Saturday with music at Cinema São Jorge

For April 30th, next Saturday, at Cinema São Jorge, IndieMusic prepared a special program. Emocean (19h15) is a film conceived and starred by the Fenster. This German psychedelic pop band directed this film with video cameras, a drone and original music about this experience which is a mixture of hallucination and reality. After Emocean, in the last screening of the day at 23h45, Cinema São Jorge welcomes the sad and beautiful music of Mark Linkous, the leader of the American band Sparklehorse and the man spotlighted in the documentary The Sad & Beautiful World of Sparklehorse. Linkous was never the same after the near death experience caused by a drug overdose, which he outlived in 1995. This episode in his life casted a shadow over his life that didn’t go away. On saturday, IndieMusic – in association with IndieByNight – will hold a party devoted to Portuguese electronic music. An invitation or a ticket for any of the last screenings of the day gives entry to the closing party of IndieLisboa (the entry is limited to the available space). On April 30th, music will intoxicate the spirits of our cinephiles. There are only reasons to party.