The Portuguese films of the IndieJunior programme

In this year’s edition, three Portuguese films can be watched among the more than 40 films that make up IndieJunior’s programme.

Paper Flower, by Margarida Roxo Neves, is an animation film that will be shown in the screenings Histórias do dia e da noite +3 anos. The Frog and the Girl is a fiction film directed by Inês Oliveira, which adapts a traditional Portuguese tale and is part of the Coisas da Vida +10 years old screenings. The same goes for the documentary Anywhere in Between, by Inês de Sá Frias and Leandro Martins, which tells us the story of why three children of a circus family choose a traveling life.

Some of these directors will be present in the screenings and it will be a great opportunity to talk to them, get to know their work and see what motivates them to make films!