A man and a child meet under a tree on a river bank, sharing the same memory and a secret. They find in each other the serenity, the silence and the time they lost in the flowing water of the river. The first fiction feature film by André Gil Mata, shot in 16mm film, in Bosnia during the peak of winter.

Num Globo de Neve

The director writes a letter to his late grandmother, in Num Globo de Neve.

Arca d’Água

In a lake surrounded by buildings, a man builds a boat. The dream of an impossible journey, in freedom’s search of the memories from an eternal past. A reflection on the effect of time and space’s metamorphoses in a man’s life and in his happy death.

O Coveiro

Inspired by popular cult, O Coveiro is part light part darkness, a bedtime story and almost a nightmare. A child is born and his parents die of fright just to see him. André Gil Mata revisits the traditional Portuguese tale, in a fantastic movie where heads bounce, but you hear a song. (A. P.)


The “House” is the place where the grandmother of the director ever lived in. Visual and sound distortions introduce us into the universe of an old person whose personality is irrevocably intertwined with the various objects that surround her. A place whe