Here comes IndieJunior

In 2019, IndieJunior presents a very diversified program with special film screenings, workshops and events for the whole family where diving will be guaranteed. Fresh, risky and fun dives for children and adults alike, as IndieJunior is for everyone! The biggest and most spectacular dives will happen inside the theatres.

Like every year, we have films for all tastes and ages. It’s all divided by age groups and it’s very simple to know which screening to go see. And each screening has a different name! Ao Ar Livre are the screenings for children over 3; Formas de Ver e Fazer for +6; Coisas que Acontecem for +10; and Em Rota de Transformação for +12.

Mundo Animado – Film-concert with Casa da Música will be one of the moments you won’t want to miss. All the ingredients are guaranteed to be unforgettable: on the one hand, the original music, by three resident musicians of the Educational Service of Casa da Música, António Serginho, Óscar Rodrigues and Pedro Cardoso (Peixe). On the other, two films of two big silent film heroes – Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Another special program we have shows recently restored Polish animation classics for children – A Polónia é uma Animação! – an opportunity to discover the animation that was made in the 60s in that country.

On the last weekend and because we want to celebrate our friends and family, we propose a double program: a Picnic on Grass on May 11th at 16h, in the garden of Biblioteca Palácio Galveias, an event full of outdoor activities by Escola António Arroio and Casa Nic e Inês and live music in partnership with the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa. Free entrance and for all ages. The activities will happen shortly after the screening of short films with live dubbing, Algures entre o Céu e a Terra, for the whole family (May 11th, 15h, Culturgest Grande Auditório).

Everything start on May 2nd. Come and dive with us!

IndieJunior: a world of possibilities to stimulate the senses

It is the most fun section of the festival, one that gathers children and adults around the magic of cinema. Taking place in parallel to the “more adult” program, IndieJunior promotes, between May 2nd and May 12th, film screenings for all ages and spaces where playing and knowledge go hand in hand. A diverse programming that serves to sharpen the senses!

WATCH… to rediscover

There are several screenings for all ages that, during the week of the festival, will delight the little ones, but IndieJunior is not just a place for the younger ones, and for this very reason, this year we are committed to the creation of two special screenings two to bring the whole family to the theatre. Taking advantage of the imagery left by Vasco Granja, IndieJunior travels to Poland for a screening of shorts from the 60s that will bring together the parents and grandparents to watch the funniest stories. And because we’re in the middle of Spring, we invite all families to a special summer program: A film screening for everyone (Somewhere between Heaven and Earth) followed by a picnic on grass with lots of music, activities and fun!

TOUCH… to animate

Draw, paint and paste. Creating a book and learning how to turn drawings into movement is the challenge of the  Caras e Caretas and PLIM! Fez-se um filme workshops. Two moments organised by the Casa do Nic e Inês team that will teach parents and children to turn their stories into a fun animated book!

HEAR… to imitate

Did you know that your voice, your body and objects from home can make sounds for a film? That’s what we’re going to do at Cinema São Jorge, at theLevar o Som ao Cinema e Som, vamos ao cinema?workshops. Through our voice and radio techniques we will learn to imitate the sounds that give life to films! With the help of Sandy Gageiro, making sound for a film has never been so easy and fun!

FEEL… not to be ashamed

Shall we think outside the box? Act differentl, escape from the comfort zone, see from a new point of view … all this, through our body body and the theatricality of the movement. A workshop for parents and children alike who want to challenge themselves to try new things. Let’s test the limits between the everyday and the extraordinary, from very simple proposals, which will shuffle our system, rattle our neurons and forces us to wake up again! A workshop organised by Joana Pupo.

Here are all the parties of the IndiebyNight program

IndieLisboa’s nights are long. The IndiebyNight program brings to the stage (once again at Casa Independente) and to the dance floor the sounds that mark the programming of IndieMusic, the section dedicated to the screening of the latest music documentaries. In a year marked by prolific national production, there will be space to visit much of the Portuguese music that has marked different generations since the 80s, but those aren’t the only suggestions for this week of parties.

Special attention should be paid to the night of May 10th, which will bring to Casa Independente’s stage 10 bands and musical projects by women that have had an important role in Portuguese music from the last 20 years. From Adelaide Ferreira to the Anarchicks, from Dirty Coal Train to Aurora Pinho, the night will be theirs and it surely will make festival history. Another night that’s worth our attention is the one on May 8th, the musical choices of Jacco Gardner, Gio and Maria P. around the African rhythms from Zambia.

Let us also celebrate the legacy of the mythical Ama Romanta, a publisher created in 1986 by João Peste. On May 9th, the stage of Casa Independente will give space to the musical choices of Pop Dell’Arte’s main singer side by side with Zé Pedro Moura (Pop Dell’Arte; Dead Hand); Paulo Monteiro (Pop Dell’Arte); Luis San Payo (Croix Sainte; Pop Dell’Arte); Sei Miguel; Fala Mariam and Rodrigo Amado.

To close the sixteenth edition of IndieLisboa, on Saturday May 11th, we return to Culturgest’s Garage, for a party that brings Brazil to the center of the Portuguese capital. The entrance is free.

The rest of the IndiebyNight program can be seen below.

