Sold out IndieJunior screenings and the screenings you can’t miss

Thousands of children, families, classes and teachers have gone to the IndieJunior venues and many of the screenings have been selling out very quickly. Here’s a short list for you to know in which days the repetitions of these films and screenings will happen, so as not to miss the best films that the festival has to offer.


April 27th (friday), 10h30, Culturgest
May 4th (friday), 10h30, Cinema São Jorge

next screening (tickets still available):
May 6th (friday), 11h30, Cinema Ideal

May 2nd (wednesday), 14h30, Culturgest

next screening (tickets still available):
May 3rd (thursday), 10h30, Cinema São Jorge
May 4th (friday), 10h30, Culturgest
May 6th (sunday), 16h, Culturgest

COISAS DA VIDA (+10 years old)
April 30th (monday), 14h30, Culturgest

next screening (tickets still available):
May 2nd (wednesday), 14h30, Culturgest
May 2nd (wednesday), 14h30, Cinema São Jorge
May 4th (friday), 10h30, Cinema São Jorge
May 5th (saturday), 15h, Cinema São Jorge

April 27th (friday), 14h30, Culturgest
April 30th (friday), 10h30, Cinema São Jorge
May 4th (friday), 14h30, Cinema São Jorge

next screening (tickets still available):
May 1st (tuesday), 15h30, Cinema São Jorge
May 3rd (thursday), 14h30, Culturgest


A special thank you

We take this opportunity to speak a little bit about all the schools that visit us. Between pre-school and the 3rd grade, those who walk here and those who come by train, subway or bus, there are more than 8 thousand students that we expect to receive at the Cinema São Jorge and Culturgest venues. Little ones, big ones, the truth is that it’s a constant party to have them all here, thanks to the help of the committed teachers and other helpers.

We must also thank the Lisbon City Hall and the passaporte escolar programme, which helps us bring many boys and girls to the film theatres, students who would otherwise have a hard time coming! Thank you to all of you.

Come swing your hips at the dance party

The first IndieJunior weekend is over, with all of its films, workshops and great drummers making live soundtracks but there’s still a lot going on. Write down on your agendas that on Saturday, May 5th, there will be an amazing dance party, shortly after the Tu cá, Tu lá screening, which has curious films such as The Roundy Belly Wolf, with a special voice-over by Pedro Cardoso.

It’s going to be really fun, so tell your parents that there’s going to be a lot of dancing involved! Not only that, we will have delicious cocktails, specially prepared by the students of the professional school of Moita!

“Eu programo um festival de cinema” screenings will be attended by the students who picked the films

This year’s IndieJunior programming team grew exponentially. Instead of 4 programmers, there were 34 because Irina, Mafalda, Miguel and Nuno were joined by 30 students in 9th grade from the Dona Filipa de Lencastre school. And what a great selection of films they chose!

Animation, fiction and documentary. Action, drama and adventure. All of this in one programme of short films. It is worth highlighting the first film, In a Nutshell, a film that uses the world’s images as a reference for making a journey about history, objects, love, war, life and the recent world events n the blink of an eye.

This short and other films will be screened tomorrow, May 1st, at Cinema São Jorge (room 3) at 15H00. 

Good Manners screening will take place inside Cineteatro Capitólio

The Good Manners screenings at Cineteatro Capitólio, held today at 21h15, with the presence of Juliana Rojas and Isabél Zuaa, will not take place on the terrace but inside the magnificent theatre, so that everyone can shelter from the intense cold and to avoid possible attacks of werewolves, lovers of full moon nights. See you later!

Jacques Rozier retrospective – extra-programme projection

Cinemateca Portuguesa and IndieLisboa regret to inform you that, despite all our efforts, personal reasons have prevented Jacques Rozier from travelling to Lisbon as planned. The conversation with the director, announced in the context of the retrospective of his work and which was scheduled to take place on April 30th at 18H00, at Cinemateca, is thus canceled.

Michèle Berson, collaborator of Jacques Rozier, is in Lisbon and on April 30th, at 18H00, at the Luís de Pina screening room of Cinemateca Portuguesa, we will screen some unpublished and raw footage of a new project, sent by Jacques Rozier, specially for the occasion: Pour en finir avec la Nouvelle Vague?, an unfinished document. which includes a conversation between Jacques Rozier and Jean Douchet, and a meeting between Rozier and André S. Labarthe, which was recorded about two years ago in a film theatre at Marseille. The material will be shown in a one-hour long screening and will be presented in its original French version, without subtitles. For this extra-programme projection, the entrance will be free and tickets can be picked up at the ticket office of Cinemateca Portuguesa.

There’s still a lot of dancing to do in IndiebyNight

On the second week of the IndieLisboa parties, there is still plenty of opportunities to celebrate and dance all night long.

