Yeah!!! We present IndieJúnior 2018 image

The new IndieJunior image is inspired by the work of Marion Jamault, illustrator and director of the film Le loup boule, that will be presented during the families screenings.

In this year’s edition of IndieJúnior, which will take place from April 27 to May 6, we were also inspired by the silhouette of the raven created by the portuguese designer Bráulio Amado for IndieLisboa 2018’s image.

Students selected Hello Salaam for IndieJúnior 2018

For this edition of IndieJúnior we challenged one class from the School Filipa de Lencastre to select a film screening together with the festival’s programmers.

Hello Salaam, de Kim Brand, is one of the films selected. The documentary follows two children who visit other children living in a refugee camp.

The film will be part of the +12 years Short Films’ program and it will be showned during the so called family screenings and in the school screenings.

You can watch the film trailer on our Youtube channel here.