Debates and conversations with the Independent Heroes

There are many debates that will mark this year’s IndieLisboa, in the usual LisbonTalks Universidade Lusófona programme. From April 27th to May 4th, the various scheduled events will take place at the Palácio Galveias Library and Cinemateca Portuguesa and will encourage the dialogue around diverse topics related to the world of cinema.

We will be able to meet with Independent Heroes Lucrecia Martel (April 29 th, at Culturgest) and Jacques Rozier (April 30th, at Cinemateca Portuguesa), and listen to a debate on the relationship between politics and cinema, with João Salaviza, Marco Martins, Maria Augusta Ramos and Rüdiger Suchsland (May 3rd, Palácio Galveias Library).

For professionals and film lovers alike there will be a masterclass on post-production of image and sound mixing, organized by the Walla Collective (April 27th, at the Galveias Palace Library), a lesson in which the film The Living World will be analyzed, carried out by the journalist and film critic Boyd van Hoeij (April 30th at the Galveias Palace Library); and a discussion between critics and journalists about this year’s programme (4 May, at the Palacio Galveias Library).

Masterclass – image, post-production and sound mixing
Fri 27 April, 16h30, Palácio Galveias Library – Sala Polivalente
120′, in Portuguese (free entrance)

Guests: Andreia Bertini, António Porém Pires, Bárbara Valentina, Marco Amaral, Miguel Martins, Tiago Matos (Walla Collective), Manuel Santiago, Pedro Motta (PushVFX)

Conversation with Lucrecia Martel moderated by Cláudia Varejão
Sun 29 April, 16h30, Culturgest, Small Auditorium
90′, in Portuguese and Spanish

Moderator: Cláudia Varejão (director)

Cinema lesson: analysis of the film The Living World
Mon 30 April, 16h30, Palácio Galveias Library – Sala Polivalente
120′, in English (free entrance)

Guest: Boyd van Hoeij (critic/programmer)

Conversation with Jacques Rozier moderated by José Manuel Costa and Maria João Madeira
Mon 30 April, 18h30, Cinemateca Portuguesa
90′, in French (free entrance)

Moderator: José Manuel Costa, Maria João Madeira (Cinemateca Portuguesa)

In a praise of a cinema that reinforces freedom
Thu 3 May, 17h00, Palácio Galveias Library – Sala Polivalente
90′, in English (free entrance)

Moderator: António Rodrigues (i newspaper)
Guests: João Salaviza (director), Marco Martins (director), Maria Augusta Ramos (director), Rüdiger Suchsland (director/critic/programmer)

It’s a wrap! IndieLisboa 2018 reviewed by the critics
Fri 4 May, 17h00, Palácio Galveias Library – Sala Polivalente
90′, in Portuguese (free entrance)

Moderator: Paulo Cunha (professor/programmer)
Guests: André Santos (Observador/Sábado), Francisco Noronha (Público/À Pala de Walsh), Jorge Mourinha (Público)