Debates and conversations with the Independent Heroes

There are many debates that will mark this year’s IndieLisboa, in the usual LisbonTalks Universidade Lusófona programme. From April 27th to May 4th, the various scheduled events will take place at the Palácio Galveias Library and Cinemateca Portuguesa and will encourage the dialogue around diverse topics related to the world of cinema.

We will be able to meet with Independent Heroes Lucrecia Martel (April 29 th, at Culturgest) and Jacques Rozier (April 30th, at Cinemateca Portuguesa), and listen to a debate on the relationship between politics and cinema, with João Salaviza, Marco Martins, Maria Augusta Ramos and Rüdiger Suchsland (May 3rd, Palácio Galveias Library).

For professionals and film lovers alike there will be a masterclass on post-production of image and sound mixing, organized by the Walla Collective (April 27th, at the Galveias Palace Library), a lesson in which the film The Living World will be analyzed, carried out by the journalist and film critic Boyd van Hoeij (April 30th at the Galveias Palace Library); and a discussion between critics and journalists about this year’s programme (4 May, at the Palacio Galveias Library).

Masterclass – image, post-production and sound mixing
Fri 27 April, 16h30, Palácio Galveias Library – Sala Polivalente
120′, in Portuguese (free entrance)

Guests: Andreia Bertini, António Porém Pires, Bárbara Valentina, Marco Amaral, Miguel Martins, Tiago Matos (Walla Collective), Manuel Santiago, Pedro Motta (PushVFX)

Conversation with Lucrecia Martel moderated by Cláudia Varejão
Sun 29 April, 16h30, Culturgest, Small Auditorium
90′, in Portuguese and Spanish

Moderator: Cláudia Varejão (director)

Cinema lesson: analysis of the film The Living World
Mon 30 April, 16h30, Palácio Galveias Library – Sala Polivalente
120′, in English (free entrance)

Guest: Boyd van Hoeij (critic/programmer)

Conversation with Jacques Rozier moderated by José Manuel Costa and Maria João Madeira
Mon 30 April, 18h30, Cinemateca Portuguesa
90′, in French (free entrance)

Moderator: José Manuel Costa, Maria João Madeira (Cinemateca Portuguesa)

In a praise of a cinema that reinforces freedom
Thu 3 May, 17h00, Palácio Galveias Library – Sala Polivalente
90′, in English (free entrance)

Moderator: António Rodrigues (i newspaper)
Guests: João Salaviza (director), Marco Martins (director), Maria Augusta Ramos (director), Rüdiger Suchsland (director/critic/programmer)

It’s a wrap! IndieLisboa 2018 reviewed by the critics
Fri 4 May, 17h00, Palácio Galveias Library – Sala Polivalente
90′, in Portuguese (free entrance)

Moderator: Paulo Cunha (professor/programmer)
Guests: André Santos (Observador/Sábado), Francisco Noronha (Público/À Pala de Walsh), Jorge Mourinha (Público)

The 15th edition of IndieLisboa starts tomorrow

Until May 6th, almost 250 films will be screened at the main cinemas of the city, in a selection of national and international productions made by unique and recent filmmakers. Culturgest, Cinema São Jorge, Ideal Cinema, Cinemateca Portuguesa and Palácio Galveias Library will be the main venues of the 15th edition of IndieLisboa, which will be marked once again by its commitment to the national production, with the screening of 49 Portuguese films; and by the creation of a set of complementary initiatives that promote debates about cinema. It is worth mentioning the important role of women who, in the short film screenings of the International Competition, have directed 18 films out of the 33 that will be shown.

This year, the festival features three special cine-concerts: John Parish: Screenplay, film-concert (May 4th, at Culturgest), Strá… Tum… Pschh, with Joaquim Albergaria and Ricardo Martins (April 28th, at Culturgest) and My Macau, a cine-performance with António-Pedro (April 30th, at Cinema São Jorge).

In the children’s section of the festival, IndieJunior, the workshops make the festival’s rich program even richer. In the Your “animanimal” workshop, German director Julia Ocker shares how she gets the ideas for her films (May 1st, at Cinema São Jorge); and in another workshop, dancer and choreographer Yola Pinto will immerse us in the works of artist Anne Vasof (April 29th, at Cinema São Jorge). In the other three workshops, organized by Volta Fica, even more fun activities will be happening, always with a strong connection to specific films of the program.

It also worth mentioning the single open-air screening of this year, which will take place under a full moon at Cine-Teatro do Capitólio, on April 30th, with the unique film by Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra, Good Manners.