Related film: Parallel Planes, by Nicole Wegner

Once again we invite Nariz Entupido to work on one of the IndieMusic films. After Tony Conrad Completely in the Present (2017) and Milford Graves Full Mantis (2018), this year Nariz Entupido decided to invite António Caramelo (artist) to develop an exercise around Parallel Planes by Nicole Wegner. The matter for this year’s edition is not exclusive to one author but many. Questions about authorship, the existence of structures of autonomous productions and their respective sustainability, the act as an affirmative gesture, a will to transform. Parallel planes in different parts of the globe. Different sources, similar anxieties, incessant searches.

Related section: Foco Silvestre

Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel are the duo of directors in focus in the Silvestre section. We show all their films, including their first feature, Jessica Forever. They are compulsive, crazy, irreverent and original. Music is always present in their films and in an unusual way. Vinel and his friends usually write the songs for the films. The duo will lead this evening with a set with a lot of hip hop and some trance and two very special guests: Camille Delvecchio and Benoît David of Grand Blanc.

Related film: Um Punk Chamado Ribas, de Paulo Antunes

On the day that the great hero of Portuguese punk, João Ribas, would be 54, we celebrate his history and his legacy with the world premiere of the film A Punk Called Ribas, by Paulo Antunes, followed by a punk rock party with DJ Billy. Is there anyone from Alvalade there?


A group hug to the team, who embodies this project with infinite fondness, dedication and professionalism. And this party is what exactly? It is the moment when we are halfway through the festival and after the stress of opening and without even thinking about the stress of the awards ceremony, we abandon our bodies and our voices to karaoke and drinks!

Related film: We Intend to Cause Havoc, by Gio Arlotta

Emmanuel “Jagari”Chanda is the legendary vocalist of WITCH, a cult band from Zambia in the 70s, famous for its mix of psychedelic rock and African rhythms. In 2016 the musician Jacco Gardner traveled to Zambia to meet Jagari and recover the forgotten sounds of the WITCH that culminated in a European tour in 2017. This is the story of the film We Intend to Cause Havoc. The sounds of Zambia and Africa will be on the music that Gio, Jacco and Maria P. Will bring to the after party of the film. Dance to the sound of African rhythms.

Related film: Ama Romanta – Uma Utopia que Fazia Discos, by Vasco Bação

Two years after we welcomed Pop Dell’Arte at the anticipation party, João Peste returns to the festival, now solo and with guests, for a night of celebration and homage to the legacy and history of Ama Romanta, label he created in 1986. This was the house for the first works of projects like Pop Dell’Arte, Mão Morta, Telectu, Sei Miguel, Santa Maria Gasolina em teu Ventre and Mler Ife Dada.

Related film: Ela é uma Música, by Francisca Marvão

Today we celebrate rock and women in a concert that brings together generations of some of the women who made and are making the history of rock in Portugal. Each band or artist will go on stage on an unforeseeable and historic night.

Related section: Independent Hero: Brazil in a Trance.

In a year in which Brazilian cinema is one of the Independent Heroes, it is mandatory to extend this homage and close the festival with a Brazilian party. We invited Cara // Vag // Yo, a duo of Brazilian-Portuguese Djs formed by Beatriz Valleriani and Kamila Ferreira, for a funk night. IndieLisboa in a collective trance in the last party of the festival.

IndieLisboa 2019 is about to arrive on May 2nd

The time has come for IndieLisboa – International Film Festival.

All the films have been announced, the calendar of screenings can already be consulted both on our website and on the official application and tickets are already for sale at the ticket offices of Culturgest, Cinema São Jorge, Cinema Ideal and on the Ticketline website.

Watch all the trailers available on our YouTube channel to make choosing a film a lot easier.

The IndiebyNight parties are coming, the LisbonTalks talks are scheduled and all the incredible films and fun workshops that IndieJunior has to offer have already been announced.

Get ready for IndieLisboa, from May 2nd until May 12th. We hope to see you inside the festival’s venues.

Sound will be the centre of conversation at the LisbonTalks 2019

It is undeniable the importance that sound has in its ability to direct attention when it comes to the moving image. Whether it’s through music, speech, the way it occupies the visual narrative, or the way it enhances feelings and our glance within a scene, the position it occupies in Film is crucial to define how we understand a story. For such reason, this year’s LisbonTalks will be about, almost exclusively, this important creative element of film production, in a set of four debates and masterclasses that will take a look at the different aspects related to sound. Organized in partnership with Universidade Lusófona, between May 3rd and May 11th, we’ll be able not only to know more about this specific area, but also to understand a little more about the recent history of sound in cinema through the voice of some of the professionals who have worked in it during the last decades in Portugal and not only.

As usual, the LisbonTalks will also be the place to meet and debate around both focuses of the Independent Hero section, this year dedicated to the filmography of Anna Karina and recent cinema made in Brazil. The first one will be with Anna Karina herself, the second will host the filmmakers Bruna Carvalho Almeida, Caetano Gotardo, Felipe Bragança, Helvécio Marins Jr. and Juliana Antunes.

Visit the LisbonTalks Universidade Lusófona page to learn everything about them and follow the Facebook event to never miss any news.

Sound at the LisbonTalks 2019


With: Philippe Ciompi, Vasco Pimentel
Moderated by: Miguel Moraes Cabral

The most attentive audience member will understand the crucial role sound plays in not only directing our attention within moving images, but also in shaping our understanding of them. Moderated by the filmmaker and sound director Miguel Moraes Cabral, this conversation brings together two veteran sound directors with different experiences and paths – and many stories to tell – to question and better understand what it means to work sound for cinema.

Free entrance upon collection of a free ticket on the same day.

