The 3rd session of Cineclube IndieLisboa 2019 is happening now in Torres Vedras

The third session of Cineclube IndieLisboa 2019 started today, at 10:30am, when the israeli document “In My Room”, by Ayelet Albenda, is being exhibited.

The session is happening at Escola Secundária Madeira Torres, in Torres Vedras.

About the film:

Between millions of videos on Youtube, it’s some diaries of six teenagers that wanted to open to the world how is living their lives. All of them choose cameras instead of diaries to tell their most funny, sad, confusing and simple stories. And we follow them for years by watching their videos. They’re not Youtubers or webstars, just young people that speaks to everyone who want to listen.

Watch the trailer here.

Check here the selected films for Euro Connection 2019

The European Jury of Euro Connection 2019 – that happens on 5th and 6th of February during Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival – met last week to elect the selected projects among the 27 finalist projects nominated this year. The portuguese film “O Casaco Rosa”, by Mónica Santos, is one of the 13 projects selected.

Here are the list of the 13 projects that will be pitched during Euro Connection 2019:

–        Once There Was a Sea, Joanna Kozuch (Slovakia)
–        Steakhouse, Spela Cadez (Slovenia)
–        The Night Train, Jerry Carlsson (Sweden)
–        Portrait of Europe, Filip Jacobson (Poland)
–        Night of the Living Dicks, Ilja Rautsi (Finland)
–        O Casaco Rosa, Mónica Santos (Portugal)
–        DA-MI MÂNA, Paul Muresan (Romania)
–        Zoo-I-Side, Anna Olafsdóttir (Iceland)
–        Branka, Mate Ugrin (Croatia)
–        A Summer Place, Alexandra Matheou (Cyprus)
–        Mud Pie!, Katerina Karhánková (Czech Republic)
–        Night Shift, Eddy Schwartz & Yordan Petkov (Bulgaria)
–        Heaven is Made of Scars, Alexandru Badelita (France)

Congratulations, Mónica Santos and all the selected directors!

“Our Madness”, by João Viana, today on portuguese screens

Winner of the Allianz Award for Best Portuguese Feature Film in IndieLisboa 2018, its premiére will be today in Lisbon (Monumental and Cinemas City Alvalade), Porto (Campo Alegre) and the best capitals os the portuguese districts. The film was launched worldwide at Berline Forum (2018) and also won many others international awards. In Portugal, the short film “Tabatô”, by João Viana as well, winner of DAAD Short Film Prize, at Berlinale 2013, the Great Cambridge Prize, in UK (2014), and the Best Short Documental at Doc Lisboa (2013) will precede the exhibition of his new film.

In “Our Madness”, Lucy is hospitalized in a madhouse. She dreams about her son Hanic and her husband Pack, a soldier in a warzone in the north of the country. Lucy plays a curious musical instrument: her own bed. The musical virtuosity gets the nurses’ attention. One day, the music plays in Rádio Moçambique and Rosa Mário, an evangelical priest, goes to the hospital to meet its singer. But Lucy identifies her visit as great opportunity to escape, with the bed and everything.

Still thinking what to do this weekend?

“Amor Amor”, by Jorge Cramez, on Cineclube IndieLisboa at Lusofona

The Cineclube IndieLisboa session will exhibit “Amor Amor”, by Jorge Cramez, today at 6pm at Universidade Lusofona, in Lisbon. The session is part of XXI Internation Audiovisual Week that ends up on 7th of December.
The director Jorge Cramez and the actor Jaime Freitas will be there today.

“The premiere of “Capacete Dourado”,the beautiful first feature film by Jorge Cramez, was 11 years ago, bringing a classic topic: the strength of a young love, the rebellion of a love against all the circunstances.

Eleven years later, Cramez finally continue the film with a title that goes straight to its main topic – Amor, Amor – and that masks the Corneille play (La Place Royale) freely adapted by the argument.” (Luís Miguel Oliveira, Público)

Free entrance.

Allianz Best Portuguese Feature Film Award is now 7500€

IndieLisboa and Allianz got together to offer the highest monetary award for a portuguese film of 7500€.

Six months before the festival’s 16th edition, we are happy to announce that the amount of one of our most important awards, Best Portuguese Feature Film Allianz Award, has increased from 5000€ to 7500€,  being now the highest monetary award for a portuguese film in a film festival in Portugal.

Some of the winners of this award in the past were: “Our Madness”, by João Viana (2018); “Encontro Silencioso”, by Miguel Clara de Vasconcelos (2017), “Treblinka”, by Sérgio Tréfaut (2016) and “Os Olhos de André”, by António Borges Correia (2015).

It’s still possible to submit films for the next festival’s edition by the end of this month, on 31th of December. Click here and submit your film now.

The best of Jan Soldat now available online

Some Jan Soldat films are already available on Vimeo OnDemand, including “LAW and ORDER” (ZUCHT und ORDNUNG, in German), from 2012 and exhibited at Silvestre section of IndieLisboa 2015. Jan Soldat was prominent of the Silvestre section that year – the special place for movies that challenge the standards and limits of film, as well as the topics raised in his films.

The German documentary filmmaker, born in 1984, is perhaps one of the few to challenge these same rules when portraying our private lives. In this case, those of German citizens and couples of all ages through documentaries that unveil one of our biggest taboos: sex and pleasure in BDSM relationships, as well as their connections to power relations and German political history — either through artificial prisons created by themselves or people who find their personal vocation in games of slavery, pain and ecstasy.

Click on the links below to watch his available films:

ZUCHT und ORDNUNG (LAW and ORDER) (9min, 2012)

Der Unfertige / The Incomplete (48min, 2013)

Ein Wochenende In Deutschland / A weekend in Germany (25min, 2013)

HAPPY HAPPY BABY (19min, 2017)

Protokolle / Protocols (20min, 2017)