The complete program of the festival can be found at Tickets can now be purchased at Culturgest’s central ticket office, Cinema São Jorge,  Cinema Ideal and on Ticketline’s website.

The two first episodes of Sara will be screened at IndieLisboa

Sara is a respected film actress who, one day, decides to make some changes to her career. Tired of crying on screen, she leaves the set and tells her agent that things will be different from now on. She starts trying new things out like soap operas, Facebook, Instagram, family photo shoots for gossip magazines and a personal Life Coach to manage her emotions, in a quest for something that will make her feel closer to the general public.

For eight full episodes, which mark the TV debut of Marco Martins, we follow Sara’s new life and her desire to reinvent herself as an actress. The original idea of ​​this project belongs to Bruno Nogueira who, besides integrating the writing team, will interpret the role of the Life Coach that Sara starts to visit. Beatriz Batarda, on the other hand, will lead the cast, as the protagonist called Sara. Marco Martins and Beatriz Batarda have collaborated in numerous projects, such as the films Alice and São Jorge and theatre plays like As Criadas.

The first two episodes of this series will premiere at IndieLisboa, in one of the special screenings of the festival, on Thursday, May 3rd at the Culturgest GA.

Different looks on Portuguese literature

Homem-Pykante – Diálogos com Pimenta, the latest film by Edgar Pêra, premieres on May 5th. According to its producer, it’s more than a documentary. It’s a poetic portrait that celebrates the work of Alberto Pimenta, author of a vast body of work, which includes poetry, fiction, theatre and linguistics. In Homem-Pykante – Diálogos com Pimenta, Edgar Pêra uses archive footage (which he shot himself) as a starting point – footage of several performances, conversations and readings from the poet and essayist, later selected and organized by Manuel Rodrigues and edited by the director. The version of the film which will be screened at IndieLisboa is one of the (possible) results, a version designed especially for the festival and, therefore, unique.

Portuguese literature is also adapted in other titles, such as Mabata Bata, based on the well-known short story written by Mia Couto, in 1986: a film adaptation by Sol de Carvalho (producer of Our Madness, screened in the National Competition section) of the story of Azarias, an orphaned shepherd who sees his favorite ox, Mabata Bata, explode due to a landmine left by war fighters in the country.

The works of Fernando Pessoa will also be the focus in a special screening of How many times have you dreamt about me? and The Passenger, two films that offer different visions of one of the greatest poets of the Portuguese language. How many times have you dreamt about me? marks the directing debut of Júlia Buisel and we get to see the streets of Lisbon being filled with characters imagined by Pessoa (with Catarina Wallenstein and Dinis Gomes). After that, The Passenger, a new film by Luís Alves de Matos (Refúgio and Evasão, IndieLisboa 2014) explores Pessoa’s chaotic library of books and tries to find his essence in other authors’ books (with Marcello Urgeghe).

We also journey to the works of one of the greatest Russian novelists, Fyodor Dostoevsky, thanks to A Gentle Creature, in which Sergei Loznitsa transforms a surrealist melodrama into a potent political parable about today’s Russia.

Film Screenings:

Homem-Pykante – Diálogos com Pimenta
May 5th, 19h00, Culturgest GA

Mabata Bata
May 5th, 21h45, Cinema São Jorge SMO

Special Screening: How Many Times Have You Dreamt About Me? and The Passenger
6 de Maio, 17h30, Grande Auditório da Culturgest

A Gentle Creature
27 de Abril, 21h45, Pequeno Auditório da Culturgest

Buy your IndieJunior tickets now!

The IndieJunior section is about to take off as the festival starts and the tickets for all the films and workshops that make up the section are already on sale at Culturgest, Cinema São Jorge and on the Ticketline’s website.

This year, in addition to all the fun activities that kids can do, IndieJunior will host a very entertaining dancing party, which will make everyone dance like there’s no tomorrow, and an incredible film-concert, where two drummers will be on stage and play along to two silent films! Strá … tum … pschh!

See the full list of films here and screenings and activities calendar here.

Creating a puzzle of sounds with Rádio ZigZag

Making films for the ears is the goal of this workshop, organized by the Rádio ZigZag crew. It will be a time to exercise our listening skills and to discover how sounds are key to telling a story and creating a cinematic atmosphere.

This workshop takes place on the mornings of May 5th and 6th, at around 11H00, at Culturgest (Room 6).