6 MONDAY, 18.00, CULTURGEST, SALA LOUNGE & TALKS, 120′ (Portuguese)

With: Miguel Martins

An extended lesson by Miguel Martins, sound editor and mixer and a regular contributor to the films of Miguel Gomes, Salomé Lamas, João Nicolau and Jorge Cramez, and winner with Vasco Pimentel of a European Film Award for Best Sound Design in the Arabian Nights trilogy. Miguel will talk about sound post-production focusing on his work in Eldorado XXI by Salomé Lamas and offering practical details.

Free entrance upon collection of a free ticket on the same day.

7 TUESDAY, 18.00, CULTURGEST, SALA LOUNGE & TALKS, 90′ (Portuguese)

With: Filipe Raposo, Franco Bosco, Nicholas McNair, Manuel Deniz Silva
Moderated by: Tiago Baptista

Before the development of technology allowed the infinite possibilities that we know today to sound in cinema, such was an art form which, even though it was labelled “silent”, was in fact seldom so (to paraphrase one of the participants of this panel). Drawing from the work of preservation, restoration and DVD launch of a set of Portuguese silent films carried out by the Cinemateca Portuguesa, two aspects of the work of the restoration of sound in the context of the archives will be explained: on the one hand the composition and performance of musical accompaniment for silent films in a contemporary context, and on the other hand the reconstitution of an original score and its contemporary arranging.

With Franco Bosco, restorer at the Cinemateca Portuguesa, Filipe Raposo, composer and performer of the musical score of Lisboa, Crónica Anedótica (1930) by Leitão de Barros, Nicholas McNair, composer and performer of the musical score of Mulheres da Beira (1922) by Rino Lupo, Manuel Deniz Silva, musicologist who researched the original score of Os Lobos (1923) by Rino Lupo, and moderation by Tiago Baptista (Cinemateca Portuguesa/ANIM).

Free entrance upon collection of a free ticket on the same day.

9 THURSDAY, 18.00, CULTURGEST, SALA LOUNGE & TALKS, 90′ (Portuguese, English)

With: Branko Neskov, Elsa Ferreira, Joana Niza Braga, Rafael Gonçalves Cardoso
Moderated by: David Novack

Or is it in reverse order, making and afterwards thinking it? What are the stages of development of the language of sound in cinema and what do they require, from recording, foley and editing to mixing? How is the communication and creative collaboration that takes place between those who do sound and those who film? We gather some of the key sound professionals in Portugal, usually involved in different parts of the process, to understand what entails making sound in cinema.

Free entrance upon collection of a free ticket on the same day.

Conversations with the Independent Heroes

8 WEDNESDAY, 19.00, CINEMATECA FR, 90′ (French, with Portuguese translation)

Moderated by: José Manuel Costa, Maria João Madeira

Born Hanne Karin in Denmark, the cult actress is an unavoidable and defining figure of the European cinema of the 60s, a feat she achieved during her twenties. Anna Karina meets the festival audience to talk about her career including  several of the most important films that she acted on and that are part of the retrospective made of 17 features and five short films that IndieLisboa and the Cinemateca Portuguesa organized in the context of the Independent Hero section, but also about her less known work as director and scriptwriter.

Free entrance upon collection of a free ticket on the same day, at the box office of the Cinemateca Portuguesa, from 2pm on, maximum of two tickets per person.

11 SATURDAY, 17.00, CULTURGEST, SALA LOUNGE & TALKS, 90′ (Portuguese)

With: Bruna Carvalho Almeida, Caetano Gotardo, Felipe Bragança, Helvécio Marins Jr., Juliana Antunes
Moderated by: Gustavo Beck

Moderated by programmer and producer Gustavo Beck, this debate builds on the programme with which IndieLisboa honors Brazilian cinema in the Independent Hero section to talk about the present and the future of this national cinema at a particularly intense and worrying moment in the country’s political and social history. With the attendance of the filmmakers Felipe Bragança (Bring Me The Head of Carmen M.), Caetano Gotardo (Your Bones and Your Eyes), Helvécio Marins Jr. (Homing), Bruna Carvalho Almeida (The Young Baumanns) and Juliana Antunes (Plano Controle), all of whom with recent filmographies, not yet started at the time of the creation of IndieLisboa.

Free entrance upon collection of a free ticket on the same day.

Mouth of Madness Marathon: cinema pushing you over the abyss

It’s already one of the cult happenings of IndieLisboa. A screening that lasts all night long that proposes a more extreme trip around cinema, one that rips the boundaries of genre and themes, without any kind of taboos. Disconcerting films and fractured themes that one digests better during then night and which happen twice this year. This time around, there isn’t one but two Mouth of Madness Marathons.

In the first one, scheduled for May 4th, at Cinema Ideal, no taboo are left one: from the queer wrestling of Cassandro, el Exótico!, who gets on the ring with pink and shiny latex on, to the cowboys who tell stories around the bonfire about a killer Santa Clause (Chowboys: An American Folktale) and an evil dress that brings bad luck to its wearer (In Fabric), a cannabis vending machine (Tomatic) and a man who likes his abductors more than they like him (Braquer Poitiers). There are films for every taste, including a special fetish for eggs (Egg Touching).

