of the program of films that make up the festival’s school program. It will be a moment for sharing thoughts about cinema and school: the ways in which cinema can be more present in school life, festivals as a place of access not only for students, but also for teachers to whom we want to bring a set of films that address relevant and fracturing issues at school ages.

We count on your presence for a very special evening.

To confirm your presence, send an email with your name and the name of the school to comunicacao@indielisboa.com.

IndieJunior Preview

When: March 24, 2020, Tuesday, 6 pm

Where: Culturgest (Room 2 – Conferences) – Rua do Arco do Cego 77, 1000-300 Lisboa

Approximate duration: 90 minutes

Free entry

Accreditations for IndieLisboa 2020 now available for students and industry

Accreditation requests are available for IndieLisboa – 17th International Film Festival, which runs from April 30th to May 10th. The accreditation is personal and cannot be passed on to another person. It grants access to all festival screenings (subject to ticket availability), to the LisbonTalks and IndiebyNight (except opening ceremony and some special screenings).

Accreditation requests may be submitted in the following categories:

  • Industry – Industry professionals such as film festival professionals, film directors, film producers, film teams, distributors, exhibitors (…) not related to a film at the festival;
  • Student – Exclusively for students/teachers from film/audiovisual/image/sound courses).


45€ (Early Bird). Requests submitted until March 31st
55€. Requests submitted from April 1st to April 29th
70€. From April 30th

25€ (Early Bird). Requests submitted until March 31st
35€. Requests submitted from April 1st to April 29th
50€. From April 30th

To submit your requests please register in our database by following the steps below:

1. Access the link indielisboa.com/vp
2. Create an user account. After receiving the confirmation email you will be able to log into your account, set your password and fill the necessary contact information. Please do not forget to upload a photo.
3. Submit your accreditation request by selecting the type of accreditation that applies to you, in the “Accreditation/Acreditação” section.

Please Note:
– Your accreditation request will only be valid after having completed the 3 steps described above. You will then receive and automatic confirmation email.
– Accreditations are issued at the full discretion of IndieLisboa International Film Festival and submission of a request does not guarantee an accreditation.