The entrance is free but limited, so it is best to make the registration through the following e-mail:

A workshop with a film director

A workshop with a filmmaker is always enriching but a workshop with a filmmaker who makes very entertaining films and is willing to reveal us the secrets of her success isn’t easy to find!

On May 1st, at 16H00 (Cinema São Jorge, Room 2), kids will be able to take part in a workshop with Julia Ocker, the talented director of animated films such as Lobo, Zebra and Penguin. She is an animal expert and created the series Animanimals, where, in each episode, we get to know an animal with unique characteristics. Each one has an absurd adventure that couldn’t happen to any other. In search of a solution, each animal learns a lesson about life and the audience gets to laugh while sitting comfortably in the theatre. During this fun afternoon, the participants will discover how to make an incredible story as their favorite animal.

Your “animanimal”- invent an animal with director Julia Ocke is a workshop for is aimed at +6 years old kids and costs  5€ per participant. Tickets are on sale at the Cinema São Jorge and Tickeline’s website.

For more information, visit the page about all the workshops.

Schools workshops for kids of any age!

The registrations for the schools workshops with Volta Fica – Oficina Criativa are open. There are three workshops based on the films of the IndieJunior section and for different age ranges: Bichos Carpinteiros (+3 years old), I make film posters! (6-12 years old) and Imaginary cities or scenarios for a future film (10-15 years old).

Carpentry and serigraphy are some of the wonderful techniques that will be put into practice.

The school groups that wish to register must do so through the following contacts:, +351 932 826 402. The price per student is 5 €.

Cine-workshop with bailarina and choreographer Yola Pinto

A workshop that combines several arts in one place. Organized by the dancer and choreographer Yola Pinto, who has already accustomed our young and adult audiences to her contagious energy, this workshop includes the projection of a short film straight out of IndieJunior’s programme, Things and Wonders 2022, by director, architect and visual artist Anna Vasof, and then goes on to explore the clues that the movie suggests, in order to develop a fun work around the objects, the surreal and the family.

If you want to get creative and spend quality time, do not miss this event on April 29th, at 11h00, in the cozy Cinema São Jorge (Room 2). The approximate duration is 90 minutes and the price of entry is 5€ per person. Tickets are on sale at Cinema São Jorge and on the Ticketline website.

For more information, check the workshops page.

Discount on your first Taxify trip at IndieLisboa

The days at IndieLisboa are long and full of screenings, films, activities, talks and parties. There are five venues scattered throughout the city, which will screen the best cinema for eleven days – Culturgest, Cinema São Jorge, Ideal Cinema, Cinemateca Portuguesa, Cineteatro Capitólio – and two venues that will keep the festival alive during the night with parties at Casa Independente and Musixbox.

Having this in mind, IndieLisboa has established a partnership with Taxify, which gives its festival goers the opportunity to travel between venues in a more convenient and cheaper fashion.

Download the app and use the promo code INDIELX to get a discount of 6€ on your first trip.

Music from day to night on the first week of IndiebyNight

Music is an essential part of the IndieLisboa programme. From its section dedicated to documentaries about artists, musical genres and movements, IndieMusic, to the parties that will take place at Casa Independente and Musicbox, there are many films to see and songs to dance to during the first week of the IndiebyNight parties.

It all starts with Independent publisher Xita Records organizing a night with all their friends. Friday, May 27th, to celebrate one of this year’s sensational films, Amor, Avenidas Novas, Casa Independent will be literally filled with concerts and dj sets from one of the most energetic collectives in the city. Starting at 23h, Lucía Vives and Tomás Varela will be there to give a concert on the terrace and DJ Meias, Duarte Coimbra and Primeira Dama will play records in the main room and CAIXADURA will perform in the bathroom.

On Saturday night, the 28th, still at Casa Independente, we turn to hip hop, one of this year’s strong themes of IndieMusic, with the screening of two Portuguese documentaries about the way the genre is evolving in our country. The party is made possible thanks to Sleep 在 Patterns and Lost Soul, who are responsible for the soundtrack of the film Hip to da Hop, and Silab’n’Jay Fella. A night full of beats, in which it is very likely that b’boys and b’girls will show up to breakdance all night long.

And because we don’t rest on Sunday at IndieLisboa, the parties continue with an incredible throwback to the iconic Desolation Center, the mythical events that took place in Ronald Reagan’s America, organized by a generation of punk kids that sought rebellion, at the hands of its founder: Stuart Swezey.

It is also worth mentioning the unexpected dialogue between Ricardo Martins and Gabriel Ferrandini, on a night dedicated to the timeless musical universe of Milford Graves. Monday, April 30, at Casa Independente, curated by Nariz Entupido. 