In the second marathon, scheduled for Saturday, May 11th, at Cinema Ideal, we ask: What is the feminine capable of? And we answer: everything! In this set of films that run all throughout the night we get to know: Goldie (the instagirl known as Slick Woods) who wins all her daily battles; the friends who know how to have fun all night (Wine Wenches); the Goddess, primitive deity of humanity, who fights against the forces of patriarchy (Seder-Masochism); the possibility of creating the perfect lover with a 3D printer (Slug Life), and, finally Alexa’s emancipatory journey through a palace that hides forced aesthetic surgeries, oppressive surveillance systems, and a cannibalistic reality TV competition (Make Me Up).

4th of May, Saturday, 23:00, Cinema Ideal


Total Runtime: 296′

Marie Losier, France, doc., 2018, 73′

Christophe M. Saber, France/Switzerland, fic., 2018, 20′

Trevor Anderson, USA, exp., 2019, 4′

Mari Kivi, Liis Kokk, Estonia, anim., 2018, 9′

Claude Schmitz, France, fic., 2018, 60′

Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy, Conor Sweeney, Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski, Canada, fic., 2018, 9′

Peter Millard, United Kingdom, anim., 2018, 2′

Calvin Lee Reeder, USA, fic., 2019, 3′

Peter Strickland, United Kingdom, fic., 2018, 118′

11th of May, Saturday, 24:00, Cinema Ideal


Total Runtime: 282′

Meat Dept, France, anim., 2018, 3′

Sam de Jong, USA, fic., 2019, 88′

Bernhard Wenger, Austria, fic., 2019, 13′

Esther Heerikhuisen, Holland, anim., 2018, 3′

Nina Paley, USA, anim., 2018, 78′

Sasha Svirsky, Russia, anim., 2017, 2′

David Barlow-Krelina, Canada, anim., 2018, 5′

Sophie Koko Gate, United Kingdom, anim., 2018, 7′

Rachel Maclean, United Kingdom, exp., 2018, 85′

Here are the projects selected for the Portuguese Film Fund and PLOT

We’re ready to announce the projects selected for the Portuguese Film Fund, support for Portuguese films in the post-production phase, and for the PLOT – Professional Script Lab, Portuguese and foreign script development laboratory.

With the pitching session taking place on May 4th (Culturgest, Sala Industria & Debates, 14h – 18h, free entrance to the general public), these will be the projects applying for the Portuguese Film Fund:

Rui Esperança, doc., short, prod.: Fora de Campo Filmes

Vasco Saltão, fic., short, prod.: Terratreme Filmes

Helder Faria, Flávio Ferreira, Alejandro Vásquez, Daniela Cajias, Carmen Tortosa, doc., curta/short, prod.: Fado Filmes

Márcio Laranjeira, Sérgio Braz d’Almeida, fic., short, prod.: Márcio Laranjeira, Sérgio Braz d’Almeida

Bernardo Lopes, fic., short, prod.: Fado Filmes, Promenade

Jorge Vaz Gomes, doc., feature doc., prod.: Kintop

Leonor Noivo, doc., short, prod.: Terratreme Filmes

Luís Soares, anim., short, prod.: Filmes do Gajo

The jury will be composed of musician David Santos/Noiserv (Portugal), director and artistic consultant Fabianny Deschamp (Portugal, France), delegate programmer and critic at BFI London Film Festival Maria Delgado (United Kingdom, Spain) and Weronika Czołnowska, responsible for the industry side of the New Horizons Film Festival (Poland). A maximum of five projects will get the funding and those will be announced on May 5th.

On the same public session on May 4th, the fiction feature projects selected for the PLOT – Professional Script Lab, promoted in partnership with Squatter Factory, will be publicly presented and will receive mentorship in the writing process of the respective scripts:

Bruno Mello, fic., feature, Brazil, prod.: Nostro Film

Xacio Baño, fic., feature, Spain, prod.: Frida Films

Javier Ferreiro, fic., feature, Spain, prod.: Amor y Lujo

Ian Capillé, fic., feature, Brazil, prod.: If You Hold a Stone

Francisco Carvalho, fic., feature, Portugal, prod.: Uma Pedra no Sapato

Jeongeun Choi, fic., feature, South Korea, United Kingdom, prod.: n/a

Miguel Clara Vasconcelos, fic., feature, Portugal, prod.: n/a

Alexandre Peralta, fic., feature, Brazil, prod.: Mayra Ometto

The four mentors will be Eliane Ferreira (Muiraquitã Filmes, Brazil), filmmakers Dominga Sotomayor (Chile), Fernando Eimbck (Mexico) and Thomas Matthews (USA).

We can’t forget to mention the usual Lisbon Screenings, promoted in partnership with Portugal Film – International Portuguese Film Agency, an activity behind closed doors that takes place between the 3rd and 5th of May, which aims to give visibility to Portuguese cinema, concentrating in the same place international films, producers, directors and decision makers. There will be 14 films in total (eight feature films and six short films), eight of which will be released and looking for a world premiere and six looking for an international premiere. About 30 international programmers and other industry professionals will attend this year’s Lisbon Screenings.

Look up IndieLisboa on Tinder, swipe right and get a chance of winning two tickets in the IndieCrush giveaway

After creating a Spotify profile of the festival with all the songs from the IndieMusic section, IndieLisboa continues to extend its online presence with a profile in Tinder and this news comes a special giveaway: IndieCrush.

Users are invited to search for IndieLisboa in the application and swipe right to be able to get a match with the festival. Then, they simply have to wait for the dream to come true and receive one of the 10 double tickets we are offering during each campaign. The screening will be chosen by the festival according to the interests of the person.

