Conan Osiris confirmed for IndieLisboa 2018 Anticipation Party

Rising and consensual phenomena in the Portuguese cultural universe are rare. In about three months, Conan Osiris went from a complete stranger to one of the most acclaimed producers and songwriters in the market, transforming the album Adoro Bolos in a mandatory record part of the new national editions.

From the premiere in the national TV show “5’ to Midnight” to the main stages of the Zé dos Bois Gallery (proving the wide range of his music) a few weeks have passed between the praise by the critics and the enthusiasm coming from the public that named his work as “music of the future”. Tiago Miranda (Conan Osiris ) disagrees, calling instead his music “normal music” – the kind which invoques laugher, crying, or that one listens while dancing, traveling or taking a shower. Being from the future or the present moment, it is certain that from Borrego to Adoro Bolos there is an immense world of references, from the eternal portuguese musician Variações to funaná, from the so called electro-chunga to Hip Hop, in a mixture never heard before, that screams urgency and at the same time proves itself to be clever as well as fun.

A musical feast therefore not to be missed at IndieLisboa’s anticipation party, on April 14, at the Fábrica do Pão (Creative Hub of Beato, Marvila). And if the night starts by inviting everyone to dance, who’s better than DJ Quesadilla to make this vibe last till dawn, guiding the crowd through the most euphoric sides of afrobeat and psychedelic rock. Tickets for the party that anticipates the beginning of IndieLisboa International Film Festival can be purchased at Ticketline and on the day of the event at the venue (six euros). The doors open at 9:30 p.m., shows begin at 10:30 p.m.