Lineup: Lucía Vives e Tomás Varela (concert)
CAIXADURA (live) / electronica
Primeira Dama e Duarte Coimbra (dj set)
DJ Meias (dj set)
Free Entry


Sleep在Patterns (live) / Lost Soul (live)
Silab n Jay Fella (live)
Price: €5


Stuart Swezey (dj set)
Free Entry


Gabriel Ferrandini e Ricardo Martins (concert)
Price: €5


IndieLisboa 2018 tickets now for sale

We are only a few days away from the festival. From April 26th to May 6th, IndieLisboa will storm the city with the best independent cinema and tickets can already be purchased at Culturgest, Cinema São Jorge, Cinema Ideal and on the Ticketline website. This year, the opening ceremony opens its doors to the public and tickets can now be purchased to see the film that signals the beginning of the festival – Drvo, by André Gil Mata.

Check the complete list of films and the screenings calendar on the website, to keep track of everything that will happen during the festival and all the films that will be screened at IndieLisboa.

All the information regarding the IndieJunior section, full of films and activities for our younger audiences, can also be found here.

The Trial, a film that follows Dilma’s impeachment, premieres at IndieLisboa

The Trial consists of two hours of footage, closely following the heavily broadcasted process that led to Dilma’s removal from the Brazilian senate. Received with applause in Berlin, the feature film by Maria Augusta Ramos, portrays the strategy built by the defense team of the former Brazilian head of state, accused of meddling with public accounts. Without any narration or interviews, the film works as an historical document that reveals the behind-the-scenes talks, political meetings and the polarization of public opinion about the removal of the first female president of Brazil.

The premiere of The Trial will happen at IndieLisboa, which will be attended by the director who, not only will be presenting the film, but will also participate in a talk about the relationship between cinema, politics and freedom. At the Por um cinema que dá mais força à Liberdade talk, João Salaviza, Marco Martins, Maria Augusta Ramos, Rüdiger Suchsland will talk about the different forms of representation of politics in Film, how this can raise questions and address social injustices and political turbulences. May 3rd (17h), at Palácio Galveias.

In order to increase our critical eye and the connection of cinema with the surrounding world, IndieLisboa’s selection of films will integrate other titles that deal with the historical archives of world politics. From the analysis of Romania’s historical responsibility in the Holocaust of Dead Nation (by Radu Jude), to the unpacified history of the Nazi persecutions of Four Parts of a Folding Screen (by Anthea Kennedy and Ian Wiblin) and the analysis of the propagandist techniques of the films made during the Third Reich of Hitler’s Hollywood (of Rüdiger Suchsland). On a more current side of the program, we have the portrait of the only open prison in France of In the Open (Guillaume Massart) and the stories of the ever controversial Area 51, in the homonym short film by Annabelle Amoros, and the uprising that took place in the Attica prison in 1971, in the film Evidence of the Evidence (Alexander Johnston). Il Risoluto (Giovanni Donfrancesco) is also one of the works in the international competition of feature films, which shows us a testimony in first person about the action of Decima MAS, one of the most violent militias of Italian fascism.

Exibições Filmes | Datas

The Trial
May 1st, 18h30, Cinema São Jorge MDO
May 6th, 19h00, Cinema São Jorge MDO

Dead Nation
May 1st, 17h00, Cinema São Jorge 3
May 6th, 18h00, Cinema Ideal

Four Parts of a Folding Screen
April 27th, 18h45, Cinema São Jorge 3
May 6th, 17h00, Cinema São Jorge 3

Hitler’s Hollywood
May 5th, 15h30, Cinemateca Portuguesa, Félix Ribeiro

In the Open
April 27th, 18h30, Culturgest PA
May 6th, 14h30, Culturgest PA

Area 51, Nevada, USA
May 3rd, 21h45, Culturgest PA
May 5th, 16h30, Culturgest PA

Evidence of the Evidence
May 3rd, 21h45, Culturgest PA
May 5th, 16h30, Culturgest PA

Il Risoluto
April 28th, 18h45, Culturgest PA
1 de Maio, 14h30, Culturgest PA

The female voices of IndieLisboa 2018

From the number of films to the subject matters, IndieLisboa 2018 is marked by the strong presence of female voices.

Throughout the festival, 18 of the films selected for the short film screenings of the International Competition were directed by women from a total of 33 films.