The first IndieCrush campaign takes place from the 22nd to the 29th of April and the second from April 30th to May 5th.

Take a look at all the giveaway regulations to know exactly how the giveaway will work.

New IndieLisboa app available with the complete IndieJunior program!

It is now possible to download the official IndieLisboa 2019 app, which includes all the IndieJunior films, screenings and workshops that you don’t want to miss out on! It is available for iOS and Android and is completely free.

Nothing is easier to access than your own mobile phone. In this application, you can see the complete program of film from this year, consult the calendar, read the synopses of all the films, watch all the trailers you need to see, keep track of all the parallel activities that interest you most (IndiebyNight parties, IndieJunior workshops and the LisbonTalks) and even create your own personal calendar.

Take the program with you wherever you go and discover every single thing that IndieLisboa has to offer.

IndieLisboa will happen between May 2nd and May 12th. Tickets for sale on Ticketline’s website. On April 23rd, the festival’s physical ticket booths will open.

Complete IndieJunior program revealed and tickets for sale on Ticketline’s website

IndieLisboa’s official newspapers are now available throughout the city and you can check out this year’s IndieJunior calendar of screenings and more information about all the colourful films of the section!

Not only that, you can also read the IndieJunior magazine to know even more.

And that’s not all! You can now download the official IndieLisboa app for iPhone and Android, check the full program and build your own calendar.

Tickets can now be purchased for all screenings on Ticketline’s website. On April 23rd, the festival’s physical ticket booths will open.

New IndieLisboa app available for download

It is now possible to download the official IndieLisboa 2019 app. It is available for iOS and Android and is completely free.

Nothing is easier to access than your own mobile phone. In this application, you can see the complete program of film from this year, consult the calendar, read the synopses of all the films, watch all the trailers you need to see, keep track of all the parallel activities that interest you most (IndiebyNight parties, IndieJunior workshops and the LisbonTalks) and even create your own personal calendar.

Take the program with you wherever you go and discover every single thing that IndieLisboa has to offer.

IndieLisboa will happen between May 2nd and May 12th. Tickets for sale on Ticketline’s website. On April 23rd, the festival’s physical ticket booths will open.

Complete program revealed and tickets for sale on Ticketline’s website

IndieLisboa’s official newspapers are now available throughout the city and you can check out this year’s calendar of screenings and more information about all the films in all their respective sections on our website.

And that’s not all! You can now download the official IndieLisboa app for iPhone and Android, check the full program and build your own calendar.

Tickets can now be purchased for all screenings on Ticketline’s website. On April 23rd, the festival’s physical ticket booths will open.

Portuguese productions once again the focus of the National Competition

It’s important to take a look at the 24 films in the National Competition of IndieLisboa 2019, a selection of filmes that reinforces the increasingly important role of national production in the festival, which is one of the sections that brings more public to the festival venues.

It was the great winner of the main prize of the First Look program at the Locarno Festival for works in their post-production phase and it is the only national film selected for Festival Cinéma du Réel: Campo, by Tiago Hespanha, is a film-thesis in Europe’s largest military base, which reflects on the physical and human, the transcendent and mundane. Felipe Bragança and Catarina Wallenstein seek in Tragam-me a Cabeça de Carmen M a representation of Brazil’s history. Ana, the main character, immerses herself in the current Brazilian political nightmare, as she prepares to play the role of the fantastic Portuguese-Brazilian Carmen Miranda. A film about the artistic creation of a country in the face of a constant search for social peace. After Quatro Horas Descalço, Antero and Nyo Vweta Nafta, it is with Alva that Ico Costa returns to IndieLisboa. The director’s first feature tells the story of Henry, a man who, after committing murder, takes refuge in the forest. Shot in 16mm, in a progressively immersive style, the work transports us to a space of solitude, questioning us about what really moves the protagonist. Catarina Ruivo is also back, this time with A Minha Avó Trelotótó. A film about the absence, mixing times and all types of records (videos, letters, photographs) in a touching tribute to the memory of her grandmother. Based on the homonymous piece by Tiago Rodrigues, Tristeza e Alegria na Vida das Girafas follows the adventure of a girl and her suicidal teddy bear through a Lisbon where crisis lurks in every corner. Directed by Tiago Guedes (Coro dos Amantes, IndieLisboa 2014), this is a sweet and sad comedy that features the performances of Miguel Borges, Tonan Quito, Maria Abreu, Gonçalo Waddington and Miguel Guilherme. In Mar, Margarida Gil summarizes the memory of the Portuguese maritime exploration, the Western/Eastern polarity and the clash with the current refugee crisis. The film includes performances by Maria de Medeiros, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Catarina Wallenstein, Nuno Lopes and Augusto Amado. Finally we have Sacavém, by Júlio Alves, a trip through Pedro Costa’s cinema. The documentary revisits the filmmaker’s films in his own words, from Casa de Lava to his most recent works.

In termos of shorts, it’s worth mentioning the premieres of films by Susana Sousa Dias (Fordlandia Malaise), Catarina Mourão (O Mar Enrola na Areia, Pedro Cabeleira (Filomena) and Jorge Jácome (Past Perfect).

