Pop Dell’Arte give concert at IndieLisboa’s Anticipation Party

April 21st . Liceu Camões’ Catacombs . 22h30 . 8€

It is hard to find a more perfect fit for a band to get us ready for the beginning of one more IndieLisboa than Pop Dell’ Arte. Through their constant strikes of vanguardism and kicks to formalism, the band, whose frontman is João Peste, is the most fit to destroy any sort of tradition in a party that wants to retain its independent spirit. With a set of new members, after having Ricardo Martins join and take the drummer’s seat, Pop Dell’ Arte are back on the road, bringing along with them the many songs which marked their career. Contra Mundum, their most recent album, continues to feed their concerts and fans, who are used to the long breaks between albums, which always cause an impact in the pop music world as they come out.

The concert, scheduled to start at 23h00, is the starting point for the Anticipation Party of this year’s IndieLisboa, which will continue all night long with Gandambiente – the deejaying alter-egos of Joaquim Albergaria (PAUS) and Hélio Morais (PAUS and Linda Martini), who will be setting the dance floor on fire.

Tickets can be bought on the Ticketline website.