Lembro Mais dos Corvos, o novo filme do realizador Gustavo Vinagre, é um olhar sobre a história de Julia Katharine, actriz e argumentista transexual. Ao longo dos 85 minutos, o documentário revela eventos da vida da própria artista, bem como eventos ficcionais, que podem retratar a realidade de outras. Filmado em apenas uma noite, o filme não tem nenhum segundo take, mostrando um olhar “cru e realista” sobre a vida da protagonista.  A terceira longa metragem de Susana Nobre, Tempo Comum, mescla cinema e realidade, retratando intimamente um momento marcante na vida de um casal, o nascimento da sua primeira filha.

No olhar da heroína Independente Lucrecia Martel, La niña santa, retrata Amália, jovem católica à entrada da puberdade. Dividida entre o desejo sexual e sua devoção religiosa, descobre, no encontro casual com um médico que visita a cidade, a sua verdadeira vocação: salvar um homem do pecado.

A brincar com os estereótipos, o segundo filme de Aurélien Peyre, Coqueluche, é uma mordaz comédia centrada em Laurine que, com os seus tacões de salto alto, chegou para arrasar. Personagem forte é também a de Ramona, a personagem central de Matria (filme vencedor do grande prémio das curtas do festival de Sundance): uma mulher imparável, que entre todas as dificuldades consegue encontrar tempo para a sua neta.

Claude Lanzmann, provavelmente o maior documentarista vivo e autor do monumental Shoa, apresenta Les quatre soeurs: Paula Biren, Ruth Elias, Ada Lichtman e Hanna Marton. Quatro mulheres judias que testemunharam e sobreviveram aos horrores do holocausto. Lanzmann dá-lhes a palavra, uma hora dedicada à história de cada uma, para que aquilo que viram e aquilo que ainda lembram fique registado.

Na ponte para a música, destaque ainda para Matangi/Maya/M.I.A., o retrato de uma mulher que é um terramoto musical, mas também, político: sempre pronta a pôr em causa todas as formas de conservadorismo. L7: Pretend We’re Dead, um olhar sobre uma das mais emblemáticas bandas do movimento feminista punk underground riot grrrl e Here To Be Heard: The Story of the Slits, sobre as pioneiras do subgénero punky reggae.

Exibições | Datas e Hora

Lembro Mais dos Corvos
30 de Abril, 19h00, Grande Auditório da Culturgest
2 de Maio, 20h30, Cinema Ideal

Tempo Comum
27 de Abril, 21h30, Grande Auditório da Culturgest
1 de Maio, 19h00, Cinema São Jorge, Sala 3
6 de Maio, 16h00, Cinema São Jorge, Sala 2

La Niña
30 de Abril, 21h45, Cinema São Jorge, Sala Manoel de Oliveira

30 de Abril, 19h15, Pequeno Auditório da Culturgest
2 de Maio, 19h15, Pequeno Auditório da Culturgest

1 de Maio, 22h15, Pequeno Auditório da Culturgest
3 de Maio, 16h30, Pequeno Auditório da Culturgest

Les quatre soeurs
28 de Abril, 15h00, Cinema São Jorge, Sala 3

1 de Maio, 21h45, Cinema São Jorge, Sala Manoel de Oliveira

L7: Pretend We’re Dead
27 de Abril, 21h30, Cinema São Jorge, Sala 3
4 de Maio, 19h00, Cinema São Jorge, Sala Manoel de Oliveira

Here To Be Heard: The Story of the Slits
4 de Maio, 23h30, Cinema São Jorge, Sala 3
6 de Maio, 22h00, Pequeno Auditório da Culturgest

Mouth of Madness – Watching films under a full moon

On April 30th, under a full moon, IndieLisboa will hold a unique screening on the terrace of Cineteatro Capitólio. Starting at 21h15, the Mouth of Madness section will bring us Good Manners, a film in which Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra once again prove us that it is possible to merge cinematographic genres that we previously thought were impossible to combine. In Good Manners, the werewolf sub-genre joins the musical genre, sprinkled with a political subtext on social segregation in contemporary Brazil, where homoparentality is not even a subject. Winner of the special jury prize at the Locarno festival, this is a story about love, told in two different ways: Ana’s romantic love for Clara, and then Clara’s maternal love for Joel. The film stars the Portuguese rising star Isabél Zuaa.