† World Premiere



Ico Costa, Portugal/France/Argentina, fic., 2019, 98’

Campo (in the picture)
Tiago Hespanha, Portugal, doc., 2019, 100’

Margarida Gil, Portugal, fic., 2018, 103’

A Minha Avó Trelotótó†
Catarina Ruivo, Portugal, fic./doc., 2018, 178’

Júlio Alves, Portugal, doc., 2019, 65’

Tragam-me a Cabeça de Carmen M./Bring Me The Head of Carmen M.
Felipe Bragança, Catarina Wallenstein, Brazil/Portugal, fic., 2019, 60’

Tristeza e Alegria na Vida das Girafas/Sadness and Joy in the Life of Giraffes
Tiago Guedes, Portugal, fic., 2019, 109’


A Casa, a Verdadeira e a Seguinte, Ainda Está por Fazer/The House Is Yet To Be Built†
Sílvia das Fadas, USA/Austria/Portugal, doc./exp., 2018, 35’

Welket Bungué, Portugal, fic., 2019, 24’

Bela Mandil
Helena Estrela, Portugal, fic., 2018, 16’

Em Caso de Fogo†
Tomás Paula Marques, Portugal, fic., 2019, 23’

Espectros da Terra†
Clara Pais, Daniel Fawcett, Portugal/United Kingdom, exp./fic., 2018, 4’

Estudos de Muybridge e Etc…/Studies of Muybridge and Etc…†
Júlio F. R. Costa, Portugal, anim./exp. 2018, 5’

Pedro Cabeleira, Portugal, fic., 2019, 15’

Fordlândia Malaise
Susana de Sousa Dias, Portugal, doc., 2019, 35’

Manel Raga Raga, Portugal/Spain/Bosnia and Herzegovina, fic./doc., 2018, 20’

Heatstroke (Insolação)/Heatstroke†
Edgar Morais, Portugal/USA, fic./exp., 2019, 8’

The Hood†
Patricia Vidal Delgado, Portugal/USA, fic., 2018, 10’

Os Inúteis/The Useless†
Rui Esperança, Portugal, fic., 2019, 21’

Invisível Herói/Invisible Hero†
Cristèle Alves Meira, Portugal/France, fic., 2019, 26’

O Mar Enrola na Areia
Catarina Mourão, Portugal, exp., 2019, 16’

Memória e Dicionário/Memory and Dictionary†
Paulo Lima, Portugal, doc., 2019, 50’

Past Perfect
Jorge Jácome, Portugal, fic., 2019, 23’

Poder Fantasma†
Afonso Mota, Portugal, fic., 2019, 23’

Films by Julio Alves and Vasco Bação finalize IndieLisboa’s program

Today we have added two surprises to IndieLisboa’s programming. Two world premieres will be presented, Sacavém, by Júlio Alves, who revisits some of the films by Pedro Costa through some of its objects, and the documentary about the record label Ama Romanta – uma utopia que fazia discos, by Vasco Bação. The films will be screened at the festival, between May 2nd and May 12th.

Sacavém, by Júlio Alves, is a trip across Pedro Costa’s cinema. In this documentary, which will premiere at IndieLisboa, we get to revisit Costa’s films through his own words, from Casa de Lava to his most recent works. It is the return of Júlio Alves to the national competition of IndieLisboa after having screened A Casa (IndieLisboa 2012). Sacavém joins the list of films in the National Competition.

The story of Ama Romanta – uma utopia que fazia discos surpasses the mere documentation of the alternative music that was made during the 80s in Portugal. Home of the first works from such projects like Pop Dell’Arte, Dead Hand, Telectu, Sei Miguel, Santa Maria Gasolina no teu Ventre or Mler Ife Dada, the publisher founded by João Peste summarizes a generation’s will to fight against the camouflaged censorship of radios and publishing houses. Directed by Vasco Bação, this documentary tells the story of cultural resistance by an independent publisher, through its catalog and the presentation of unpublished materials that showcase the singular creative explosion of those years in which the label was active.

IndieLisboa’s anticipation party invites you to a marriage between Norberto Lobo and prétu AKA Chullage

IndieLisboa is about to begin and it’s time to celebrate the eleven days of festival that are approaching. After having Conan Osiris do the honours one year ago, the IndieLisboa 2019 anticipation party invites you to a mashup concert with two big names of the Portuguese musical scene: Norberto Lobo and prétu AKA Chullage.

On April 24th, at Carpintarias de São Lázaro, IndieLisboa joins the wedding between Jameson Caskmates & Musa. In this meeting, they join the talents of one of the most interesting guitarists of today and one of the most respected voices of national hip hop. A night in which music ties the knot and gives birth to an unrepeatable experience through the union between rap and folk music.

Regarded as one of the most singular figures of the national music industry of the present time, there seems to be no limits to the territory that the music of Norberto Lobo manages to tread. An independent, empirical and restless artist, he has released seven of the most acclaimed albums of the last years. Estrela, released in spring of 2018, offers us an entrance to the aesthetic disquietude and the musical language that he has been developing. In one of his most recent collaborative projects, he joined Marco Franco and Bruno Pernadas to create Montanhas Azuis, reaping critical and public praise.

Known for his social and political consciousness, prétu AKA Chullage is one of the strongest names in national hip hop. Author of hymns like “Rhymeshit Que Abala” and “National Ghettographik”, his latest album Rapressão dates back to 2012. His charisma, sharp words and songs of protest and urgency make him one of the greatest and most important Portuguese rappers in activity.

