IndieJúnior is coming! Check out some of the films selected

The programme of our “huge” mini-festival is getting ready at an racing pace and it’s time to unveil some of this year surprises’!

IndieJúnior is divided between screenings for schools and screenings for families. Both present new and recent short films from around the world, programmed by ages: preschool / + 3 years; + 6 years; + 9 years; and + 12 years.

For children (+ 3 years) we will, among other films, present the work of Julia Ocker, a german director expert in animation for the youngest audiences. The joyful Penguin and several other of her films featuring animals, will be part of the programme for this age group screenings’ and Ocker will be present during the festival to share her experience with children. Another surprise for preschoolers is the portuguese film: Flor de Papel, by Margarida Roxo Neves.

For the +7 years group we can already announce two films: The Twin Islands by Manon Saillye and The Cook by Stella Raith. These films pose two important questions: Is symmetry the way to perfection? Who takes the best, the cook or the food?

The screening for the +10 years group also includes a portuguese film, Em Lugar Algum, by Inês de Sá Frias and Leandro Martins, which tells the story of a child growing up with its family in a traveling circus.

For the +13 years group we have selected moving and challenging films that reflect how it is for young people to exist in a constantly changing world and how they deal with intimate relationships with friends and family. Negative Space, by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata, talks about those connections using a beautiful metaphor of a suitcase.

We also have screenings for the whole family and friends! Here the goal is to break the mould, allow everyone to have fun and understand the films. It doesn’t matter if the family has children with 3 or 12 years old, cousins ​​with 15 years old and uncles with 22. The films part of these family screenings – which will take place during weekends and holidays – will for sure entertain all spectators, from 0 to 100 years old! The opposite day (Fabian Friedrich); Le loup boule (Marion Jamault); Threads (Toril Kove); Temptation (v. A.), Camino de agua para un pez (Mercedes Marro); Patchwork Dog (Angela Steffen); Voyagers (v. a.); Pinguin (Julia Ocker) e Moody Booty (Kathrin Kuhnert).

These films are all competing for the IndieLisboa’18 awards’ and the audience will have give the final word for each screening by voting on the films and deciding who will take the People’s Choice award. So… get prepared, with so many great films it will be a challenge to decide!