A cross between electronic music from France and Portugal will happen at Musicbox, on the 3rd of May, with a mix between Julian Starke’s french touch, the tropical electronic music of Da Chick and Discotexas, and Isilda Sanches’s musical choices, coming straight from Antenna 3.

On friday night, there will be some more hip hop, with the after-party of You Can’t Create the World Twice, thanks to José Mariño and DarkSunn. At Casa Independente, the beats will start at 23h00.

On Saturday night, May 5th, the eve of the final day of the festival, just like last year, the party will take us to Culturgest’ garage, where we’ll dance to the music of Bandidos. It is the ideal party to dance like there’s no tomorrow.

French Waves: we all want to be Daft Punk

French electronic music is one of the most striking popular phenomena of the last two decades. Whilst exploring the origins of the French touch (inevitably linked to the techno movement of Detroit), its ramifications and the influence it had on the electronic music scene all over the world, French Waves revisits the raves, records and the main artists who marked the movement, from Laurent Garnier to Bob Sinclar or Carl Craig. The documentary integrates a larger project, consisting of a film, a series, a tour and an immersive site that illustrate decades of history. Thursday, May 3rd, at Cinema Ideal.

In conjunction with the screening of the film, IndieLisboa promotes, alongside Musicbox and Antena 3, a special party dedicated to this movement. On Friday, May 3rd, Julian Starke (the director), Isilda Sanches and Da Chick take over the controls of the Musicbox dance floor for a trip through French, Portuguese and other styles of electronic music.

From Mozambique to Évora: stories in Portuguese

Our Madness begins in an asylum and we settle in João Viana’s cinema, which is as dreamlike as it is mythological. Following the work he did in his first feature film, A Batalha de Tabatô (IndieLisboa 2013), the director follows Ernania’s drift through Mozambique, while she looks for her husband and son.

Sol Carvalho’s Mabata Bata, which also takes place in the African continent, is an adaptation of Mia Couto’s The Day Mabata-Bata Exploded. Also in the realm of literature, the special shorts screening, dedicated to poet and writer Fernando Pessoa, will also be a highlight of the festival, with Julia Buisel’s How Many Times Have You Dreamt about Me? and Luís Alves de Matos’s The Passenger.

Meanwhile, in Évora, we will take a look at 81 year old sculptor João Cutileiro’s work, with Flesh and Stone, directed by Graça Castanheiro. In the same city, we follow the discovery of Lisbon by artist Faustin Linyekula, through the work he developed in 2017 with the students of ESTC and the various shows he presented in the main cultural venues of the capital, in Miguel Muchá’s Nunca as Minhas Mãos Ficam Vazias.

Under the Sky, by Nicholas Oulman, traces a story about the exodus that forced millions of Jews to head south when Hitler’s time came. Based on the memories of some survivors (now in their eighties), this is a film that describes the memories of a refugee crisis that found (for over 100,000 people) a safe haven in Portugal. Last but not least, it is worth mentioning Sandro Aguilar’s intriguing cinema sprinkled with science fiction elements, in Mariphasa.

Let us begin the International Competition of shorts

Monday, April 30th, is the day that kickstarts the International Competition of short films, which is the section that best demonstrates the enormous talent of dozens of film directors and the variety of the works that are made all around the world.

The first screening of short films, International Competition Shorts 1, is happening at Culturgest PA (19H15) and it is composed of several films: the dreamlike fable Afternoon Clouds, directed by Payal Kapadia (India); the allegorical animation about the world of unemployment and precariousness (Fool Time) JOB, by Gilles Cuvelier (France); the documentary El Cielo de los Animales, by Juan Renau (Argentina), which exposes violence against animals in canine beauty contests; and Coqueluche, by Aurélyen Peyre (France), who brought La bande to Juliette to the festival in 2016, and now offers us a biting comedy about stereotypes (see picture).

Macanese culture at IndieLisboa

After last year, a strong relationship with Turismo de Macau was established, with a desire to bring the best films of the territory to an audience that knows it through the work of directors such as Ivo Ferreira, João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata. This year, our intention is to continue this partnership by repeating the Macau Stories screenings, with several short films and a feature film once again.

This time, the programme of shorts was organized in order to show the diversity of cinematographic genres produced in the territory. As a way to retain an independent spirit and the continuous search for new filmmakers, four short films will be screened: a documentary – Pass On, by Benz Wong; a fiction film – Illegalist, by Penny Lam; and two animations – Between the Lies, by Lou Ka Choi and Leong Kin, and KaCha,by Deam Zhou and Sam Kin Hang.

As for the feature length film The Last Roar of a Mother Bear, director Doug Chan exposes his memories of the territory, in a film that puts in perspective the connection between love and tragedy.

This special Macanese culture cycle also extends to the premiere in Portugal of My Macau, a film-performance of Antonio-Pedro, which interconnects cinema, music and the performing arts.