The godfather of this marriage will be Rui Miguel Abreu, who will be in charge of the dance floor after the concerts. Writer, collector and music critic, he is one of the greatest connoisseurs and promoters of rap and hip hop in Portugal. He was the originator of programs such as “Nação Hip-Hop” and “Ginga Beat” and currently directs the Antena 3 program “Rimas e Batidas” and the website with that same name.

Tickets for the party that anticipates the start of IndieLisboa can be purchased on the Ticketline website and on the day of the event at the venue for 6€. Doors open at 22h, performances start at 22h30.

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IndieJúnior and LU.CA promote a film program about freedom

Ver para não esquecer (To see in order not to forget), this is the motto for the program that IndieJunior and LU.CA – Teatro Luís de Camões are promoting between the 24th and 28th of April. Aimed at schools and families, this activity will integrate cinema screenings and workshops that intend to open a space for reflection on what it means to be free these days, celebrating, in a fun and participative way, the 45th anniversary of the April Revolution.

Schools workshops: April 24th and 26th, 10h30 and 14h00
Price for schools workshops: €3 per student/ €1 students with special needs

Weekend screenings for families (three short films): April 27th and 28th, 16h30. At the same time as the screenings, a picture creation workshop will be happening on the middle floor of the venue, inspired by the many concepts of freedom.
Price for family screenings: 3€
Age: The program is recommended for kids over 8 years old

Follow the Facebook event so you don’t miss out on any news and buy your tickets here.


Film program

O Cravo da Liberdade
Children from 11 to 13 years old from Escola das Taipas, under the guidance of Abi Feijó, Pedro Serrazina, Regina Pessoa, Portugal, 1996, 4 ‘, animation

Synopsis: Animation film that evokes the April 25th Revolution, directed by students of Escola EB 2.3 de Caldas das Taipas.

Solveig Norlund, Portugal, 2000, 12 ‘, fiction

Synopsis: Nuno, a 9 year old boy, runs away from his house on the night of April 24, 1974. He hides in an abandoned building. People ran up the stairs and were gone. The streets are full of people, tanks and soldiers. It’s the 25th of April. Did his mother cause a revolution just to find him?

The Club of Ugly Children
Jonathan Elbers, Netherlands, 2012, 28 ‘, fiction

Synopsis: The Club of Ugly Children tells the story of President Isimo, who decides to capture all ugly children. Paul, an 11 year old, is an insecure boy with big ears.

Workshop for Schools

Imagens Livres, by Cláudia Alves and Maria Remédio

A workshop for creation of images in movement, inspired by the different concepts of freedom, coordinated by filmmakers Cláudia Alves and Maria Remédio.

Synopsis: What does it mean to be free? Where do we feel our freedom more strongly? How do we dream it? Freedom is something very precious that we carry in us everyday, in our steps, in our choices and with those that are around us.

The workshop starts with the reading of an excerpt from the short story O Tesouro, by Manuel Antonio Pina, and also includes the screening of one of the films from the program: Tomorrow, by Solveig Norlund.

€3 per student/ €1 students with special needs

Information and registrations for schools:
Rosa Ramos
(+351) 919102716
Contact between tuesday and friday, 10h00 – 18h00.

For more info:

Unique IndieJunior moments besides the films screenings

We keep saying IndieJunior is the most fun section of the festival for a reason. In addition to the list of wonderful films of this year’s edition, from all four corners of the world, there are a few special screenings and a lot of unique activities that will take place exclusively during the festival and in which both children and families can spend unforgettable moments.

In terms of special screenings, on May 4th, 16h00 at Culturgest (Grande Auditório), we have Mundo Animado – Film -concert with Casa da Música, where three resident musicians from the Casa da Música Educational Service – António Serginho, Óscar Rodrigues and Pedro Cardoso (Peixe) – bring music to two Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton films live on stage. A moment of creativity and demonstration of talent that can hardly be repeated at another time.

Poland is so much fun! (May 5th, 16h00 at Culturgest – Grande Auditório, and May 12th, 11h30 at Ideal Cinema) is a special screening featuring a number of animated films produzed in 60’s Poland. A real trip across time and a rare opportunity to see films whose originality and inventiveness is inspiring.

Read more about the Special IndieJunior Screenings here.

In addition to these moments, several workshops and fun activities are also scheduled to make the best out of the creativity of IndieLisboa’s youngest audience. On May 11th, 16h00 at the Galveias Palace library garden, there is a magnificent Picnic on Grass! where children, young people and families can play, listen to music and engage in a lot of activities related to the program’s films. To top it all off, the picnic happens right after a screening with live dubbing – Somewhere between Heaven and Earth, Culturgest at 15h00. Bring a blanket and a basket with food!

In Faces and Grimaces! (May 4th, 11h00, and May 12th, 17h00, at the Galveias Palace library garden), parents and children over 3 years old can make a very special book (almost more like a toy) that will give life to characters that do not stop making strange faces.

In PLIM! A film was made (May 5th at 15h00 and May 12th at 15h0 at the Galveias Palace library garden), a mini animation film is created from a little book with 4 pictures. How? You’ll only get to find out if you go to the workshop!

In Sound, let’s go to the cinema? (May 5th, 11h00 at Cinema São Jorge), girls and boys from 6 to 10 years old get to create the sounds of a films by using their voices, bodies and the objects they have at home. In Bring the sound to the cinema (10 – 15 years old / May 5th, 16h30 at Cinema São Jorge), sound is also create from scratch, having Maluch, a Polish animation of the 60s, as an inspiration.