The Mouth of Madness marathon is already a staple in IndieLisboa’s programme and, for more than 6 hours, it turns Cinema Ideal into the most important meeting point for all lovers of extreme cinema. This year, the marathon gathers films which aren’t afraid to deal with risky themes and territories: an action musical with a SWAT team that sings and dances between shootings (Hard Way Musical – The Action Musical), an invasion of aliens that hides among us (Mutafucaz), a pact with the demon of a shattered heart (Coyote), the loneliness of a zombie apocalypse (The Night Eats the World), a paid called (Touche dièse) or Let the Corpses Tan, where the western, Mafia and erotic film genres blend into a ravishing Mediterranean standoff.

April 28, 22h30, Cinema Ideal

Hard Way Musical – The Action Musical
Daniel Vogelmann, Germany, fic., 2017, 34’

Shôjirô Nishimi, Guillaume Renard, France, Japan, anim., 2017, 90′

Lena Ólafsdóttir, Denmark, anim., 2017, 5’

Lorenz Wunderle, Switzerland, anim., 2018, 10’

Kevin Pontuti, USA, fic., 2017, 10’

The Night Eats the World
Dominique Rocher, France, fic., 2018, 93′

Touche dièse
Erwan Alepée, France, fic., 2017, 3’

La Vie Sauvage
Laure Bourdon Zarader, France, fic., 2017, 14’

Kate Dolan, Ireland, fic., 2017, 8’

Let the Corpses Tan
Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani, France, Belgium, fic., 2017, 90′

Films’ program and screenings for the whole family presented

White smoke! It is time to organize your agendas and selected everything you want to do and see at IndieJunior 2018. Here are some clues:

.: (for all ages) The Quotidiano Animalário screening was created for the whole family (April 29, May 1 and May 5). We will show eight animated short films ending with Julia Ocker’s hilarious story about a Penguin, who just wants the party to go smoothly but he deosn’t know that when you have to walk on ice you can’t be careful enough.

.: (for all ages) The Tu cá Tu lá screening was also prepared for the whole family (May 5th). During the unique screening the actor Pedro Cardoso will use his skills and vocal chords to give voice to the films The Roundy Belly Wolf, by Marion Jamault, in which a very hungry wolf discovers a talent that will help him to always get his belly full, and Rentrée des Classes, by Jaques Rozier, which tells the story of a boy and his adventures on his first day at school.

.: (+ 5 years old)  “Strá … tum … pschh” a film-concert that will have two drummers composing a live soundtrack for two short films (The Chess Fever by Vsevolod Pudovkin and Nikolai Shpikovsky and Policemen by Buster Keaton) on April 28, at 4pm at Culturgest’s Grand Auditorium. Quim Albergaria (Paus) and Ricardo Martins (Pop dell’Arte) in a unique and unrepeatable moment, creating a dialogue between cinema and music, a magic screening for all ages. Not to be missed!

.: (+ 8 years old) And of course we needed a funny feature film to complete IndieJunior’s programme. Mr.Frog, by Anna van der Heide, is a comedy full of fantasy where there’s no problem in being green, slimy and having four legs. A film inspired by Paul Van Loon’s book. (May 1st and 6th).

To learn more about IndieJúnior’s program, locations and schedules check the families calendar here.

Film-concert: “Strá … tum … pschh”. Two drummers compose a live soundtrack

It’s one of those IndieJunior special events that will stay in our memories forever. This time we invited Quim Albergaria (Paus) and Ricardo Martins (Pop dell’Arte) to go on stage and use the magnificent sound of their drums to give music to two short films especially selected for this occasion.

The films chosen for this screening  are The Chess Fever by Vsevolod Pudovkin and Nikolai Shpikovsky and Policemen by Buster Keaton.

It will be a unique and unrepeatable moment to witness a dialogue between cinema and music. A magical screening for all ages. Not to be missed, at Culturgest’s Grand Auditorium, on April 28th, 16h00.

Campo de Ourique to host a special matinee before IndieJúnior 2018

We take a look at the universe of children’s cinema with a special event as an appetizer for IndieJunior. A Snack for the Eyes is a short film matinee that will take place on Saturday, April 14th, starting at 4:00 pm, at Biblioteca/Espaço Cultural Cinema Europa, in Campo de Ourique.

During the screening we will show the film The Pocket Man, by Ana Chubinidze that talks about how one can transforms weaknesses into strenghts. A similar message is given in About Coati, by Aleksandra Slepchuk that also teaches us to value people’s differences. Maciej Pestka’s Dog and a Little Bird – Winter Competition and Julia Ocker’s Wolf explore moments where unexpected visits can change our day. In Veronika Zacharová’s The House we follow a house that searches for its owners who left without telling where they were going.

This event is for children between 3 and 12 years of age and their families (free entrance).