Different looks on Portuguese literature

Homem-Pykante – Diálogos com Pimenta, the latest film by Edgar Pêra, premieres on May 5th. According to its producer, it’s more than a documentary. It’s a poetic portrait that celebrates the work of Alberto Pimenta, author of a vast body of work, which includes poetry, fiction, theatre and linguistics. In Homem-Pykante – Diálogos com Pimenta, Edgar Pêra uses archive footage (which he shot himself) as a starting point – footage of several performances, conversations and readings from the poet and essayist, later selected and organized by Manuel Rodrigues and edited by the director. The version of the film which will be screened at IndieLisboa is one of the (possible) results, a version designed especially for the festival and, therefore, unique.

Portuguese literature is also adapted in other titles, such as Mabata Bata, based on the well-known short story written by Mia Couto, in 1986: a film adaptation by Sol de Carvalho (producer of Our Madness, screened in the National Competition section) of the story of Azarias, an orphaned shepherd who sees his favorite ox, Mabata Bata, explode due to a landmine left by war fighters in the country.

The works of Fernando Pessoa will also be the focus in a special screening of How many times have you dreamt about me? and The Passenger, two films that offer different visions of one of the greatest poets of the Portuguese language. How many times have you dreamt about me? marks the directing debut of Júlia Buisel and we get to see the streets of Lisbon being filled with characters imagined by Pessoa (with Catarina Wallenstein and Dinis Gomes). After that, The Passenger, a new film by Luís Alves de Matos (Refúgio and Evasão, IndieLisboa 2014) explores Pessoa’s chaotic library of books and tries to find his essence in other authors’ books (with Marcello Urgeghe).

We also journey to the works of one of the greatest Russian novelists, Fyodor Dostoevsky, thanks to A Gentle Creature, in which Sergei Loznitsa transforms a surrealist melodrama into a potent political parable about today’s Russia.

Film Screenings:

Homem-Pykante – Diálogos com Pimenta
May 5th, 19h00, Culturgest GA

Mabata Bata
May 5th, 21h45, Cinema São Jorge SMO

Special Screening: How Many Times Have You Dreamt About Me? and The Passenger
6 de Maio, 17h30, Grande Auditório da Culturgest

A Gentle Creature
27 de Abril, 21h45, Pequeno Auditório da Culturgest