In Get out of the box! (May 11th, 11h00 at Cinema São Jorge), parents and children over 8 years old are invited to explore the theatricality of their movements and their bodies in order to find new forms of expression that they have never before experienced with.

Finally, the Indie Library (May 12th, 10h30 at Cinema Ideal) is back and is once again the ideal place for families and children over 5 years old to read stories, draw characters and create books.

Want to read more about all the activities, know prices and more details? Visit this page and save the dates!

Find out about the IndieJunior films of this year!

The complete list of the fun films that make up this year’s IndieJunior program has already been announced. There are films of all kinds, for all tastes and for all ages!

The screenings and schedule will be announced on April 18th, when online ticket open. On April 23rd, the central ticket office at Culturgest will start selling tickets too.

Registrations for school screenings are still open! Learn more about it here.

Enjoy the early bird vouchers and save money on your IndieLisboa tickets. Discover all the information here.



2nd Class
Jimmy Olsson, Sweden, fic., 2018, 14′

Robin Barriere, France, anim./fic., 2018, 6′

Emilie Pigeard, France/Belgium, anim., 2018, 9′

Maki Yoshikura, United Kingdom, anim., 2018, 4′

Cat Lake City
Antje Heyn, Germany, anim., 2019, 7′

Drachenhoehle/Dragon’s Nest
Lynn Gerlach, Switzerland, anim., 2018, 7′

Julia Ocker, Germany, anim., 2018, 4′

Gröna Grodan/The Tale of the Tiny Frog
Felicia Bergström, Germany, anim., 2018, 4′

Há Dias Assim/Days Like This
Inês Delicioso, United Kingdom/Portugal, anim., 2018, 4’

Hors piste
Léo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert, Oscar Mallet, France, anim., 2018, 6′

Il s’est passé quelque chose
Anne Larricq, France, anim., 2018, 8′

Inglitrompet/Angel’s Trumpet
Martinus Klemet, Estonia, anim., 2019, 2′

La Jupe d’Adam/Adam’s Skirt
Clément Trehin Lalanne, France, fic., 2018, 11′

Le Refuge de l’écureuil/Home Sweet Home
Chaitane Conversat, France/Switzerland, anim., 2018, 13′

Die Lupe
Nazgol Emami, Germany, anim./fic., 2017, 10′

Mahalia Melts in the Rain
Emilie Mannering, Carmine Pierre-Dufour, Canada, fic., 2018, 11′

Miam Miam/Yum Yum
Mathilde Pepinster, Belgium, anim., 2018, 2′

Miles Away
Barbara Brunner, Sweden, anim., 2018, 4′

Sonja Rohleder, Germany, anim., 2019, 4′

Nuit chérie/Sweat Night
Lia Bertels, Belgium, anim., 2019, 14′

L’oiseau fute/The Clever Bird
Gaëtan Borde, France, anim., 2018, 3′

Atle Blakseth, Einar Dunsæd, Norway, anim., 2019, 8′

Leonid Shmelkov, Estonia, anim., 2017, 3′

La plongeuse/The DiverIulia
Voitova, France, anim., 2018, 4′

Pouštět draka/The Kite
Martin Smatana, Czech Republic/ Slovakia/Poland, anim., 2019, 13′

Pužić slikar/Snail the Painter
Manuela Vladić-Maštruko, Croatia, anim., 2018, 8′

Récit de soi/Oneself Story
Géraldine Charpentier, Belgium, anim./doc., 2018, 5′

Christian Zetterberg, Sweden, fic., 2018, 6′

The Swimming Lesson
Tatyana Okruzhnova, Russia, anim., 2017, 3′

Sykkelfugl/Bike Bird
Kari Klyve-Skaug, Odveig Klyve, Norway, fic., 2018, 15′

Tada Kongjonrak, USA, anim., 2017, 3′

Things You Can Do With Extendable Arms
Luca Paulli, United Kingdom/Italy, anim., 2018, 2′

Antoine Marchand, Benoit de Geyer d’Orth, Fabien Meyran, Paul-Eugéne Dannaud, France, anim., 2018, 2’

Die Vogelhochzeit/The Bird Wedding
Jana Geisler, Germany, anim., 2017, 7’

O Último Dia de Outono/Le dernier jour d’automne
Marjolaine Perreten, Switzerland, Belgium, France, anim., 2019, 7

Principe Ki-Ki-Do: A Toupeira Mineira/Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Mole, the Miner
Grega Mastnak, Slovania, anim., 2018, 5‘

Principe Ki-Ki-Do: Superdo/Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Superdo
Grega Mastnak, Slovania, anim., 2018, 5‘

Um Dia Nublado/Cloudy
Zuzana Cupova, Filip Diviak, Czech Republic, anim., 2018, 5’

A Polónia é uma animação!

Maluch/O Carro Bebé
Lucjan Dembińsk, Poland, anim., 1965, 8’

Niespodzianka/A Surpresa
Teresa Badzian, Poland, anim., 1965, 11’

Jadwiga Kędzierzawska, Poland, anim., 1967, 10’

Piesek w kratkę/O Cão aos Quadrados
Zofia Ołdak, Poland, anim., 1968, 8’

Gapiszon w cyrku/O Gaspar vai ao Circo
Jerzy Kotowski, Poland, anim., 1968, 9’

Kundelek/O Pequeno Rafeiro
Lidia Hornicka, Poland, anim., 1969, 6’