Talk with Lucrecia Martel gets a new date

We would like to inform you that the conversation with Independent Hero Lucrecia Martel, as part of the LisbonTalks Universidade Lusófona programme this year, has been rescheduled and will now happen on May 1st, at 16h30 (Culturgest – Sala de Conferências).

This conversation will be moderated by Cláudia Varejão and will be one of the highlights of the festival and a unique opportunity to get to know better the work of one of the most outstanding directors of the new Argentinian cinema.

In addition to the conversation, it is worth noting that Lucrecia Martel will be present in Lisbon to present the much awaited screening of The Holy Girl, a feature film which will be preceded by several short films directed by the Argentine author.

Screenings schedule

Lucrecia Martel, Argentina, Spain, France, Netherlands, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Lebanon, Switzerland, fic., 2017, 115′

Lucrecia Martel, Argentina, fic., 1995, 12′
Lucrecia Martel, Argentina, France, Spain, Japan, fic., 2001, 103′

Lucrecia Martel, Argentina, fic., 2010, 8′
Lucrecia Martel, Argentina, fic., 2010, 4′
Lucrecia Martel, Italia, Argentina, 2011, 7′
Lucrecia Martel, Argentina, Italia, Netherlands, Spain, fic., 2004, 106′

Lucrecia Martel, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, USAA, Uruguay, doc., 2015, 12′
Lucrecia Martel, Argentina, fic., 2008, 87′

The time has come for IndieJunior

IndieLisboa has arrived and, as always, it comes hand in hand with a rich programme of films for the younger audience, which any family or young film lover shouldn’t miss.

There are dozens of unique films that can’t be watched anywhere else, separated by screenings for different age groups; screenings for schools; screenings programmed by young kids; activities; workshops; a cine-concert with two drummers, lots of music at the venues; and special ticket prices for the families who want to come to the IndieJunior family screenings (12€ for 4 people).

There are countless reasons for coming to the festival. Enter a whole new universe of fun at IndieJunior!

IndieJunior schools is about to invade our festival

There are six whole days full of great films for the schools and, this year, we received more than 8 thousand reservations! Thank you to the teachers who trust our programming choices and decide to bring their students back to our festival, year after year.

We still have available seats, if you still want to register and come to our screenings. For more information, visit the page about our IndieJunior schools programme.

Taste of music

This year we have prepared, along with the students of teacher Helena Raposo, from Conservatório de Música de Lisboa, something sweet for you to listen to right before the our film screenings. We will get to listen to Baroque music here and there, right before the school screenings and weekend screenings!

This year, IndieJunior is not only full of films but also music!

The Portuguese films of the IndieJunior programme

In this year’s edition, three Portuguese films can be watched among the more than 40 films that make up IndieJunior’s programme.

Paper Flower, by Margarida Roxo Neves, is an animation film that will be shown in the screenings Histórias do dia e da noite +3 anos. The Frog and the Girl is a fiction film directed by Inês Oliveira, which adapts a traditional Portuguese tale and is part of the Coisas da Vida +10 years old screenings. The same goes for the documentary Anywhere in Between, by Inês de Sá Frias and Leandro Martins, which tells us the story of why three children of a circus family choose a traveling life.

Some of these directors will be present in the screenings and it will be a great opportunity to talk to them, get to know their work and see what motivates them to make films!

Highlights of the first IndieJunior weekend

We have to make the most of IndieJunior’s first weekend, mainly because there are some events that only happen on those days, such as the very special Stra… Tum… Pschh, a cine-concert with live music by drummers Quim Albergaria and Ricardo Martins, who will play along two timeless short films on stage; and the cine-workshop that will make both parents and children really eager to dance during the whole festival.

And we have much, much more! On friday, April 27th, the day starts with Histórias do Dia e da Noite +3 years old, a screening for the younger audience of the festival, in which they will meet a really, really long dachshund; and the first screening on Saturday (April 28th) Ilhas e Outras Geografias +6 years old, with the life story of a building, which will mark the beginning of the IndieJunior screenings at Cinema Ideal.

IndieLisboa and Hyundai bring the megaphone car back

Last week, IndieLisboa started a promotional campaign that brought the megaphone car back to the streets of Lisbon, which is something that could only be possible thanks to the support of Hyundai, with the official festival vehicles. In the era of digital and social media, the campaign, which also serves as a way to distribute the newspapers of the event, has been received with great enthusiasm throughout the city. The car will be traveling around different areas of Lisbon and its surroundings, before and during the days of the festival.

It all started with an intense desire to communicate the festival in a fun and unexpected way. As a result, the Socialist International anthem, the Family Frost van tunes, the traditional Circus songs, as well as an original theme from the film You See The Moon (the directing debut of actor Miguel Nunes) were selected for the spots that come out of the megaphone, which are meant to be a bridge to the multiverse that composes the programming of this 15th edition.